Winona Hannah (QUIBELL) BAKER
Written throughout the lifetime of the mother
of Vicki Rae Chris (Baker) Tinney.

About The Writer

I was born in Randolph, Utah
The coldest place in the state.
I was taught to seek perfection
And profit by mistakes.

My father was a rancher
Who chose the city life
For the health and happiness
Of his frail young English wife.

I was the sixth of their nine children
One of the four to survive,
I was loved, guided and pampered
All of my childhood life.

We attended church as a family
Taught the importance of school,
Education is a goal in life
To be used as life's great tool.

A pilot, writing or nursing
Were goals I thought might be,
But sewing and secretarial work
Became positions for me.

I was married, divorced and remarried
Two boys, three girls were my own,
We struggled but with effort built
Our house into a home.

I worked while raising a family
Was part time mother and wife,
I worked along with my husband
Nearly all of my married life.

I often look back remembering
The sorrows and gladness I knew,
My life is a success
Only because God had guided me through.
  Nona Hansen Baker


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How will my grandchildren ever know
Of the thoughts that I have today
Unless I keep a journal
For them to read someday?

They will not know of my Mom or Dad
My grandparents, my cousins and too,
My wonderful aunts, uncles, and friends
Who loved me and guided me through.

How will they have any memories
Of the beautiful souls,
Who guided and protected me
Helped me achieve life's goal?

So my dear ones I will give you
Those memories so dear to my heart,
And hope you will keep a journal
It is never too late to start.

Tell of your joys and your sorrows
Tell of your struggles and strife,
Let the next generation know
What you made of your life.
                Nona Hansen Baker


Number: Title                                                                                                                              
1              My Journal
2              My Life
3              Growing Up
4              Memories Can Live
5              My Father
6              My Parents
7              Fred
8              Mother's Gifts
9              Fruit Cakes
10            Nick Names
11            Turn Back The Clock
12            Bill, My Brother
13            Bill Jr.
14            Margaret
15            Laurence
16            Larry & Laurel
17            Father's Folks
18            Relatives
19            Laurel
20            Larry Q. 
21            Aunt Nellie
22            Aunt Alice
23            Aunt Mattie
24            English Relatives
25            Grandparents Dean
26            Aunt Mary Dewey
27            Cousin Mary
28            Dean
29            Uncle Bert and Aunt Mary
30            Uncle Casper
31            Aunt Amy Zentner
32            Uncle Jim
33            Auntie Emm
34            Uncle David
35            Aunt Birdie
36            Howard and Siblings
37            Betty Lou
38            Aunt Amy Jane
39            Dallas Dean
40            Uncle Charlie
41            The Loss
42            Daddy
43            Perfect Parents
44            Roy
45            Loretta
46            Eva Belle
47            Keith
48            My Five Children
49            My Children
50            The Two Dads



Number: Title

51            My Sons
52            John
53            Dear John
54            Shawna & Kimberly
55            Joshua
56            Joseph
57            Richard
58            Michelle
59            Caitlyn, Hydee and Lantz
60            Michael Corey
61            Ashlee and Brenden
62            Christopher
63            A Baby For Jill and Chris
64            Sandi
65            Jamie and Britney
66            Linda
67            Suzanne and Michelle
68            Sons In-Laws
69            Vicki Chris
70            Thomas
71            Rebecca
72            Matthew
73            Tom Jr.
74            Michelle
75            Jon
76            Bette
77            Ernie
78            Melissa
79            The Richards
80            Phillip
81            Jodi
82            Billy
83            Lucy
84            Nellie Page
85            Sister Chantry
86            Bertha Chantry
87            The Duncans
88            Dana
89            Doll Maker
90            Sharon
91            Sherry
92            Our Children
93            Randy
94            Gail
95            Nancy
96            Sharon Diana
97            Teachers
98            Mrs. Christensen
99            Stephanie
100          Elsie Peterson



Number: Title 

101          Pearl
102          Dorothy
103          Roy Bouldin
104          Good Neighbors
105          Younger Friends
106          Leo
107          Harold
108          Milo
109          Brent
110          Esther
111          Christel
112          Older Houses
113          Father's Animals
114          Elsie The Cat
115          Buddy
116          Cynthia
117          Sarah The Cat
118          Molly and Lydia
119          Tarzan The Dog
120          Jodi's Lamentation
121          Shad
122          Shasta The Cat
123          Pets
124          Dolly
125          Tom Cat
126          Tiger
127          Paradise
128          Wealth

* * * * * *


If we talk about the Bible
There is so much that we could say,
It gives us a history of nations and peoples
And it teaches us how to pray.

It details the beauty of creation
Of how Adam fell that man might be.
It tells of peoples in bondage
And how they were finally free.

It tells of prophets, judges and kings
Disasters like there are today,
It is the guideline for living at our best
And will help us through life's way.

The Bible tells of Jesus and our Father God
Of our purpose and why we are here,
It can help us through difficult moments
Promising that God will be near.

The Bible is really priceless
You can find comfort in time of need,
But it really has no value to you
Unless you open it . . . . . and read.
        Nona Hansen Baker

Index: Old Testament  Part 1

Number: Title 

1             About the Bible
2             Book of History
3             Our Beginning
4             A Great Council
5             East In Eden
6             Adam
7             Cain
8             Noah
9             Abraham
10           Lot
11           Rebecca and Isaac
12           Jacob
13           Joseph
14           Prince Moses
15           Moses
16           Ark of the Covenant
17           Joshua
18           Gideon
19           Samson
20           Ruth and Naomi
21           Hannah
22           Saul
23           Saul and David
24           David the King
25           The Lord Will Hear
26           Solomon
27           Twelve Tribes Divided
28           Elijah
29           Elisha
30           Esther
31           Perfect Man . . Job
32           Job
33           Many Psalms
34           The Lord Is Our Shepherd
35           Proverbs
36           Isaiah
37           Jeremiah
38           Ezekiel
39           Daniel
40           Shadrach, Meshack & Abednego
41           Jonah
42           Many Prophets
43           The Living God
44           By Faith


Index: New Testament  Part 2

The New Testament tells of Jesus Christ
Of his brief sojourn here on earth,
Of the events leading to His crucifixion
And the happenings of His humble birth.

It tells of His baptism by immersion
How He chose twelve good men to follow Him,
How He healed the sick, performed miracles
And gave a goal for each of us to win.

He came to do the work of His Father
Setting the will of each one free,
To choose whatever life they sought
Offered the plan for you and for me.

After the ascension of Jesus, the apostles
Carried on, led by Peter, James and John,
Jesus had schooled them in their mission
For the work of God must go on.

The apostles healed the sick and administered
Which the Savior had taught them to do,
In the holy Name of Jesus Christ
They managed to carry through.

The New Testament tells of the revelations
Of events passed and those which are yet to be,
Gives the outlines for eternal progression,
In the realms of God's eternity.
        Nona Hansen Baker

: Title

45           New Testament Tells
46           God's Holy Son
47           Jesus Christ
48           Life of Christ
49           A Boy's Wonderment
50           John the Baptist
51           Temptation
52           The Two and the Ten
53           The Ten and the Beatitudes
54           A Prayer
55           The Twelve
56           Jesus Spoke in Parables
57           Ten Lepers
58           The Lepers
59           Prodigal Son
60           Good Samaritan
61           Two Prayers
62           The Rock
63           Peter
64           Miracles
65           How Dear Were the Sheep
66           The Lambs Will Follow
67           Mary Magdalene
68           The Temple
69           Bread of Life
70           Judas
71           The Crucifixion
72           Thomas
73           John the Beloved
74           Saul  -  Paul
75           Apostle Peter
76           Jerusalem
77           Jesus Is Coming


* * * * * * TO BE CONTINUED * * * * * *  

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