Winona Hannah (QUIBELL) BAKER Biography
Personal history, genealogy and pedigree of Winona Hannah (QUIBELL) BAKER,
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December 1985
Winona Hannah QUIBELL was born 18 Feb 1920, at Randolph, Rich County, Utah.
She was the female, legitimate daughter of Joseph N. QUIBELL
and his wife Ellen DEAN. Joseph and Ellen (DEAN) QUIBELL.
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Winona Hannah (Quibell) Baker: Poetry

Ancestry of Winona (QUIBELL) HANSEN BAKER

Joseph Newton QUIBELL                                      Ellen DEAN            

Wedding photo of Joseph Newton QUIBELL &

Joseph Aminadab QUIBELL and Rebecca Bingham NEWTON
Grandparents of Winona (QUIBELL) BAKER

Winona Hannah (QUIBELL) BAKER
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