Winona Hannah (Quibell) Baker POETRY
Written throughout the lifetime of the mother of Vicki Rae Chris (Baker) Tinney

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1             About the Bible

If we talk about the Bible
There is so much that we could say,
It gives us a history of nations and peoples
And it teaches us how to pray.

It details the beauty of creation
Of how Adam fell that man might be.
It tells of peoples in bondage
And how they were finally free.

It tells of prophets, judges and kings
Disasters like there are today,
It is the guideline for living at our best
And will help us through life's way.

The Bible tells of Jesus and our Father God
Of our purpose and why we are here,
It can help us through difficult moments
Promising that God will be near.

The Bible is really priceless
You can find comfort in time of need,
But it really has no value to you
Unless you open it . . . . . and read.
        Nona Hansen Baker

2             Book of History

The Bible is a book of history
Tells of the beginning of this world of ours,
The creation of earth, the sun and the moon
And the heavens filled with stars.

God created man and woman who became
The first parents here on the earth,
It tells of the children who came to them
Through the miracle of birth.

Mankind were given laws to govern them
But as time went on there was much sin,
Wickedness prevailed on the earth
What a dilemma this world was in.

God called Noah who prepared for the flood
Only eight of the people were saved,
The world was cleansed, generations came and went
Then the Tower of Babel was made.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob became
Great leaders in their day,
Joseph was sold into slavery
To Ishmaelites who were passing that way.

Joseph brought his people to Egypt
Moses led them away,
The people were ruled by judges
Then Saul was appointed king one day.

David was faithful to God's anointed
Though Saul sought to take David's life,
David had been Saul's armor bearer
Saul's daughter had become David's wife.

There were prophets to guide the people
Isaiah is often quoted by man,
They told of the coming Messiah
For this was in God's plan.

The Bible is a history of these prophets
And our Savior who died that we might be,
Free to choose our earthly goal
In our quest for eternity.
       Nona Hansen Baker

3             Our Beginning

Birth is not our beginning
It is the meridian of eternal life,
To grow and fulfill life's purpose
One becomes a husband or wife.

To experience joys and sorrows
To seek a worthy goal,
To survive the hardships in living
With faith within the soul.

Seek and the best can be yours
You need never be alone,
For God is there for the asking
In building your earthly home.

God will never forsake us
He will be with us each day,
He's given us a pattern to follow
To help us through life's way.

Life is never a garden of roses
Thorns and brambles are there,
The companionship of God is available
Through simple humble prayers.
              Nona Hansen Baker

4             A Great Council

A Great Council was held in heaven
Before the world was made,
To determine man's advent on earth
And life beyond the grave.

Jesus offered His plan
To set the will of each man free,
To choose His goal, decide upon
Just what he'd like to be.

Lucifer, the Son of the Morning
Proposed his purpose and plan,
Of how he'd glorify himself
Bring force to every man.

God accepted the proposal
Of His Only Begotten Son,
Who said, "The glory be thine Father,
Thy will on earth be done."
          Nona Hansen Baker

5             East In Eden

In the east in Eden, God planted trees
He gave them to Adam to keep,
God said, "The fruits of the garden are yours
Of almost all you may freely eat;
But there is one tree forbidden to you
There are other fruits pleasant to see,
And I command that you abstain
From eating the fruit of this tree."

"Commanding I am, but you may choose
The law that you will live by,
But if you eat the fruit of this tree
Then you will surely die!"
Adam and Eve partook of the fruit
Brought into life death's curse,
But gave unto man a destiny
And started man's advent on earth.
             Nona Hansen Baker

6             Adam

Adam had become the father of men
Of Cain, of Abel and others,
Some sought to serve the Living God
And look on men as brothers.

Some sought for only pleasure
In the paths they trod,
The wickedness became so great
That man forgot his God.

God was very sad to see
The people, both great and small,
His heart was filled with sorrow
For God so loved them all.
                   Nona Hansen Baker

7             Cain

Cain, selfish, thoughtless man
Jealous of blessings of others,
Rose one day in anger
And slew his younger brother.
Only because his sacrifice
Displeased the God above,
For God looked down on Abel
With tender thoughts of love.
For Abel offered but the best
To give unto his God,
He ever sought to do God's will
In every path he trod.
Cain's sin brought such sadness
To his father and to his mother,
For he failed in life to give
Love unto his brother.
              Nona Hansen Baker

8             Noah

Noah listened to God
Obeying His will,
He fashioned an ark
With strength and with skill.

He placed in the ark
Those to be saved,
Noah was blessed
Because he'd obeyed.

The winds and the rains
Through God's instructions,
Set their goal
At total destruction.

The waters arose
And the waters abated,
Noah watched with his family
And patiently waited.

God looked down
On the destruction of men,
And promised He'd not flood
This earth ever again.
                Nona Hansen Baker

9             Abraham

Abram was called from the land of Ur
With his wife and nephew Lot,
They were to leave the idolatrous city
A promised land was sought.

The way was long and dreary
The herdsmen often quarreled each day,
There was never enough food
To feed the animals along the way.

Lot chose to go to the plains of Jordan
Abraham then chose Canaan as his home,
They had wanted to be with each other
But each group would go on alone.

God had promised that Abraham's seed
Should inherit the promised land,
He and his wife were childless
Abraham did not understand.

Sarah gave Hagar as Abraham's wife
Ishmael was born to them,
In her old age Sarah bore Isaac
Both were great among men.

For Sarah's sake Abraham sent
Hagar and Ishmael away,
I am sure his prayers went with them
All the rest of his days.

After Sarah died, Abraham remarried
More children were born to them,
He had been faithful to Heavenly Father
Was respected among women and men.

Isaac and Ishmael buried their father
After his long sojourn here on earth,
It seems Abraham was blessed by God
Since the day of his birth.
        Nona Hansen Baker

10           Lot

Angels came to the land of Sodom
To find righteous women and men,
They would not destroy the city
If they could find as few as ten.

Lot, his wife and daughters
Were the only righteous ones there,
The people were wrapped in idolatry
Wickedness was prevalent there.

The angel told Lot and his family
To leave and not look back at all,
Sodom and Gomorrah were so wicked
That they were doomed to fall.

Lot and his family did obey
Left this city of evil faults,
After they left, Lot's wife looked back
And was turned to a pillar of salt.
              Nona Hansen Baker

11           Rebecca and Isaac

A servant went to Isaac's homeland
To find his master Isaac a wife,
He prayed for guidance to find her
Asked the Lord to be at his side.

A fair maiden Rebecca came to the well
Drew water for the servant and too,
Offered to water his camels
Saying, "I will draw water for you."

The servant knew that she was the one
He followed her to her home,
Her brother Laban welcomed him
The servant knew he had not been alone.

The servant told them of his quest
How he had prayed to find the right one,
Rebecca said that she would go with him
The servant's task was done.
                       Nona Hansen Baker

12           Jacob

Jacob wanted to marry Rachel
And served seven years of his life,
Because Leah was the oldest
It was she who became his wife.

Jacob then served seven more years
For Rachel whom he loved so,
He then married Rachel and with her
Back to his home he planned to go.

Now Jacob had bought Esau's birthright
For a mess of pottage one day,
Deceived his father for the oldest son's blessing
Then he had to flee away.

He then spent the next twenty years
On his father-in-law's land,
Why he wanted to leave, taking his family
His father-in-law could not understand.

He finally said "good bye" to his father-in-law
Which had been a difficult thing to do,
Now he had to face his brother Esau
When his long journey was through.

He was expecting the worst, perhaps even war
Returning to the home where they would live,
God softened the heart of Esau
Who was very willing to forgive.
                   Nona Hansen Baker

13           Joseph

Joseph was Jacob and Rebecca's son
His brothers were jealous of him and so,
They sold him as a slave to Ishmaelites
And let not their father know.

Joseph was a slave, then he rose
To great heights in this land,
He interpreted the Pharaoh's dream
Which no one else could understand.

There would be seven years of plenty
Then a famine would come,
Joseph was put in charge of the food
Before there would be none.

This finally brought Joseph's brothers
To Egypt to buy their grain,
The family was reunited
Blessings were on Joseph's name.

Joseph's family moved into Egypt
There they spent such happy days,
The Lord really had blessed them
Through living's trying ways.
             Nona Hansen Baker

14           Prince Moses

Joseph brought his family to Egypt
Where they were given loving care,
But as the generations passed
The Egyptians resented them there.

They had become a mighty nation
The Egyptians feared them so,
They put them under bondage
Such cruelty they came to know.

The boy babies were to be destroyed
But the life of Moses was saved,
A princess took him from the river
From an ark his mother had made.

His own mother became his nurse
She was raising him with tender care,
Then returned him to the princess
And sadly left him there.

When he was grown, an Egyptian
Was smiting a Hebrew slave,
Moses slew the Egyptian and
Buried him in a sandy grave.

The Pharaoh sought to slay Moses
Moses was forced to flee,
Later returning to Egypt
To set the Israelites free.
        Nona Hansen Baker

15           Moses

I like the story of Moses
It is one of great faith and concern,
It tells of victory and faithfulness
An inspirational lesson to learn.

He started as a babe on the river
Then raised as a prince of royal,
He heard the woes of the people
And to our God he was loyal.

Moses was given such a task
Almost impossible to do,
He had the faith and the courage
To follow God's pattern through.

We can learn much from this story
No matter what paths we trod,
Moses is a great inspiration
In our journey back to our God.
       Nona Hansen Baker

16           Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant held the Laws
Which God gave to Moses one day,
They were instructions of how we should live
To obediently walk in God's way.

The first was the commandment of worship
To put none before Our Father in Heaven,
"Thou shalt not commit adultery"
Was listed as number seven.

God is a jealous God and no graven image
Should ever be worshiped or take His place,
Never take His Holy Name in vain
Never let your love for Him be erased.

We should honor our earthly parents
Never do evil, lie, steal or kill,
If we dishonor these commandments
We are going against God's will.

God further asks for one day in seven
To be kept holy in His name,
It was not meant for shopping, movies,
Nor joy riding on buses, a car or a train.

God has given a promise of exaltation
Gave us laws, yet we are on our own,
He wants us to be worthy to live with Him
In His beautiful eternal home.
         Nona Hansen Baker

17           Joshua

Moses had gone to the mountain
'Tis said that angels buried him there,
Some say that he went there to worship God
Went alone to say a prayer.

Joshua became the leader
Leading Israelites to the promised land,
These people had gone through hardships
Now they must make a stand.

Joshua knew most would be faithful
Perhaps some would go astray,
He was there to counsel and advise
Before they went on their way.

He told them to have great courage
For the Lord would never forsake,
He knew there would still be hardships
And errors and perhaps some mistakes.

"This is the land of great promise
We may have to depend on the sword,
Choose this day whom you will serve
My house and I, will serve the Lord."
            Nona Hansen Baker

18           Gideon

The Israelites doing evil in the sight of God
Were under Midian rule for seven years,
The Lord heard their pleas for deliverance
Understood their bondage and fears.

The Lord had delivered them from oppression
But they had disobeyed His voice,
Their days under Midianite bondage
Was caused by their own evil choice.

Gideon was instructed to save them
With only three hundred chosen men,
Armed with trumpets, empty pitchers and lamps
And in the darkness surrounded them.

They blew the trumpets, broke the pitchers
Shouted and the confused enemy fled,
The rest turned against each other
It was a victory as the Lord had said.

Gideon had followed the Lord's instructions
The enemy defeated, the Israelites were free,
After forty years passed, Gideon died
The Israelites returned to idolatry.
         Nona Hansen Baker

19           Samson

Samson was known for his strength
No razor had touched his head,
He was a Nazarite and the peoples' champion
But his morals were poor, it is said.

He married a Philistine woman and left
She was given to another to wed,
When he returned to claim his bride,
"She's another man's wife," her father said.

Samson set fire to the Philistines' corn
They sought to take his life,
They burned the house of his in-laws
Destroying the father and Samson's wife.

He sought solace with Delilah
She would go to any length,
To find Samson's weakness
And take away his strength.

The Philistines offered Delilah silver
To betray Samson who loved her so,
She pleaded and begged and argued
Until he told her what she wanted to know.

They cut off his hair as he slept
And chained him to the mill stone,
He was now blind and had no strength
He had never felt so alone.

They took him to a Philistine house
Three thousand were there to make sport,
Samson was there to be ridiculed
This was his day in court.

Samson stood between two pillars
And prayed to the great God on high:
"Give me strength, just this once
And with my enemies, let me die."
        Nona Hansen Baker

20           Ruth and Naomi

The famine in Israel caused
Naomi and her family to live,
In the idolatrous city of Moab
Who to them, had little to give.

Naomi's husbands and sons had died
Leaving three wives alone,
Naomi sent her in-laws away
For she was going back home.

Opar left unwilling,
Then Naomi sent Ruth away,
Ruth entreated Naomi
"Let me go with you, I pray."

"Your God will be my God
Your people will be my own,
Will you not take me
To your Israelite home?"

Ruth and Naomi found refuge
Ruth gleaned in the fields each day,
Boaz, the owner watched her
And never sent her away.

Ruth and Boaz were married
A son Obed was born to them,
His son Jesse was King David's father
One of the most blessed of men.

David the King's turbulent life
Was violent, shattered and torn,
But through the lineage of David
Our Savior, Jesus was born.
            Nona Hansen Baker

21           Hannah

Hannah went to the temple
To see Eli, the Prophet one day,
She was a childless wife and asked God
"Send me a son, I humbly pray."

She was blessed with a son called Samuel
He was her pride and joy,
She took him to the temple to live
While he was a little boy.

Her son, under Eli's guidance
Became a prophet too,
He faithfully served the living God
All of his days through.

Hannah's prayers had been answered
She had the happiness a child can bring,
Samuel became the Prophet of Israel
Who anointed David as King.
           Nona Hansen Baker

22           Saul

Saul became king and God commanded him
To destroy a city and all that was there,
Saul destroyed the city but kept some animals
Perhaps he thought destroying them was unfair.

The Lord was displeased and told Samuel
He would walk with Saul no more,
Evil spirits came upon Saul
His heart was heavy and sore.

Saul's servants told him that music
From the harp of David would bring peace,
Saul sent for David who played for him
The evil feelings then ceased.

David often played the harp and the evil
That plagued Saul soon went away,
Whenever the evil spirits returned
David would come there to play.

David became Saul's armor bearer
And slew Goliath one day,
He married Saul's daughter Michal
And vowed to walk in God's way.
       Nona Hansen Baker

23           Saul and David

It was difficult for David and Jonathan
To remain friends in the midst of the strife
For Saul, Jonathan's father vowed vengeance
Hunted and sought David's life.

David always supported God's anointed
There was no enmity held in his heart,
He had been a loyal supporter of Saul
Was faithful to him right from the start.

Saul, in his anger threw a javelin
Missing David, who then had to flee,
The Lord had departed from Saul
Saul thought of David as an enemy.

Saul and his army hunted David
Saul fell asleep in a cave,
David crept in cutting a piece of clothing
Leaving before Saul woke up afraid.

Sometime later, David called to Saul
And told him what he had done,
Saul knew that David never meant to hurt him
But David was still on the run.

The war with the Philistines was demanding
Jonathan and King Saul were slain,
David mourned for his friend Jonathan and Saul
Still praising each of their names.

David became the Israelite king
Tried to rule Israel in a righteous way,
Except for Uriah, God forgave David
And supported him all of his days.
          Nona Hansen Baker

24           David the King

David was a shepherd boy
Destined to become Israel's King,
He had the attributes of greatness
A Faithful life can bring.

Once he did not follow
The wisest paths in life,
He loved a married woman
Desired her for his wife.

He sentenced the woman's husband
To death on battle ground,
He was left to die there
With no one else around.

The Prophet Nathan rebuked David
For the evil he had done,
"The sword will never leave your house
Death will claim your unborn son."

Except for Bathsheba and death of Uriah
David kept the laws that God gave,
He had followed God with all his heart
Repented for the mistakes he had made.

David and Bathsheba's first born died
Their lives were shattered and torn,
Except for Uriah, God did forgive
And their son Solomon was born.
              Nona Hansen Baker

25           The Lord Will Hear

"The Lord will hear when I call to Him"
Was the bold statement David made,
He had put his trust and faith in God
He knew fear, but was not afraid.

"Put your trust in the Lord," David said
"The Lord abhors deceitful souls,"
Seeking the Lord all of your days
Will strengthen your worthy earth goals.

David asked God for mercy and praised
The Name of the Lord God on High,
We too can have this assurance
It can be ours if we faithfully try.

We rejoice when we do what is right
When we follow life's golden rule,
This life is really a testing ground
We are the people in life's mortal school.

We can seek and find contentment
In knowing God will always be there,
All we need is a faithful heart, believing
That God will answer our prayers.
         Nona Hansen Baker

26           Solomon

Solomon, the King, asked the Lord
For an understanding heart,
He wanted wisdom and knowledge
In his life, to play a great part.

God said that no one would excel in the wisdom
That He would grant unto this king,
He would shower blessings on Solomon
That a righteous living would bring.

The Lord gave conditions to Solomon
"Keep my statutes and walk in my ways,
I will bless you greatly in wisdom
And I will lengthen your days."

Solomon built a temple to the Living God
Set the Ark of Covenant within,
But he honored the gods his wives worshiped
Committing the most grievous of sins.

The Lord permitted Solomon to rule
For David's sake, the kingdom would stand,
After Solomon, the tribes would be divided
This had become God's plan.
           Nona Hansen Baker

27           Twelve Tribes Divided

Rehoboam had been a ruler
Appointed in Solomon's day,
He had once been a man of valor
And tried to walk in God's way.

He was not of the House of David
Jeroboam was the king-to-be,
Because of the grievous conditions
Ten tribes sought to be free.

Jeroboam was going to increase burdens
upon the people he would reign,
The twelve tribes would be divided
Only one would then remain.

One for David and one for Jerusalem's sake
Rehoboam would lead the other ten,
He would become their ruler and king
They would not come together again.

Rehoboam did not want the people
To journey to the temple to pray,
He made two calves of gold to worship
So they could worship them each day.

He urged the people to worship these calves
They were such as Aaron had made,
He said that they led the people from Egypt
Perhaps the people were confused and afraid.

Ten tribes had followed Rehoboam
He was their leader and king,
Even today the tribes are divided
What will the future bring?
        Nona Hansen Baker

28           Elijah

Elijah's preaching's were not appreciated
People don't like to be told they sin,
They were obstinate and rebelled
They refused to listen to him.

The northern kingdom is where he lived
There he preached for the people to change,
Sometimes the righteous suffer with the wicked
Elijah preached repentance in the Lord's name.

The heavens were sealed and no rain came
For three and one half years,
God sent Elijah to a secluded spot
The people were left with their fears.

A brook provided Elijah's needs
Twice a day the ravens came,
They brought him bread and flesh to eat
He forever praised God's name.

When the brook dried up he went to Zarephath
He asked a widow for water and bread,
She said that she was fixing the last of the food
"Feed me first, then you eat," He said.

She faithfully followed his instructions
There was still enough for them to eat,
Oil and food was always there
The Lord had accomplished this feat.

The widow's son died and Elijah prayed
Asking that this boy's life be restored,
This miracle was performed by Elijah
For he had faith in the living Lord.

He lived a humble but faithful life
He prophesied of what was to be,
He also instructed how each one of us
Could be candidates for eternity.
          Nona Hansen Baker

29           Elisha

Before Elijah was translated
His mantel fell on Elisha one day,
He had been Elijah's disciple
He too walked in God's way.

He did not possess a "fiery zeal"
He was gentle, affectionate and too
He was advisor to the king of Israel
Doing what good he could do.

He often preached to the people
He gave them a helping hand,
Loving these people, he spoke of God
In a way they could understand.

He divided the waters of Jordan
So he could go to the other side,
He raised a widow's son from death
Who had become sick and died.

Naaman, who had leprosy came to Elisha
Who told him to go to the Jordan and wash
Not just once, but seven times
Then he would be clean, Naaman was wroth.

The servant urged Naaman to reconsider
He did so and the leprosy went away,
The cure was predicated on
Naaman's willingness to believe and obey.

Elisha lived in obedience to God's laws
He performed miracles along the way,
Due to his faithful endeavors, he will
Live in the hearts of the people today.
          Nona Hansen Baker

30           Esther

Mordecai, a Jew, presented Esther
To the king, to become the new queen,
The king had summoned beautiful women
To come forward to be seen.

Esther was Mordecai's cousin
But like a child of his own,
He told her not to speak of her kindred
Except within the walls of her home.

Now Haman was the king's chief minister
People would bow down to him,
Mordecai refused to pay homage,
To Haman, this was a sin.

Haman had sought to destroy the Jews
He built gallows for Mordecai,
Esther sought to save her cousin and people
Risking her life if she attempted to try.

Esther went to the king without summons
He held out his scepter to his queen,
She related the plight of her people
Proving Haman was evil and mean.

Haman was destroyed and Mordecai
And the Jewish people were saved,
Due to the efforts and true devotion
That Esther, the queen had made.
            Nona Hansen Baker

31           Perfect Man . . Job

Job was a perfect man blessed with riches
And God was with him each day,
Satan was permitted to test him
To see if he would go astray.

A wind destroyed his home and family
Everything he owned was lost,
Yet Job blessed the name of the Lord
Though his life seemed tempest tossed.

Covered with boils he had nothing left
He could not understand why,
His friends said, "You have nothing to live for
Why don't you curse God and die."

Job remained ever faithful
In these painful paths he trod,
He exclaimed, "Though skin worms destroy me
In the flesh I will see God."

The Lord rebuked Satan and returned
Riches, more than Job had really owned,
Job had proved faithful and worthy
Of the very best earthly home.
         Nona Hansen Baker

32           Job

The Lord questioned Job concerning
Life before mortal birth,
"Where wast thou when I laid
The foundations of the earth?"

Do you know the answer
Can you find it anywhere?
You can find the message
If you seek in humble prayer.

In this last dispensation
God let these truths be known,
So we could find the pathway
Back to our heavenly home.
          Nona Hansen Baker

33           Many Psalms

Many psalms are attributed to David
Who loved the Lord God on High,
They are pleas for the unfaithful
Who in life are just getting by.

Father in heaven is a jealous God
"Worship no other gods before Me,"
Was the first of Ten Commandments
But He set the will of each one free.

Joshua advised the Israelites
"Me and mine will serve the Lord,"
This is the goal we should seek
It is really worth working toward.

We are here seeking salvation
No matter what path we may trod,
A humble heart, a faithful soul
Aids us in returning to God.
            Nona Hansen Baker

34           The Lord Is Our Shepherd

The Lord is our Shepherd, our Savior, our King
He gave us the flowers, the robins that sing,
He gave us the pastures and still waters too
He gives us a blessing for all good we do.
He gave us the pattern of how we should live,
And brought us a promise of blessings He'll give
Though through the Valley of Death we must go
Fear is something we never need know.
Jesus will comfort and help us through strife
And help us to find the best things in life,
Mercy and kindness will follow our days
And Jesus will guide us in all of our ways,
He will be with us and leave us . . .  no never
But grant us to live in His House forever.
               Nona Hansen Baker

35           Proverbs

We are told to honor our parents
And shun those who seek to do harm,
Some may appear to be friendly
And have such worldly charm.

Avoid those who rejoice to do wrong
Seek wisdom in all that is good,
Discretion will preserve us from evil
We can do the things that we should.

Understanding God's laws will preserve us
And guards us from error and sin,
Should we falter and go astray
We can always start over and win.

Keep in the paths of righteousness
Rejoice in truth and trust in God's ways,
Honor God in His infinite wisdom
And He will be with us all of our days.
           Nona Hansen Baker

36           Isaiah

Isaiah was an ancient prophet
Oft quoted through the ages of time,
Jesus spoke of him very often
When advising us to walk the fine line.

His prophesies covered many years
He told of Jesus and of His coming to earth,
Such humble conditions surrounded
God's Only Begotten Son's birth.

Isaiah said that the gospel would be restored
Gave prophesies of the great Judgment Day,
He encouraged Israel to keep the commandments
And always walk in God's way.

Isaiah lived in an era of social injustice
Of wealth, immorality and sin,
Pagan worship was becoming popular
How could this prophet win?

He gave warnings to ancient Israel
Told of Israelite blessings yet to come,
He told of the trials preceding the time
When the work of God would be done.

Some of his prophesies have been fulfilled
Many of them are still yet to be,
Heeding his counsel will assure us
Of a place in God's eternity.
        Nona Hansen Baker

37           Jeremiah

Jerusalem was destined for captivity
The Prophet Jeremiah warned the people there,
He lived to see the prophecy fulfilled
The people did not really seem to care.

False prophets foretold different events
That would eventually come to pass,
The people honored pagan gods
Worshiping Jehovah did not last.

They did not listen to Jeremiah
They scoffed when he preached to them,
Jeremiah had a deep and caring soul
For the Jewish women and men.

God had set His laws for obedience
He expected them to be obeyed,
He had blessed the Prophet Jeremiah
Who walked among them unafraid.

Three of the four kings Jeremiah lived under
Encouraged people in idolatrous ways,
Jeremiah had walked in righteousness
Throughout all of his days.

Captivity had an effect on the Jewish people
Idolatry then seemed to fade,
They realized the sin of idol worship
And understood the mistakes they had made.
          Nona Hansen Baker

38           Ezekiel

He was a priest of the family of Zadok
He prophesied of things yet to be,
Jerusalem was taken over by Nebuchadnezzar
They were in Babylonian captivity.

Ezekiel prophesied for twenty two years
Of the judgment against Jerusalem,
They partook of the evils of other lands
Rejecting the laws God had given to them.

They rejected the laws from Mt. Sinai
Which God had given to Moses one day,
They listened to the words of false prophets
Refusing to walk in God's way.

The Lord's vengeance fell upon them
Jerusalem was destroyed, people were scattered,
Some were taken to Babylon in bondage
The nation was torn and was tattered.

Ezekiel saw in vision a future Jerusalem
God would make a new covenant with them,
Their hearts will be softened and His gospel law
Would be welcomed by the women and men.
              Nona Hansen Baker

39           Daniel

The presidents, governors, princes
And the councilors had made a decree,
That no one should ask a petition of God
For thirty days or enter a plea.

Daniel prayed to the living God
And was thrown into the lions den,
The king was very sad at heart
For Daniel was his friend.

The king told Daniel, in deep faith
"The Lord will deliver thee,"
The king could not sleep, eat or drink
Until he knew that Daniel was free.

The king arose early and went to the den
Where the lions and Daniel were kept,
When he saw that Daniel was safe
He was so happy that he almost wept.

Daniel prospered during the reign of this king
The Living God was honored there,
The people could worship whenever they chose
And were free to say their prayers.
             Nona Hansen Baker

40           Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
Were thrown in a fiery furnace to die,
They would not bow to a pagan god
The king did not understand why.

Though the flames leaped high around them
They were not burned at all,
An angel of God was with them
The flames just seemed to stall.

They walked out of the fiery furnace
Their testimonies strengthened again,
Nebuchadnezzar could not help but admire
These righteous God-fearing men.

He then gave them a promotion
Allowed them to worship in peace,
Persecution would not be permitted
Hostilities against them had ceased.

The faith of these men is inspiring
It will aid us in each trying way,
For God will never forsake us
But will help us throughout each day.
            Nona Hansen Baker

41           Jonah

Jonah was commanded by the Lord
To preach to Nineveh's wayward souls,
Preaching to a hostile people
Was just not Jonah's goal.

He fled his home and tried to hide
In a ship upon the sea,
The tempest rose, the ship seemed doomed
Because Jonah had sought to flee.

He finally told the frightened sailors
To throw him overboard,
He told them the storm had come because
He had disobeyed the Lord.

The Lord prepared a giant fish
To swallow Jonah, then swim
To dry land returning him to shore
So his journey could begin.

Jonah preached to the people of Nineveh
They repented of their evil ways,
And vowed that they would serve the Lord
All the rest of their days.
      Nona Hansen Baker

42           Many Prophets

Many prophets walked among the Israelites
Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and others,
They preached the ways of the living God
Looking on all men as brothers.

The women were advised to be virtuous
And walk not in the evil ways,
Seeking righteousness, the Lord,
Promised to bless and lengthen their days.

The Lord said that He was a jealous God
We should worship none but Him alone,
We should adhere to His teachings
And teach them within the home.

The prophets of old were not always honored
Some were imprisoned while others were slain,
Yet they sought the best for the people
Paying homage to the good Father's name.

The laws set by the Ten Commandments
Will bring peace and contentment too,
They are given to guide and direct
Life's highway for me and for you.

Summing up what the prophets taught
Whether it be now or then,
We can enrich our ways of living
Through obedience to the Ten.
         Nona Hansen Baker

43           The Living God

Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob worshiped
The Living God, the Giver of Life,
While Solomon, blessed with great wisdom
Paid homage to the idols of his wives.

Moses and the shepherd boy who became king
Acknowledged this great God above,
With a lifetime of service and worship
And gave Him their undying love.

The Israelites of the era of Solomon
Seemed to seek after images of stone,
Did they not know that stone isn't living
And prayers are for the living God alone?

Those bowing to images created by man
Citing their pleas when nothing is there,
How can something made out of stone
Hear or answer your prayers?

It is the Living God we should pray to
It is He who will guide our ways,
Blessing our faithful remembrance of Him
All the rest of our days.
         Nona Hansen Baker

44           By Faith

By faith we understand earth's beginning
Of Adam and Eve's sojourn on earth,
Why Abel's sacrifice was greater than Cain's
Of what our lives really are worth.

By faith Enoch was translated
He did not face death at all,
Noah prepared the ark for the flood
He willingly accepted God's call.

By faith Abraham sought strange lands
And Sara too old, but a son was born,
Isaac, then Jacob became Abraham's heirs
The nations seemed tattered and torn.

By faith Joseph rose from slavery
Became the great leader of his day,
He saved Egypt and his people from famine
He sought to walk in God's way.

By faith, Moses forsook Egypt
He fled, met his wife at a well,
He received the Ten Commandments
By faith, the walls of Jericho fell.

The Israelites were ruled by judges and kings
Prophets tried to show them the way,
It seems that these people had the troubles
That we are having today.
         Nona Hansen Baker


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