Winona Hannah (Quibell) Baker POETRY
Written throughout the lifetime of the mother of Vicki Rae Chris (Baker) Tinney

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Part II

51            My Sons

I admire you for the loving care
You give to your family and too,
I admire the goals you set in life
I am sure you will carry through.

Your children are very special
They mean a great deal to me,
I am sure that you will aid them
In whatever they choose to be.

Children need parents who want them
Who are generous with loving care,
I'm sure you'll uphold their needs
If only by being there.

Parents should be friends to their children
For living is such a great test,
I'm sure that in setting examples
You will rate as one of the best.
            Nona Hansen Baker

52            John

My oldest son and a very dear friend
I could always talk to you,
It seems we have so much in common
Lots of love and understanding too.

You have traveled much in your lifetime
But never too eager to share,
The sadness, the gladness, the happenings
Though I know that you really do care.

I know you love us all dearly
And look forward to each time we meet,
To laugh, to talk, and share stories
Just makes each meeting complete.

We miss you and will always love you
And look forward to the day,
When you return from the Army
And come back to your home to stay.
                 Nona Hansen Baker

53            Dear John

I am still a great part of your life
There are so many memories we shared,
Life seemed to be more tolerable
Because I knew that you cared.

I remembered the last time I saw you,
Your embrace was tender and true,
I am sure, that you love and miss me
Why haven't I heard it from you?

Please let me hear from you often
Write me and tell of your days,
Sharing life's difficult problems
Will brighten and strengthen our ways.

There are no guarantees in our living
We do not know how long we will stay,
So share your glad moments and problems
With me, starting today.
                   Nona Hansen Baker

54            Shawna & Kimberly

You called my son Dad
When he married your Mother,
You became a close family
For you loved one another.

Two brothers came later
A real family treat,
This made your family
So very complete.

When I came to visit
Such love was displayed,
You made me feel welcome
I wish I had stayed.

Your home seemed so perfect
So much love was there,
I think it was really
Because each of you cared.

I learned to love you
You learned to love me,
We were as contented
As a family could be.

Dreams sometimes shatter
Hope's lost from view,
But you still love me
And I will always love you.
               Nona Hansen Baker

55            Joshua

A man by the name of Joshua
Was a prophet in the olden days,
He exemplified a way of life
To help us in life's ways.

It helps us to have a hero
We can think of once in a while,
Some of their accomplishments
May even bring a smile.

It helps knowing about men of courage
What accomplishments they made,
Of the difficulties that they faced
Proving they were not afraid.

I want you to know dear Joshua
I love and care for you,
I hope that you will follow
These traits your life through.

Choose that which you really want
Let wisdom be your goal,
Conquer every obstacle
With faith within your soul.
         Nona Hansen Baker

56            Joseph

Such a time you had to struggle
For your right to crawl and walk,
It seemed a miracle indeed
When you finally learned to talk.

Your parents prayed watching over you
The miraculous progress you made,
Your great determination proved
That you were not afraid
To tackle handicaps tight reign
That you struggled to overcome,
It seemed a miracle indeed
When you learned how to run.

I know that God played a part
In weaving progressions goal,
Your parents helped you progress
With faith within their souls.

You grew to be a fine young man
And as you go on your way,
Be grateful to your parents
And do not forget to pray.

It is faith and prayers that helped you
Overcome handicaps at birth,
You can now exist or create
Your heaven here on earth.
                     Nona Hansen Baker

57            Richard

You have been a friend, my Son
You are willing to listen to me,
So often we have counseled each other
And will through all time to be.

I admired you with your children
You have been a good father too,
You helped them set high goals in life
And helped them to follow through.

I have watched in admiration
How you set your goals very high,
You sought the best life could offer
Knowing you'd win if you'd try.

You're not only a son, but a faithful friend
One of the best I have known,
You and your siblings really make
A heaven here at home.
          Nona Hansen Baker

58            Michelle

A sweet, loving little toddler
Ran into my open arms,
The blue-eyed blonds' little girl
Was filled with laughter and loving charms.

She had been born to my son and his wife
While they were living over seas,
This was our very first meeting
What a joy she will be to me.

Such a joy she has been these thirty years
Now a wife and mother of three,
I love you my dear granddaughter
And I know that you love me.
               Nona Hansen Baker

59            Caitlyn, Hydee and Lantz

Caitlyn, Hydee and Lantz are grandchildren
I am proud to call my own,
They have brought a heaven
Into their parent's home.

I have seen such love abounding
Whenever I am there,
Happiness is always present
Which they are willing to share.

I know that true devotion
Rules their every day,
They scatter scads of sunshine
All along their way.

I am proud of what they have done
How they want their home to be,
They have made me happy
For they share their love with me.
                 Nona Hansen Baker

60            Michael Corey

Corey was his second name
Michael was my choice,
In choosing this baby's name
This Grandma had no voice.

I liked Michael Corey
I thought I'd call him "Mike",
His parents called him "Corey"
Which I did not really like.

Corey was the name he used
How I loved that little boy,
He was his Daddy's little man
His Mother's pride and joy.

When he started kindergarten
Michael was the name on the roll,
To use the name of Michael
Was this little fellow's goal.

He went home and told his parents
"Michael is the name I like,
You can make me happy
If you'll just call me Mike."
        Nona Hansen Baker

61            Ashlee and Brenden

Ashlee and Brenden are so loved
By everyone they meet,
Both are loving children
Ashlee so beautiful and sweet.

Your childish ways intrigue me
I love to watch you play,
You bring such rays of sunshine
Scattering gladness along the way.

Live out your days in childhood
With the love that you now share,
You will find love returned to you
Because you really care
For the people closest to you
For they are such a part,
Of the loving little thoughts
You carry in your hearts.
        Nona Hansen Baker

62            Christopher

You are so much like your father
I can't tell your voices apart,
I think you have always known
That I love you with all my heart.

All of my grandchildren are very dear
As are my children to me,
Each time I get to see them
I am as happy as I can be.

You are married now and planning
A family of your own,
I am sure that you and Jill will find
Such happiness in your home.

You have your parents kindly ways
You are much like them and too,
I will always be very grateful
That I am a Grandma to you.
              Nona Hansen Baker

63            A Baby For Jill and Chris

So you are going to have a baby
Such love the baby will share,
He will bring such gladness
Just by being there.

I know that you look forward
To the time the baby is due,
This wonderful experience
Will bring such joy to you.

I know this child will be special
For he comes from God above,
And will bring such happiness
Into a home that's filled with love.
           Nona Hansen Baker

64            Sandi

I never chose you as a daughter
My son did that for me,
I learned to love you dearly
You are as dear as you could be.

Oft our thoughts would differ
But we were always in accord,
To what we thought important
To reap life's reward.

We never tried to argue
Love always ruled the way,
Perhaps that is why we still are
Such loving friends today.
          Nona Hansen Baker

65            Jamie and Britney

Sandi was my daughter-in-law
You were her youngest you know,
And I have been privileged
To love you and watch you grow.

I shared many glad moments
Whenever we would meet,
Both of you are very kind
So gentle, lovely and sweet.

I am glad you call me Grandma
For I feel you are one of my own,
You have brought so much beauty
To me here at home.

I want you to know, both of you
Are loved and always will be,
You are one of the most precious gifts
That has ever been given to me.
               Nona Hansen Baker

66            Linda

Whenever I visit you
You show me that you care,
Create a welcome atmosphere
Just because I'm there.

You always entertain me
In pleasant loving ways,
You make me very happy
Visiting those few days.

You make me feel quite at home
And the kindness you display,
You show me I am welcome
When I come there to stay.

I feel I'm wanted with you
And ask the Father up above,
To bless you and Richard
And your home so full of love.
          Nona Hansen Baker

67            Suzanne and Michelle

When my son married Linda
her two daughters called him Dad,
They welcomed him into their home
Which made him very glad.

Both were teenage beauties
So much like their Mother,
They knew that happiness always comes
By loving one another.

They set their goal for success
And chose what they would do,
They had Rick's and Linda's blessings
To carry them on through.

My love for them was strengthened,
By their kind and thoughtful ways,
I was enriched just meeting them
They brightened each new day.

"Suzanne, Michelle, I am happy
For the kindly things you do,
And I think that I am fortunate
To have relatives like you."
             Nona Hansen Baker

68            Sons In-Laws

I have three fine sons in-laws
I really think are the best,
All have excelled in what they do
In life's great living test.

Each one is different, each one excels
In what they have done in life,
Each chose one of my daughters
To be his loving wife.

I just could not select just one
To be number one or two or three,
I have three fine sons in-laws
And all are favorites to me.
             Nona Hansen Baker

69            Vicki Chris

Vicki was named after her father
A beautiful name Vicki Rae,
I thought she would like this name
Even to this day.

But as the years hurried on
She used the name of Christine,
At first I did not like it
But she was not trying to be mean.

Each of us has the right
To change whatever they choose,
If she liked Christine better
What did I really loose?

I will always have her love and respect,
Changing names does not matter you see,
Vicki Christine or Vicki Chris
She is a wonderful daughter to me.
                 Nona Hansen Baker

70            Thomas

A mother-in-law does not choose
A son-in-law to be,
But I am very happy that
You are a son-in-law to me.

You have made my daughter happy
You are a good father and too,
I'm content that I have
A son-in-law like you.

You are a man who really cares
For loved ones he calls his own,
And he's trying so very hard to make
A heaven out of home.

I do admire what you seek
The goodness life can give,
And for the good examples
That you try to live.

May goodness always follow you
May God bless you from above,
And always help you maintain
Your home so full of love.
                Nona Hansen Baker

71            Rebecca

Rebecca was my Grandma's name
She is one I do not remember,
We were going to see her
Long ago one September.

When that day came along
My Father went alone,
I knew so little of her
We were told of her at home.

She was a lovely person
My parents would often say,
We asked God to bless her
Whenever we would pray.

Now your name is one to cherish
So choose a lofty goal,
You can be successful in your quest
If there is faith within your soul.
         Nona Hansen Baker

72            Matthew

How I love my Matthew
You were always a favorite to me,
Your mischievous little ways
Oft needed correcting you see.

But you would be so pious
And sorry for errors you made,
You would try to do better every time
Just to prove you were not afraid.

Yes, Matthew I do love you dearly
So do the best that you can do,
And remember that our Heavenly Father
Will always be with you.
          Nona Hansen Baker

73            Tom Jr.

I am proud you are my grandson
I love you dearly and so,
I wish you every success in life
Keep faith within your soul.

You have such goodly parents
My daughter is one of the best,
You can accomplish what you seek
In life a great living test.

You excel in many sports
Always keep fairness in mind,
Help your companions move along
Just because you are kind.

You can attain the goal you seek
Be honest, faithful and true,
Stay on the right track my Grandson
Success is up to you.
            Nona Hansen Baker

74            Michelle

I am Grandma to two Michelles
such a beautiful name you know.
It has been a real pleasure
To watch each of you grow.

I love you very much Michelle
You are very special to me,
And I wish God's blessings on you
Whatever you seek to be.

Listen to your parents always
They will help show you the way
To an honest and successful life
And remember to always pray.

Asking the Father up above
To help you in all that you do,
Will bring you unnumbered blessings
And be with you all your life through.
          Nona Hansen Baker

75            Jon

Such a special grandson
Deserves my every praise,
You scatter gladness
In your very special ways.

You excel in many things
The future is bright for you.
So choose a lofty goal in life
And carry it on through.

Remember it is goodness and kindness
This is needed every day,
So always do your very best
And do not forget to pray,
For the Father up above
Will aid you in your quest,
Help you find contentment
When you do your very best.
             Nona Hansen Baker

76            Bette

You are one of the most precious gifts
Given to me on the earth,
What a beautiful birthday present
Was the day of your wonderful birth.

We have enjoyed each other very much
We would talk and plan and dream,
We valued our close relationship
Or so to me it seemed.

The years have gone by quickly
Your children have brought such love,
And provided such happiness
Blessed from Father up above.

You and your family are priceless
So are your siblings and too,
One of my greatest assets
Is having a daughter like you.
          Nona Hansen Baker

77            Ernie

I think a lot of my in-laws
Especially you dear one,
For you are more than an in-law
You are more like a beloved son.

We have had many conversations
Sharing each others thoughts,
We had so much to talk about
We enjoyed each others' lots.

You often took me with you
As one of your family and too,
You seemed to enjoy my company
And I liked being with you.
             Nona Hansen Baker

78            Melissa

You have had may challenges
In your young life,
You overcame them and
You are now Richard's wife.

You beat every challenge
By looking ahead,
You thwarted failure
Found success instead.

You were a winner
In what you sought to do,
You set your goal
And carried it through.

You found life's testing
So very severe,
You were not afraid
Your loved ones were near.

You knew they stood by
Cheering you through,
Because they believed
Melissa, in you.
       Nona Hansen Baker

79            The Richards

We have a son named Richard
We never called him "Dick",
After he was married
His wife re-named him "Rick".

My granddaughter married a Richard
A handsome man with eyes of blue,
He was just called "Rich",
His Dad was a Richard too.

If they name their son "Richard"
They will have to call him "Dick",
For in the family there's a Richard,
A "Rich" and my son "Rick".
              Nona Hansen Baker

80            Phillip

What more could I say of Phillip
He is a very fine man I know,
He was always a pleasure
To be with and watch him grow.

He was a normal little boy
With little faults here and there,
But sought to be a winner
In sports he was always fair.

And as the years hurried on
He was his parent's pride and joy,
Often he would excel
He was just a normal boy.

He seeks the very best he can
A mission is his goal,
He will succeed in all he does
There's faith within his soul.
             Nona Hansen Baker

81            Jodi

My youngest daughter is Jodi
She was named for my Father and Mother,
She has two lovely older sisters
And two wonderful older brothers.

She has been a good daughter and a friend
Always willing to share with me,
Her love and true devotion
She's been such a friend you see.

I talk to her very often
And then we go shopping and too,
We have an excellent relationship
And will last us our lives through.

She has many friends who love her
She's proved herself in life's test,
If I were to judge her I think
I would rate her as one of the best.
             Nona Hansen Baker

82            Billy

I think a lot of you my son
You have done a lot for me,
I have enjoyed your company
You are as kind as you can be.

We share many common thoughts
You are a very friendly man,
It seems that as each day goes by
You do the best you can.

You really are not selfish
You always want to share,
The friendship you freely offer
If just by being there.

I wish you the very best
For all tomorrows and today,
And hope that only happiness
Abides with you each day.
          Nona Hansen Baker

83            Lucy

I acquired friends and had favorites
Lucy was one of the best,
But our friendship was halted
When she was laid to rest.

No one ever took her place
But other friends came to be,
Still, I cherish all the memories
Of Lucy and of me.

I think of our childhood days
We would plan and dream,
We found a bit of heaven
Or so to us it seemed.

Each of us married and five children
Came to be our own,
We counseled one another
In our individual homes.

Over sixty years our friendship
Was warm and good and true,
Lucy I was fortunate
To have a friend like you.
               Nona Hansen Baker

84            Nellie Page

The other Nellie in my life
Became a friend in my later years,
We talk about our families
Shared hopes, dreams and fears.

We have so much in common
We can talk and plan and dream,
I found her to be a choice friend
Or at least to me it seemed.

We always elevate our thoughts
That is how our friendship grew,
Nellie, I am thankful
That I found a friend in you.
         Nona Hansen Baker

85            Sister Chantry

My Mother called you Doctor Sunshine
You were such a compassionate soul,
Helping the sick and disabled
Seemed to be your ultimate goal.

You did not limit your service
You did it, for you loved people so,
Your kindly seeds of service
Were as flowers set on earth to grow.

You came when we had the measles
And our baby sister was born,
You fixed our meals and took care of us
Mending some clothes which were torn.

There was no limit to your service
You were never paid at all,
You were willing to help anyone
Whenever you were called.

We loved you dearly for what you did
Such loving kindness you'd lend,
I've asked God to bless you forever
Our wonderful service-bound friend.
                       Nona Hansen Baker

86            Bertha Chantry

I always loved you as a person
You were my teacher, my counselor and friend,
You showed love and respect to everyone
You always had friendship to lend.

I often listened to your teachings
If you said something, I knew it was so,
It seemed you were one of God's angels
Sent here on earth below.

I loved hearing those beautiful stories
I listened intently to you,
You taught us the best ways of living
And helped us to follow it through.

My praise for you may be excessive
And I always want it to be,
You helped me so much in my life
By being an example to me.
            Nona Hansen Baker

87            The Duncans

The Duncans lived down the street from us
Their boy and ours were friends,
Several other boys living close by
Seemed to have friendship to lend.

Marvin, Lee Mitchell, whom we called Lurch,
And Mike who lived a few blocks away,
Were always together when they could be
Watching TV or going to play.

And when their childhood vanished
This strong bond of friendship remained,
During the war years, they volunteered
Their friendship still was the same.

Each one of these men married
Each went their very own way,
They never forgot this friendship
Some are still good friends today.
           Nona Hansen Baker

88            Dana

Dana came to live with us
When his parents moved away,
He wanted to finish high school here
And needed a place to stay.

He had a job, a girl and a car
He had set a high goal in life,
Before he left for the Army
He took himself a wife.

He lived here for nearly three years
Before he went away,
He was almost a son to us
Brought happiness our way.

We will always love you Dana
And as you live your life through,
Never forget your very dear friends
Who were a Mom and Pop to you.
                     Nona Hansen Baker

89            Doll Maker

You are an artist, a wife, and a mother
One of the best friends I have known,
You are a beautiful doll maker
Did much of your work in your home.

You created such beautiful dolls
I was amazed at what you could make,
I loved watching you at your work
How quickly you'd correct a mistake.

Your finished dolls were beautiful
You took pride in what you would do,
While working you offered friendship
And I became a good friend to you.

I appreciate your loving kindness
You had such loyal friendship to lend,
Delores, I'll always be grateful
For such a dear loving friend.
       Nona Hansen Baker

90            Sharon

It's a very comfortable feeling
To have someone to talk to and trust,
Having a truly good friend as you
Is really an absolute must.

How else could you express yourself
Or seek comfort when you are down,
How could you find solace in living
If no one you trust is around?

How can you live without friendship
That is such a blessing in strife,
If you haven't a good friend like you
To help in the struggle of life.

Friendship can be so beautiful
When a friend is honest, faithful and true,
These requirements are truly fulfilled
When one finds a friend like you.
                  Nona Hansen Baker

91            Sherry

We used to be just casual friends
With a quick hello and goodbye,
You did not choose me as a friend
And with you I did not try.

We were too busy in our daily lives
There was so much we had to do,
We might have been closer friends
But we did not see it through.

Very gradually a closer friendship
Started on its way,
I think that is how we became
The friends we are today.
       Nona Hansen Baker

92            Our Children

You have your children
And I have mine,
We share bits of info
All of the time.

We have never sought
To out-do one another,
We speak of our daughters
As near-perfect mothers.

Of course there are sons and
Our sons-in-law too,
Who seemed to excel
In what they seek to do.

There is pride in our hearts
All of the time,
To you, yours is best
To me, so are mine.
             Nona Hansen Baker

93            Randy

I always thought a lot of you
You were strict and precise,
At times, you could be demanding
But always you were nice.

I liked working for you
For I knew that you were fair,
And if I ever really needed you
For me, you would be there.

There was too much for one to do
But you demanded it be done,
Three people were really needed
And I was the only one.

We always got along quite well
We did the best that we could do,
I think my great achievement was
Finding a friend in you.
               Nona Hansen Baker

94            Gail

You always seemed a friend to me
Though our paths did not entwine,
Somehow I always thought of you
As a special friend of mine.

You never seemed to be aloof
You always smiled at me,
If I had known you better
What a friend you would be.

But our paths seldom crossed
I was happy when we met,
You are the type of person
That one could not forget.

If our meetings had been frequent
Such friendship we would spend,
I think I would regard you
As a choice and loving friend.
             Nona Hansen Baker

95            Nancy

Something attracted you to me
I cannot say just why,
But I sought you out as a friend
In the days gone by.

I really wanted your friendship
I hoped you might tarry a while,
When I couldn't quite reach you
You offered a welcome smile.

Your friendly manner attracted me
I seemed quite close to you,
I was sure you'd be a friend
To have all my life through.

We grew a little bit closer
At least it seemed to me,
I began to understand you more
What a friend you're going to be.

You are a kindred spirit
Seeking a worthy goal,
I really think I sought you out
Because of your beautiful soul.
              Nona Hansen Baker

96            Sharon Diana

My neighbor Nellie had three lovely girls
The second was a favorite to me,
All of the girls were friendly
And as cute as they could be.

Sharon seemed to single me out
She always liked me a lot,
My name "Nona" was her first word
I wonder what her parents thought.

Nellie said, "Mama" over and over
Sharon smiled and said, "Nona" again,
Nellie said, "She'll say Mama and Daddy
But who knows where or when?"

Of course I was very elated
My name was what Sharon preferred,
I will always be proud that
"Nona" was Sharon's very first word.
           Nona Hansen Baker

97            Teachers

Teachers play a massive part
Molding us to what we will be,
Some are forgotten, others remembered
Some mean a great deal to me.

Some have cautioned and counseled
Helping us to learn how to live,
Some have given but little
Others have had so much to give.

We oft listen and try to do better
Correcting mistakes that are made,
Some have been very influential
To help us walk unafraid.

I often look back remembering
These wonderful teachers I knew,
Who helped to shape my destiny
Influencing all that I do.

How could I ever repay them
Unless I too, teach someone the way,
Using the guideposts they gave me
May God help me do this, I pray.
                 Nona Hansen Baker

98            Mrs. Christensen

A very remarkable woman
Was teaching children to read,
These were disabled children
Who had such special needs.

I watched her encourage these children
To learn how to say each word,
All were paying attention
Not a disturbing sound was heard.

She told me that these children
Would not be promoted that year,
She said she would keep on helping them
Until every word became clear.

Over and over she reviewed each word
The children watched and wanted to learn.
Each was eager to participate
Whenever it was their turn.

I sat there for several hours
Mesmerized by what she could do,
And these children did learn to read
Because she taught them to.

She loved teaching disabled children
She said, "Some are so hard to reach,
I may not be much to look at
But in reading, I know how to teach."

She was dedicated to her work
Teaching children her ultimate goal,
She was a wonderful teacher
With faith within her soul.
         Nona Hansen Baker

99            Stephanie

Among my daughter's wonderful friends
That I was privileged to know,
Was one called Stephanie Bridgeforth
And I really loved her so.

She used to call me Mom a lot
I was deeply honored you see,
And one Mother's Day she brought
A little gift for me.

She radiated such beauty
In a very special way,
I could not help but love her
And I love her still today.

She is married and has children
Her life seems so complete,
I've often looked to find her
In Jodi's friends I meet.

But there is only one Stephanie
That I have ever known,
She was like the breath of spring
And an angel in my home.
               Nona Hansen Baker

100          Elsie Peterson

As a child, I had a wonderful teacher
Who wrote about those she loved,
She often penned words of worship
Of the Great Father up above.

I loved listening to her
Of the beautiful thoughts she'd say,
I have only the memories of her words
That still lives with me this day.

She told of how "God guided the shuttles
To weave the beauty in life,"
She was a poet, a teacher, a mother
And Archie's dear loving wife.

She was a pleasure to be around
Inspiration seemed to set her goal,
She was a woman magnificent
The love of God was in her soul.
        Nona Hansen Baker

Winona Hannah (Quibell) Baker Poetry: Index #2
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