Winona Hannah (Quibell) Baker POETRY
Written throughout the lifetime of the mother of Vicki Rae Chris (Baker) Tinney

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Part I

1              My Journal 

How will my grandchildren ever know
Of the thoughts that I have today
Unless I keep a journal
For them to read someday?

They will not know of my Mom or Dad
My grandparents, my cousins and too,
My wonderful aunts, uncles, and friends
Who loved me and guided me through.

How will they have any memories
Of the beautiful souls,
Who guided and protected me
Helped me achieve life's goal?

So my dear ones I will give you
Those memories so dear to my heart,
And hope you will keep a journal
It is never too late to start.

Tell of your joys and your sorrows
Tell of your struggles and strife,
Let the next generation know
What you made of your life.
                Nona Hansen Baker

2              My Life 

I was born in Randolph, Utah
The coldest place in the state.
I was taught to seek perfection
And profit by mistakes.

My father was a rancher
Who chose the city life
For the health and happiness
Of his frail young English wife.

I was the sixth of their nine children

One of the four to survive,
I was loved, guided and pampered
All of my childhood life.

We attended church as a family
Taught the importance of school,
Education is a goal in life
To be used as life's great tool.

A pilot, writing or nursing
Were goals I thought might be,
But sewing and secretarial work
Became positions for me.

I was married, divorced and remarried
Two boys, three girls were my own,
We struggled but with effort built
Our house into a home.

I worked while raising a family
Was part time mother and wife,
I worked along with my husband
Nearly all of my married life.

I often look back remembering
The sorrows and gladness I knew,
My life is a success
Only because God had guided me through.
                        Nona Hansen Baker

3              Growing Up

I grew up in a little house
On the west side of town,
I knew each neighbor by their name
And just everyone around.

We never had to lock our door
Although we had a key,
Dishonesty among these folks
Was unknown to me.

Everyone was caring
Each knew their neighbors' lot,
People always helped each other
Honesty was lived and taught.

Our Ward House was always full
We greeted one another,
We really loved our neighbors
Each seemed a sister or a brother.

This era was so beautiful
People set a worthy goal,
They always gave a helping hand
With the love within their souls.
         Nona Hansen Baker

4              Memories Can Live

I cannot hold back the years
As they hurry on their way,
Still I can hold these memories
Of my sad and happy days.

I can think about the courtship
Of the true love of my life,
How I became his sweetheart
And his beloved wife.

About the near forty years of marriage
The children who became my own,
And the times of trial and error
That it takes to make a home.

Memories can live forever
When there is a love that's true,
There are many lonely hours
But memories will guide me through.
                      Nona Hansen Baker|

5              My Father

"I don't know your name
But I knew your Pa," the stranger said to me,
As I was tending the unkempt graves
In the Woodruff Cemetery.

"We used to go logging when I was a boy
I remembered his kindness and too,
He taught me the goodness of life
To carry me all my life through."

"I loved your Pa," the man rambled on,
"Those were such wonderful days,
I wanted to be just like him," he said,
"And learn to walk in his ways."

"I remembered one time we were logging
And as I looked up to the skies
A shot rang out as a mountain cat
Was shot between the eyes."

"I had not seen it ready to lunge
On the ledge above our heads . . .
It was after the horses, your Pa said,
So he shot and killed it dead."

"He was a master sportsman
A rancher and logger and more,
He was a real man to admire
And that is what friends are for."

It was good to hear of my Father
How he helped another to find
The best that life has to offer
Just because he was kind.
          Nona Hansen Baker
[This event took place in the mid fifties.]

6              My Parents

I never called my father Pa
I always called him Dad,
I thought that he was super
The best that one could have.

He was tall and slender
His manner seemed so fine,
I did not think any dad could compare
To this wonderful Dad of mine.

My Mother had been quite petite
In her younger days,
She seemed a bit too heavy
But very dainty in her ways.

They were a perfect couple
It seemed so at the time,
I was very proud of them
For they were really mine.

Both were just a little strict
In their individual ways,
But kindness and love was scattered
Through my childhood days.
           Nona Hansen Baker

7              Fred

Fred was two years older than I
He was ten when God took him away,
This was a loss that I could never forget
His memory lives with me this day.

There was Amy, Dorothy, Laurel and Laura
Now Fred too was called to go home,
It seemed that out of nine children
Five were just here on loan.

My grieving parents were faithful
And tried to see it God's way
But I knew that they missed their children
Which were not permitted to stay.

Only four out of nine became adults
I was one of the four,
My parents were grateful for what they had
But their hearts were heavy and sore.

I missed Fred the most and remembered
The times we would talk and play,
I will keep on remembering, reminiscing
The memories of our yesterday.
                Nona Hansen Baker

8              Mother's Gifts

"Merry Christmas," my children
My parents would say,
When we opened our presents
Each cold Christmas day.

There were only a few little gifts
Under a sparse Christmas tree,
I always knew that some how
There would be something for me.

My Mom would start shopping
When the season would pass,
She could buy very little
The money must last.

I remember her shopping
How early she'd start,
They were the best Christmas gifts
For they came from the heart.
           Nona Hansen Baker

9              Fruit Cakes

"Aunt Nellie's making fruit cakes,"
I heard my cousin say,
Aunt Nellie said that she has made
Three of them today.

Always close to Christmas time
She would start to bake,
So that each of her brother's families
Could have a Christmas cake.

The kitchen smelled so yummy
She would prepare each one with care,
For when they were completed
Each brother would be there.

She always made an extra one
For us on Christmas day,
For this Aunt Nellie is my Mom
I am very proud to say.

These Christmas cakes were special
They were the very best I have known,
I oft look back remembering
Christmas baking in our home.
              Nona Hansen Baker

10            Nick Names

My Mother's name was Ellen
But she was always known as Nell,
Sometimes they called her Nellie
Why--I cannot tell.

My Uncle Jim's name was German
But he was always known as Jim,
He was very kind and friendly
We thought the world of him.

My Uncle Albert was known as Tom
Why, I do not really know,
He was really super
And we all loved him so.

Aunt Mattie's name was Martha
The reason . . . unknown to me,
I knew her in her later years
She was as kind as she could be.

I was known as Noney
Winona is my name,
I really liked Nona best
I use this in life's game.

I think that names are important
Or I think that they should be,
And the nickname of Nona
Is quite acceptable to me.
         Nona Hansen Baker

11            Turn Back The Clock

Oh, to turn back the Clock to youth
To dream of what might be,
Of the carefree days of loved ones
Who meant so much to me.

There are many wonderful memories
Of the friends and siblings I knew,
My Mother and Father who loved me,
How I'd love to be with you.

But time has erased these moments
Only the memories remain,
I think if I were to go backwards
I am sure I would feel the same.

For I always did appreciate
My loved ones when they were here,
And if it were possible
I would always keep them near.

Our loved ones seem perfected
As time hurries on its way,
These wonderful memories of them is
A vivid memory today.
                  Nona Hansen Baker

12            Bill, My Brother

We never called him "Willie"
We always called him "Bill",
The memory of his music
Lingers with me still.

A mechanic was the position
That he mastered in his life,
Then a small dark-haired woman
Became his lovely wife.

His two boys were so unlike him
But we loved them so,
It was such a pleasure
Just to watch them grow.

Bill tinkered with his music
But oh how he could play,
The Hawaiian guitar was mastered
In his individual way.

It seemed he had a magic touch
In the music that he played,
Inspirational beauty
Was so prominently displayed.

I was proud to call him brother
Admired his gifted goal,
I am sure he had the Master's touch
Deep within his soul.
          Nona Hansen Baker

13            Bill Jr.

You were the son of a second marriage
We never watched you grow,
Your childhood was a mystery
That we were not permitted to know.

Your parents marriage was dissolved
Your Mother took you away,
She raised you far away from us
I saw you once and then today.

I was not disappointed
For as you spoke I knew,
There could be a deep attachment
Before our lives are through.

You are my brother's son, I know
It is your Mom I give credit to,
I think I admire her the most
For what she has made of you.
                   Nona Hansen Baker

14            Margaret

I only had one sister
That survived with me,
She was eight years older
Kinds like a Mom to me.

We were sorta close in childhood
But as the years rolled by,
We were seldom in agreement
Perhaps I did not try.

She was so generous and so loving
But our paths did not entwine,
She never seemed to understand
This dear sister that was mine.

She was a great believer
In doing good along the way,
I am very sure that she did
Several good deeds each day.

When the Master adds things up
I won't be surprised to see,
That in doing good for others
She is far ahead of me.
       Nona Hansen Baker

15            Laurence

"You're Lammie's sister . . . ", I heard someone say
I quickly responded, "He passed away."
This took me back to years gone by
I've almost forgotten, though I don't try.

Lammie or Laurence was my little brother
He was a favorite of my dear loving Mother,
I also was pampered and favored too,
With Laurence, my friend all my life through.

When my children could not say his name,
He said, "Call me George, it's all the same."
Uncle George was choice to my young three
And he was always a favorite to me.

I called him "Laurence" most of the time
Our visits were frequent, relationship fine,
Our families were friends, loving and true
"Laurence, I'm glad I'm a sister to you."
               Nona Hansen Baker

16            Larry & Laurel

Do not let bitter thoughts
build a highway here today,
The road to happiness always takes
Good thoughts along the way.

Be forgiving and then forget
The bitterness you feel,
Bitterness is a fantasy
Forgiveness is for real.

Angry words when spoken
Can be replaced it's true,
Forgiveness is a blessing
That God will give to you.

Try always to re-think the words
That were in anger said,
Remember you can always
Forgive the deed instead.

Oh the beauty of a peaceful thought
Of a forgiving heart that's true,
You can forgive and then forget
It is really up to you.
             Nona Hansen Baker

17            Father's Folks

I do not remember my Father's folks
But I learned to love them so,
From what my parents told me
They were very fine people to know.

We did however make visits
I was really too young to remember,
When I grew older we planned
To see them in September.

When September came around
Dad went to see them alone,
It cost too much for us to go
So we just stayed at home.

Some letters passed between us
There were photos now and then,
Septembers just kept passing by
But I never saw them again.
                  Nona Hansen Baker

18            Relatives

I do not remember some relatives
Who lived in my early days,
When I was old enough to remember
They had passed away.

They were very special people
My parents would often say,
They often spoke of special events
That happened in those days.

I learned to love these people
They were no strangers you see,
Through my parents loving stories
They became very dear to me.
          Nona Hansen Baker

19            Laurel

When I did not have a daughter
My brother shared his girl,
I loved her oh so dearly
With her blue eyes and golden curls.

I made her dresses and tended her
With such loving care,
When she returned back to her home
I wished that I were there.

There grew a bond between us
That still lives on this day,
I wanted her to stay with me
But her Mom got in the way.

Then her sister Benee came
Another girl for me,
Her Mother then protested
You cannot have her you see
You stole Laurel from me
She wants to be with you,
I am the Mother of these girls
Your tending days are through.

You will never get my Benee
I will keep her here at home,
If you want a little girl around
Then have one of your own.
                Nona Hansen Baker

20            Larry Q.

To you, I was always Auntie
This was your second home,
We were always in accord
Angry words were never known.

We always had a welcome smile
Whenever we would meet,
My family and your family
Made my life complete.

We were close associates
Throughout all the years,
We shared life's accomplishments
The hopes, the dreams and fears.

And as the years went onward
We valued each other's worth,
For each of us contributed
To our heaven here on earth.
          Nona Hansen Baker

21            Aunt Nellie

My father's sister Nellie
Brought gifts along the way,
I remember her loving kindness
Even to this day.

It was a kissing - hugging greeting
Each time that we would meet,
Even during shopping times
Or a meeting on the street.

Her kindness is remembered
These many years gone by,
I never could repay her
No matter how I'd try.

I loved her arms around me
Her sweet and gentle touch,
Aunt Nellie was a favorite
I loved her very much.

She had no girls, just seven boys
To call each other brother,
In my childish way of thinking
She was my second Mother.
                  Nona Hansen Baker

22            Aunt Alice

You were so very dear to me
We shared hopes and dreams and fears,
Through the letters we exchanged
In your later years.

You wrote often of your love for Dad
He was your only brother,
And you shared so many memories
Of your Father and your Mother.

I wish I had been fortunate
To grow up knowing you,
I am sure that we would have been very close
And friends all our lives through.

But all I have are the memories
Through the letters sent my way,
I love you dear Aunt Alice
And I love you still today.
        Nona Hansen Baker

23            Aunt Mattie

I am sorry that I never knew you
In my very early years,
To share with you my future hopes
Accomplishments, dreams and fears.

You are one of my Father's sisters
And lived so far away,
The only time I saw you
Were those yearly reunion days.

There were so many others present
That our visits did not last,
We briefly shared some comments
Time just went too fast.

Then in later years some letters
From you were sent to me,
I learned what a wonderful person
You turned out to be.

How much of life is wasted
When we do not get to know
The aunts, uncles and cousins
We could have loved them so.

I wish that I had kept in touch
And learned of my loved one's worth,
I am sure that they would have made
A greater heaven on this earth.
                             Nona Hansen Baker

24            English Relatives

There were twelve in my Mother's family
All but one came to the states,
One brother stayed in England
Which I thought was a mistake.

Never did we see him
Nor his children or Anna his wife,
I wanted to go to England
Planned to, sometime in my life.

We exchanged a few letters with them
But never became good friends,
We were relatives in name only
With well wishes in letters we'd send.

My Aunt Margaret went back to England
They were quite indifferent that time,
Still I wanted to go to England to see
Those surviving cousins of mine.

I knew that I would have loved them
I heard about them from my Mother,
And these cousins I wanted to see
Were the children of my Mom's brother.
            Nona Hansen Baker

25            Grandparents Dean

My Grandparents Dean lived on a farm
Grandma was pleasant but strict,
Grandpa seemed to be a grouch
He walked with a crooked stick.

Their farm had chickens, cows and a horse
The pigs were frightening to me,
I loved watching the beautiful horse
He was as tame as he could be.

Grandpa said, "Don't chase the chickens,
And don't you bother the others,
The chickens will lay bad eggs if you do
And the cows are going to be animal mothers."

I loved to romp and play on the farm
And see all the things that grew,
"Don't step on the plants," Grandma said,
"They are growing food for you."

My Grandparents strictness filtered love
They really wanted us there,
As I grew older I realized
How much they really cared.

Grandpa and Grandma, I love you so,
And I know that you loved me too,
Those beautiful memories of your farm
Will last me all my life through.
                Nona Hansen Baker

26            Aunt Mary Dewey

We had several Aunt Mary's to visit
Who would also return the call,
But my Aunt Mary Dewey
Was the one we knew most of all.

Their family and ours were very close
There seemed a great kinship indeed,
They were the type of people
You could rely on in time of need.

I loved all my cousins especially Dean
Who would often take me to the fair,
I felt that if I ever needed him
For me he would always be there.

He and I shared a kinship
We were kindred spirits in life,
But I could never make a friend
Of his newly acquired wife.

I think of how much I missed
For I wanted this friendship to be,
I hoped and prayed that someday
She would become a friend to me.
                    Nona Hansen Baker

27            Cousin Mary

Mary was a bit older than I
She was such an ideal to me,
She and her brothers were friendly
And kind as they could be.

Their farm held such fascination
The windmill seemed one of its kind,
I loved being there and exploring around
There were so many things you could find.

There were rocks of so many colors
The most beautiful flowers grew there,
There was lots of fun with the animals
When the fields ready for planting were bare.

There was so very much to do on the farm
Preparing it for what was to be,
And as a child, I thought this farm
Was part of a heaven to me.
              Nona Hansen Baker

28            Dean

We had a bond of friendship
That lasted all my life,
But it was weakened greatly
When he took himself a wife.

She never really understood
How this bond could be,
I thought as time went by
She would be a friend to me.

That never really happened
Though she did not seem to mind,
I think that she always thought
He was just being kind.

We might have enjoyed a friendship
The rest of our lives through,
If you will be my friend I thought
I will be a friend to you.
        Nona Hansen Baker

29            Uncle Bert and Aunt Mary

Uncle Bert, Aunt Mary and cousins
Were some of the best you could know,
I always wanted to visit them
For I loved them so.

Margie was the same age as me
We got along just fine,
And each of her dear brothers
Were always favorites of mine.

There would be candy on the table
"You must wait till the meal is through,"
My dear Aunt Mary would tell us,
"Then I'll give some candy to you."

It was a wonderful place to visit
Perhaps it was the love that they shared,
We always knew we were welcome
For they showed us they really cared.
           Nona Hansen Baker

30            Uncle Casper

Once a year my Uncle Casper came
To work in the Temple each day,
He handed my Mom thirty dollars
As he always paid his way.

"It is important to do Temple work
I do it thirty days a year." he said.
"I work these days for the purpose
Of redeeming my kindred dead."

I always loved and admired him
He was a good and humble man,
He said, "I love everyone I meet
And I do the best that I can."

He was never rich in earthly things
He had set a heavenly goal,
He always helped his fellow man
With faith within his soul.
        Nona Hansen Baker

31            Aunt Amy Zentner

We had two Aunt Amy's to visit
One was a sister to Mother,
The other Aunt Amy we loved so well
Was the wife of my Mom's brother.

Both had always been very kind
Both were lovely to see,
Which did I really like the best
Well, both were favorites to me.

We called one Aunt Amy Jane
The other, Uncle Cap's wife,
This Aunt Amy was very dear
I loved her all of my life.

My Mother seemed so close to her
She was also close to the others,
If I had to choose the one I loved best
It would be the sister to my Mother.
              Nona Hansen Baker

32            Uncle Jim

Uncle Jim was a deputy sheriff
And would oft stop by to see Mother,
There seemed a good relationship
He was one of her favorite brothers.

He and my dear Auntie Emm
Were always so nice to me,
Uncle Jim was my ideal
He was as kind as he could be.

There is often some hero worship
Among the relatives you know,
When gladness and kindness is scattered
Love just seems to grow.

We had a lot of get-togethers
With the siblings of my Mother,
And I was always very proud
That Uncle Jim was my Mom's brother.
        Nona Hansen Baker

33            Auntie Emm

Auntie Emm was such a lady
Or so it seemed to me,
She commanded my attention
Wherever we would be.

My Uncle loved her dearly
We all loved her too,
She always seemed to excel
In all she sought to do.

I watched in admiration
Though before my life is through,
I hope that I can become
A lady just like you.
          Nona Hansen Baker

34            Uncle David

Uncle Dave worked in an office
He seemed such a brilliant soul,
To me, he was very outstanding
He seemed to have attained his goal.

Sometimes, while working he would stop by
Just to say "Hello" to my Mother,
He was going to Ogden on business
He seemed such a wonderful brother.

I asked him one summer if I could go
On this business trip just for the ride,
I think I really wanted to go
Just to sit by his side.

He said, "If you go, you must obey
When I say stay, then stay where you are.
I'll take you sometimes if you do as I say"
So I always stayed in the car.

This was a family I really loved
Aunt Birdie was a favorite you see,
All of my Uncles were favorites
Uncle Dave was most favored by me.
          Nona Hansen Baker

35            Aunt Birdie

Aunt Birdie was a beauty
Uncle David was so proud
To be with her for she seemed
To stand out in a crowd.

Her loveliness came from within
So gentle was her touch,
She radiated beauty
I loved her very much.

She made me feel important
She seemed to magnify my worth,
In my childish way of thinking
She was an angel here on earth.
          Nona Hansen Baker

36            Howard and Siblings

Howard was one to look up to
Or, at least he appeared to be,
I thought he was exceptional
A favored cousin to me.

He was my Uncle Dave's oldest
He always seemed so neat,
His two brothers and a sister
Just made their family complete.

I really enjoyed their company
It was a really good place to go,
My Uncle and Aunt were super
Some of the best I know.

Howard, Norman and Lindy
There was also Betty Lou,
In childhood, your names spelled happiness
To remember my whole life through.
               Nona Hansen Baker

37            Betty Lou

She was a lovely brown-eyed blonde
A beautiful child to see,
She was loving, kind and thoughtful
She was a cousin to me.

She was a little younger than I
But always joined in the games,
She often smiled, I loved her so
Betty Lou Dean was her name.

We talked often sharing our dreams
Each of us became a wife and mother,
We will be friends all our lives
We promised one another.

The years have gone by quickly
Our visits are limited to few,
But I am thankful that I had
A friend and cousin like you.
            Nona Hansen Baker

38            Aunt Amy Jane

I think I knew you most of all
The aunts that came to be,
For you did exemplify
An aunties love for me.

Uncle Will, you and Lizzie
Came often to our place,
You always brought the dinner
Which brought smiles upon my face.

And as the years hurried on
And you came to be alone,
For every holiday we would have
You visiting our home.

My children came to love you
And looked forward to the day,
Aunt Amy would be coming
For a little while to stay.

You are so well remembered
With loving thoughts and too,
We are blessed indeed to have had
A wonderful aunt like you.
                 Nona Hansen Baker

39            Dallas Dean

Dallas Dean was one of my cousins
What a wonderful woman was she,
We never knew each other growing up
When older, she was a friend to me.

We would often meet at the antique fair
She would go there to buy or sell,
We would talk a lot to reminisce
We got to know each other quite well.

We talked of our husbands and family
Of our siblings, our father and mother,
We shared many hopes and dreams
Enjoyed being with each other.

Dallas was a beautiful woman
She was kind and gracious and true,
Dallas, I'm proud you are my friend
And that I'm a cousin to you.
                Nona Hansen Baker

40            Uncle Charlie

My Grandparents' place in Woodruff
Was a home for Uncle Charlie,
The growing season was so short
They grew but hay and barley.

That purchased fruits and vegetables
From their little country store,
They had cattle, pigs and chickens
And planned to have much more.

My Uncle drove a grader
To support this little place,
He was quite deaf but always
Wore a smile upon his face.

He and his family welcomed us
Whenever we would meet,
There was always love and happiness
Their lives there seemed complete.

Worldly things they seemed to lack
But in counting life's true worth,
What they had they had built
Their heaven here on earth.
               Nona Hansen Baker

41            The Loss

When you loose a loved one
Your whole world falls apart,
How do you pick up the pieces
Just to make a new start?

Can you live on memories alone
In the dreams of days gone by?
Can you push back the lonely hours?
At least let us give it a try.

Finding new interests always helps
Sharing the gladness you find,
There can be so much solace
In the art of just being kind.

In helping each other face a loss
You can find strength just to go on,
Preparing yourself for better days
And welcome back the dawn.

The loss never leaves, it is always there
But faith will brighten the way,
The memories of the lost loved one
Will help you to face each new day.
          Nona Hansen Baker

42            Daddy

I remembered the day that Daddy left
To answer the call on high,
I was not prepared for such a shock
I kept asking myself - why
Did Daddy have to leave
I am too young to walk alone,
Sadness and sorrow enveloped
The happy hours at home.

How can I make it without him
Without ever having him near,
How can he counsel and guide me
Now he is no longer here?
Faith crowded out lonely moments
I sought solace in our yesterdays,
His memory would abide with me
And help me through life's ways.
                   Nona Hansen Baker

43            Perfect Parents

My husband had near-perfect parents
He often told this to me,
I thought they were quite ordinary
And very kind you see
I also thought mine were near-perfect
But I never told this to Ray,
We looked up to our parents with great respect
And praised them through life's way.

We are born of goodly parents
Who will love us and guide us through,
The most difficult paths life offers
It is up to me and you
To listen and honor their judgment
'Till we are old enough to walk alone,
Among the wonderful gifts god gives us
Are goodly parents for our earthly home.
                  Nona Hansen Baker

44            Roy

Your brother called you "Big Tom"
Thomas was your middle name,
He loved you very dearly for
Your fairness in life's game.

He nurtured such loving thoughts
Of his family, friends and such,
He talked a lot about you
He loved you very much.

I think it's wonderful to have
Ideals among your brothers,
And to hold such high esteem
For a father and a mother.

Roy, I have always thought of you
As a special man and too,
I am proud that I have
A brother-in-law like you.
         Nona Hansen Baker

45            Loretta

Of all my sisters-in-law
I think I was closest to you,
We always took time to visit
Before each week was through.

We had so much in common
We could talk and plan and dream,
We really understood each other
Or at least to me it seemed.

We would go an extra mile
Giving help along the way,
We always tried to be good friends
And we still are today.
            Nona Hansen Baker

46            Eva Belle

Such a loving mother
Raising your children alone,
You created love and happiness
In your little home.

I think the Father up above
Aided you in life's test,
For as a single mother
You were one of the best.

I loved and admired you
For what you sought to do,
You had such loving parents
To help and guide you through.

And I think your courage
Helped complete each task begun,
And in raising your little family
Has been a job well done.
              Nona Hansen Baker

47            Keith

You are the youngest of the family
One of the favorites among Ray's brothers,
Because of your thoughtfulness became
Among the favorites of your Father and Mother.

You tried very hard to please each one
Seemed eager to win in life's test,
You always tried to be among
The good, the kind and the best.

You wanted a home, a faithful wife
And children, these dreams came true,
And the woman you love so dearly
Is still that wonderful wife to you.
                 Nona Hansen Baker

48            My Five Children

I have five wonderful children
Such a pleasure to watch them grow,
They shuttle loving care for me
And I really love them so.

They often give of themselves
Each is willing to share,
They let me know in every way
That they really do care.

I truly love my children
They have been very dear you see,
Now I am getting older
They want to look after me.

We have always been a close family
With little faults here and there,
We can improve relationships
Showing each other we care.

Caring is always essential
Understanding continues to grow,
And our family could really make
A heaven here below.
    Nona Hansen Baker

49            My Children

My children were stalwart souls
Given to me here on earth,
I really wanted each of you
And looked forward to your birth.

Tow little boys, then two little girls
Loving, happy and sweet,
Then another little girl
Made my family complete.

I loved and pampered each of you
Each child was special to me,
Each thought themselves a favorite
But all were favorites you see.

I have five favorites I boasted
Each different in so many ways,
There was sadness, but mostly gladness
Was scattered through your childhood days.

My darlings I do love you dearly
And I love your families too,
Yes, I have five favorite children
And one of them is you.
          Nona Hansen Baker

50            The Two Dads

My sons had two very fine dads
Who helped them in life's quest,
Each aided and supported them
Helped them seek the very best.

I taught them only of the good
These two men had to give,
Both aided them in every way
And taught them how to live.

No unpleasantness was ushered
Their memories were only the best,
I think the assurance of this love
Helped them in life's test.

No bitterness or hatred
Was ever pushed their way,
This is why these splendid sons
Are what they are today.
          Nona Hansen Baker


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