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The Journal Book of Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.
BOOK [Stick] of JUDAH

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This Journal Record of Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr., represents the reconstruction,
online, of records and correspondence had in my possession, of two former data
Journal Records, as well as over 20,000 letters of correspondence, documented
resources, (including family Bible Records [some going back over 200 years],
personal picture collections, family compiled group sheets, family mementoes
and memorials, as well as professional genealogical research materials), that
were physically removed, and access destroyed, from my home residences,
where I once resided, in the past, in Orem, Utah and West Jordan, Utah.

When I first associated with the Foxon family, in Provo, Utah, I undertook the task
of doing all of their family genealogies, both father and mother, and provided
them with a large Book of Remembrance, which I added thereto, over the years.
I do not believe they comprehended the Spirit of Elijah, or true, eternal family life,
demanding that I cease doing family history work, to remain as part of their family.
As I continued, every effort was made by them, to destroy my character and reputation.
When I connected, later on, into the Barrett family, I was involved in genealogical
and family history research professionally, becoming established as a self-employed
consultant. Nevertheless, I was hindered at every turn, including being denied an
accredited genealogist credential, by the Family History Library, even though having
been told, I had obtained the highest score ever gotten in LDS research, on the tests
I took at the Family History Library. My attempt to engage full time, in doing research,
became the "last straw", and again, my character, reputation and records were lost.
A full page BYU student newspaper publication of my business, was also disparaged,
even though my credentials were listed in Who's Who in Genealogy & Heraldry.

My 26 standards I attempt to follow, for my personal character development. are:
(1) In religious affairs, the 13 Articles of Faith, by the Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.,
of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - compare [D & C 121: 41-46]; and,
(2) In civil matters, the 13 Virtues, by American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin.
Temple Work for the Founding Fathers  President Wilford Woodruff stated:
"I am going to bear my testimony to this assembly, if I never do it again in my life,
that those men who laid the foundation of this American government and signed
the Declaration of Independence were the best spirits the God of heaven could find
on the face of the earth. "
I believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, & in the Holy Ghost.
I believe that men will be punished for their own sins, & not for Adam’s transgression.
I believe that through the Atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved,
by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel.
I believe that the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel are: first, Faith
in the Lord Jesus Christ; second, Repentance; third, Baptism by immersion
for the remission of sins; fourth, Laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost.
I believe that a man must be called of God, by prophecy, and by the laying
on of hands by those who are in authority, to preach the Gospel
and administer in the ordinances thereof.
I believe in the same organization that existed in the Primitive Church,
namely, apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and so forth.

I believe
in the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, healing,
interpretation of tongues, and so forth

I believe
the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly;
I also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.

I believe
all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, & I believe that He
will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God.

I believe
in the literal gathering of Israel and in the restoration of the Ten Tribes;
that Zion (the New Jerusalem) will be built upon the American continent;
that Christ will reign personally upon the earth; and, that the earth
will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory.

I claim
the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates
of my own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege,
let them worship how, where, or what they may.

I believe
in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates,
in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.

I believe
in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good
to all men; indeed, I may say that I follow the admonition of Paul---------I believe
all things, I hope all things, I have endured many things, and hope to be able
to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report
or praiseworthy, I seek after these things.
Temperance. Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation. [Word of Wisdom]
Silence. Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself;
avoid trifling conversation.
Order. Let all your things have their places;
let each part of your business have its time.
Resolution. Resolve to perform what you ought;
perform without fail what you resolve.
Frugality. Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself;
i.e., waste nothing.
Industry. Lose no time; be always employ'd in something useful;
cut off all unnecessary actions.
Sincerity. Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly,
and, if you speak, speak accordingly.
Justice. Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty.
Moderation. Avoid extremes;
forbear resenting injuries so much as you think they deserve.
Cleanliness. Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, cloaths, or habitation.
Tranqulility. Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable.
Chastity. Rarely use venery but for health or offspring, never to dullness,
weakness, or the injury of your own or another's peace or reputation. [Hosea]
[Research Note: The Ministry of Hosea: A Call to Faithfulness (Hosea)
This defective LDS student manual misses the mark, as the command of God,
which Hosea received directly from Jehovah, Hosea did obey; which sacrifice
gave to him, the right to have his calling and election made sure and sealed.
"if a man would attain-- he must sacrifice all to attain to the keys of the kingdom
of an endless life" . . . "For any person to have the fullness of that priesthood, he
must be a king and priest" . . . "As high and important to the Church as the offices
of prophet, apostle and patriarch are, nevertheless, these highest ecclesiastical
ordinations do not confer the authority of Elijah, the sealing power of the priesthood,
or the power of a king and priest" . . . Reference: 27 August 1843 (Sunday Morning).]
Our United States of America Founding Fathers worthily received eternal lives.
Humility. Imitate Jesus and Socrates (in his pursuit of virtue).

This is an incomplete record, since from about the age of 15, I had kept
an exacting Journal Record of all of my affairs. This record presents historical
perspective, through connections with the beginning years of administration,
for leaders of State Government, the Federal Government of the United States
of America, and the Presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
PDF - Hazel Kathleen Green Tinney History - FamilySearch.org

Prentice Tinney [later: Prentice "Thomas" Tinney, married 14 Mar 1928,
Newport, Campbell, Kentucky, USA; Spouse of Hazel Kathleen Greene.

These are the parents of Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.. Prior to their marriage,
Prentice "Thomas" Tinney was in the U.S. Navy. He had a great love for
Shakespeare, which was initially acquired while attending an Opera while
on leave in New York City. Dad could quote Shakespeare profusely and loved
to do so, whenever appropriate. In 1928, Prentice was in Civil Service,
Signal Corp, as Radio Operator, Fairfield Air Depot, near Dayton, Ohio.
Story - Memories of my Grandfather - FamilySearch.org [Research Note:
(Lane Alan Steel says: Later when he moved to Rancho Cordova, California
we went to visit him a couple of times. His apartment was right down near
the beach and I remember walking on the beach with him picking up starfish
and collecting seashells and sand dollars.) This is an incorrect memory, as
Rancho Cordova, California is east of Sacramento, California. My father,
whom I visited later on in life, once lived in
Hermosa Beach, California; his
residence was in walking distance from the Pacific Ocean, as I do remember.]

My sister, Sharon Lou Tinney
, was born 13 Mar 1938, Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio.
The family was living at 16 Bidleman Street, Dayton, Ohio, at the time of her birth
into the world. My father,
Prentice then moved his growing family to a little farm,
just outside the town of
Waynesville, Warren County, Ohio, on Route #73. This farm
had twenty-five [25] acres of land, a two story comfortable home, with furnace,
electricity, bathroom facilities and an additional structure: a barn for the horses
and cows. My father Prentice raised chickens and sold eggs on the side. The family
had two cows while living here. "
Prim"  basically did the milking because Mom
was scared to death of cows. There were 15 big trees on the place and some fruit trees.
From the U.S. 1940 Census record; residence:
State Route 73, Clearcreek Township,
Warren County, Ohio. The Springboro, Lebanon, and Waynesville post offices serve
the township and it lies in the Franklin, Lebanon, Waynesville, Miamisburg
and Centerville telephone exchanges. Census record states
"Clear Creek", Warren, Ohio.
Head: Prentice Tinney, age 34, born 1906, in Kentucky, male, white
Wife: Hazel K. Tinney, age 39, born 1901, in Ohio, female, white
Son: Prentice E. Tinney, age 11, born 1929, in Ohio, male, white
Daughter: Marilyn J. Tinney, age 9, born 1931, in Ohio, female, white
Son: Norman K. Tinney, age 8, born 1932, in Ohio, male, white
Son: Nelson K. Tinney, age 5, born 1935, in Ohio, male, white
Daughter: Sharon L. Tinney, age 2, born 1938, in Ohio, female, white
Son: Charles E. Tinney, age 2/12, born 1940, in Ohio, male, white

Year 1941
I, Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr., was born at Waynesville, Warren County, Ohio, USA,
on the living room couch, on the farm; present were my mother and my grandmother,
Mary Elizabeth (Thompson) Greene, who assisted in the birth. I understand that  my
given name: "Thomas", as far as my father's name goes, is a portion of his name
that was acquired by him, or used by him, when he joined the Catholic Church,
and that prior to that time he was known only by the name of Prentice Tinney.
[His middle name, Thomas, was given to him as his Saint’s name when he joined
the Catholic Church later in his life]; nevertheless, he told me he chose Thomas,
in remembrance of the fact that my name was Thomas; so he chose St. Thomas.
I was named Thomas Milton Tinney, with Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr. added, in
the naming of my son Thomas Milton Tinney, Jr., by Vicki Ray Chris (Baker) Tinney.
Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr., was told by his mother Hazel, that he was named
at birth "Thomas Milton", in honor of his grand uncle,
Thomas Milton Greene.
1940 Census) Mom stated I was born to take care of her in her old age,
which honor actually fell to my brother, Charles Evan Tinney.


Charles and Tom Tinney were born at home with the help of Dr. Mary L. Cook,
[Dr. Mary Leah Cook: Day] a lady in her 70's, and their grandmother,
Mary Elizabeth (Thompson) Greene. Dad says he also
helped in the births
with the administration of chloroform and actual labor. In A.D. 1941, my Dad
was Aircraft Radio Lab worker - Assistant Radio Engineer. Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.,
born 10 August 1941 at 7:00 a.m., on his father's home farm residence, Rural Route #2,

Waynesville, Wayne Township, Warren County Ohio, USA. [
son and 7th living child of:
Prentice "Thomas" Tinney (Radio Operator) and his wife Hazel Kathleen Greene
(Housewife). Physician attending: Mary L. Cook; filed 13 August 1941.

My father, Prentice "Thomas" Tinney remembered when he was in the Signal Corp,
he worked the airship "Hindenburg" in the early 1930's.  Things were different then.
As planes or airships traveled across the country, the communication was from airport
to airport, or region to region. My father told me he was notified during the time when
[The German zeppelin "
Hindenburg" burst into flames while preparing to dock at
Lakehurst, New Jersey, on 06 May 1937. It fell to the ground killing all thirty-five
passengers and crew aboard and one additional crew member on the ground.] 
Dad worked at Wright Field as Radio Operator - remote operator keyed to Fairfield.
Radio operator - military air flights and weather reports conveyed to pilots.
When I was just about three months old, WWII began. [
The attack on Pearl Harbor
was a surprise military strike by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service against
the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Territory, on the morning
of December 7, 1941. The attack, also known as the Battle of Pearl Harbor,
led to the United States' entry into World War II.
] Dad was not called up to active
military duty as his civilian status was too important to the defense of America.

In my memory, I have a picture of myself sitting in a little baby chair - a picture
which I once had in my possession. I have no recollection of the home / farm
at Waynesville, Ohio, save that which I saw in pictures my mother had of my oldest
brother Prentice Tinney, showing him with birds, pigeons, (as I remember),
which he greatly loved. My mother told me that it was a very much liked home
and she always regretted not staying there to live. My mother said I had a very
difficult early childhood and that I almost died from lung and throat congestion.
Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat) was President of the United States of America
Heber J. Grant was President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
John W. Bricker (Republican) was Governor of Ohio

Year 1942:
In A.D. 1942, my Dad, Prentice was a Radio Engineer. The family moved back
to Bidleman Street, in Dayton, Ohio, at this time. One more child was conceived
after I, Tommy was born in 1941, but it was lost by a miscarriage due to the poor
health Mom was enduring. By A.D. 1944, Dad had become a Senior Radio Engineer;
flying electromagnetic interference control.

Year 1943:
My oldest brother, Prentice Elliott Tinney, first son of Prentice "Thomas" Tinney
and Hazel Kathleen Greene, was born
01 Jan 1929, at Fairfield, Greene County, Ohio,
USA; died unmarried 30 Dec 1943, Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. He loved birds.
His occupation at time of death was "Scholar". Prentice Elliott Tinney was the newest
baby for that year in the area. The family received many gifts from local merchants
and this occasion was noted in the local newspaper. This included about three months
of coal and about $300 worth of goods.  [He was LDS baptized after his death
on 08 Dec 1945; LDS endowed 09 Oct 1951.]
 I do not remember him at all. No grave
marker was initially placed on his tomb or resting place, but I remember my father
saying he later went back to Waynesville, Ohio and placed one over
his grave. [Prentice Tinney (Unknown-1943) - Find A Grave Memorial]

My mother greatly loved her first child Prentice Elliott and was never to forget
his untimely death. She always prayed to God that she would die before she would
ever see any of her other children pass away. I remember my mother Hazel telling
me he died from over-exposure and pneumonia. He was in an old fashioned oxygen
tent and Mom remembered his terror of the noise of the machine as he died. She saw
his feet become cold and blue and the death process working up his legs. My mother
always felt her first born son Prentice Elliott Tinney would have led a good life
and would not have died if he could have been administered penicillin. It was denied
and not available because of World War II. The doctor could not obtain it because it
was being given first to the troops on the front lines of battle. So, our family gave a life
for the war effort. He is buried, at
Miami Cemetery Corwin, Warren County, Ohio;
incorrectly transcribed 1829. It should be (1929) - 1943. Miami Gazette, Waynesville, Ohio,
Thursday, January 6, 1944. Ninety-fourth year. Whole Number 4141: "Services Here
For Dayton Youth Saturday. Prentice Tinney, Jr., who would have been 15 years old
the day he was buried, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Prentice Tinney, Sr.,
of 16 Bidleman Street, Dayton, died Thursday evening, December 30,
at the St. Elizabeth Hospital, after an illness of five days. His family formerly lived here.
He is survived by the parents, two sisters, Marilyn and Sharon, and four brothers,
Norman, Nelson, Charles and Thomas, all at home. He is also survived by his two
grandmothers, Mrs. Mary Rector, Xenia, and Mrs. Nettie Tinney of Corwin.
Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon, January 1,
at the McClure Funeral Home, with burial in Miami Cemetery.
Rev. L. C. Radley of the Methodist Church, officiated.”

“My Dear Mr. & Mrs. Tinney, Unfortunately, I did not know of the passing of your son
and our little friend until I returned to school a short time ago. I am the sophomore
class (his class) adviser. The class is large and I do not meet many of the pupils
personally; however, we all knew Prentice-he was always smiling, always friendly
and courteous. I know you miss him at every turn. I know his brothers and sisters
must be lost without him in their play. So do we miss him at school, but we feel
fortunate to have had him for a little while at least. He has given Wilbur Wright High
School something very valuable-a fine personality, a loyalty to his school,
and a keen interest in athletics. These things we shall remember. His class,
as well as the entire school, joins me in expressing a very deep and sincere sympathy.
Sincerely, Sue Snorf”; official in the Wilbur Wright High School, Dayton, Ohio,
HAZEL KATHLEEN GREENE TINNEY HISTORY BOOK  pg 37 (incorrect: not around 1954)

Year 1944:
Wilbur Wright High School paper, dated Friday, January 14, 1944; Vol. 4, #5:
“Prentice Tinney Taken By Death On Birthday. [Incorrect: 30 December 1943]
The faculty and student body wish to extend their deepest sympathy to the family
of Prentice Tinney, sophomore, who passed away [two days before] January 1,
on his fifteenth birthday. He was active in the school cafeteria. Prentice also won
first prize in freshman pole vaulting last year. (Was loved by one of the cooks
who cried at his death-great mind, but got bad grades because he didn‘t try-
a great runner.) In memoriam: In Memory of Prentice Tinney. Birthplace:
Fairfield, Ohio, January 1, 1929  Departed this life: December 30, 1943,
St. Elizabeth Hospital, Dayton, Ohio. Age: 14 years, 11 months, 29 days.
Interment: Miami Cemetery, Lot 39, M Section, January 1, 1944, Waynesville, Ohio.
Services: McClure Funeral Home, Waynesville, Ohio; 2 p.m., January 1, 1944.”

By A.D. 1944, Dad had become a Senior Radio Engineer; flying electromagnetic
interference control. I was blessed, and recorded into The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints, on Sunday, 20 Aug 1944, by Joseph McRae. I was three years old
at the time and remember nothing of the event. This was while I lived in Ohio.
[Record originally made up, by Great Lakes Dayton Branch - Central Ohio]
[LDS Ward Membership Records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]

Year 1945:
I do remember my mother telling me of the great street dancing and celebrations
held when the war with Germany was over. [On May 7, 1945, Germany signed
an unconditional surrender at Allied headquarters in Reims, France, to take effect
the following day, ending the European conflict of World War II. The surrender
was made official the following day with a signing at a formal ceremony. May 8
was declared Victory-in-Europe (V-E) Day, a day still celebrated as a public holiday
in some European countries. (By
The Learning Network, New York Times)]
Harry S. Truman (Democrat) was President of the United States of America
George Albert Smith was President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Frank Lausche (Democrat) was Governor of Ohio

Year 1946
I remember as a child, the joy of having my mother read me Uncle Arthur's
bedtime stories. [Arthur Maxwell was known affectionately around the world
as "Uncle Arthur." Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories were born in 1924
as the young father told them to little Maureen and Graham to put them to sleep
at night. The Stanborough Press reluctantly consented to print a limited edition
of 5,000. But the stories proved successful beyond even Uncle Arthur's wildest dreams.
Total distribution now approaches 35 million copies, and the initial volume
has been succeeded by many more. On November 6, (1970) one week before his death,
he completed Volume 48.] Collected short stories illustrating principles of Christianity.


Year 1947
Earliest memories of my childhood are tied up with emotional experiences,
such as recognizing as a little child, in the summertime, (being allowed to wear only
a diaper or white underpants outside), when it was hot, the feeling of embarrassment.
There was a "commons" in the back of our home and we used to play baseball
and other hide-and-seek games. I remember helping mom during a dry spell to cart
water in large tubs up the old hill and alley to a garden she had gotten permission
to plant there. I can still see us trying to steady the red wagon so the water would
not fall out. Also, the efforts we spent in clearing the place, the hornet's nest we got
into and the stings; the effort at trying to burn a tree stump. The Commons was hilly
and the stone retainer wall in the back was filled with dirt by mom and she put moss
and other flowers in it to beautify, as she could, the back yard area. Once I ate a lot
of cucumbers that Mom had placed in a vinegar concoction, which upset my stomach.
I was taken to the hospital with a high fever, and had the car window down to cool
me off. When I was being examined, I was prepared for the removal of my appendix,
until they asked me if I had eaten anything. Because my temperature was cooled
down and there was a delay in the operating procedure, I was saved from the knife.

Thomas J. Herbert (Republican) was Governor of Ohio

Year 1948:
My mother obtained a civil divorce from her second husband, Prentice Thomas Tinney,
on 20 Dec 1948. I was completely overcome with grief and sorrow by this tragedy. I can
still remember the front living room parlor, off limits to children, and only for guests,
where I laid down to rest on a couch; where I stayed to recover from my deep remorse.
Of one thing I am certain, though Mom had plenty of imperfections and made errors
in life, as we all do, (except for Jesus Christ), I have never known anything personally -
in her heart and mind, to be anything less than being someone totally dedicated
to living the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, at all times; similar to faithful
General Authorities I have known in my lifetime. The Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.
has been declared to have done, in the 135th Section of the Doctrine and Covenants,
"more, save Jesus only, for the salvation of men in this world, than any other man
that ever lived in it." Yet, in that same record, he was chastised by Jesus Christ.
Joseph Smith, Jr. confessed: “Although I do wrong, I do not the wrongs that I am
charged with doing: the wrong that I do is through the frailty of human nature,
like other men. No man lives without fault. Do you think that even Jesus, if He
were here, would be without fault in your eyes? His enemies said all manner
of evil against Him—they all watched for iniquity in Him.” Nevertheless, Joseph
further stated: "You don’t know me; you never knew my heart. No man knows
my history. I cannot tell it: I shall never undertake it. I don’t blame any one
for not believing my history. If I had not experienced what I have, I would not
have believed it myself. I never did harm any man since I was born in the world.
My voice is always for peace." My mother was harmless and always for peace.
I know that when Joseph Smith, Jr., jumped "from the window, at Carthage jail,
and was shot dead in the attempt, exclaiming: O Lord my God!", he gave his life
to preserve the lives of his remaining brethren, still within the jail, just like Jesus
exposed himself to the unruly mob, to save the lives of the apostles in his day.
The Savior and Joseph Smith—Alike Yet Unlike - Francis M. Gibbons

Year 1949:
I remember seeing a picture of me on a horse, which my mother had taken of me,
when I was a child on 16 Bidleman Street, in Dayton, Ohio. I remember playing
with a yo-yo in front of the local grocery store, and watching others do tricks. Also,
going down two blocks to another grocery store and reading lots of comic books
and trading them at the store. [I was raised in a family tradition where children were
to be seen, but not heard, such as that which I have observed among Asiatic cultures.
I was to speak, but only when spoken to, as adults were the authority figures. Thus,
I had to ask permission to talk to my own mom, and only with her consent and on her
schedule. So, when I began to attempt to learn how to read, in the beginning, I had
to ask questions, at home. My parents both did read the local papers at home, and I
would catch their words spoken, and then try to make sense out of the paragraphs.
I didn't get much help, as I was the youngest one in the family. Nevertheless, all of
my brothers and sisters liked the Sunday comic sections, which were family clean.
So I could "see" the story and ask what was in the
comic word captions, which my
siblings condescended to tell me.] Going with my mother to get groceries at the local
store was fun. I remember when we had to smoke out a squirrel's nest which had
been built into the wood siding of our house. My brother Charles and I built a play
house in the back yard on a cement slab of cement. We also built a tree-house of
sorts and had a small swing on the tree in the back yard. When television came into
the neighborhood, as children, scared, but tremendously inquisitive, we visited one
of our neighbor's front yard, and hid in the bushes, peaking through a front window,
to see for ourselves, the new wonder of the world. Another Bidleman neighbor had
player piano and I loved to go there sometimes and listen to the pneumatic music.

We had a cistern in our back yard in which water was saved and used to wash hair,
etc. I remember going Halloween trick-or-treating and how delighted I was to get
a sack or two of goodies. Mom would let us eat some and then it was to be our:
"Two month stock of goodies." I remember our house had a small basement for fruit
and remember a hornet building a nest - I mean a mud wasp, and the life and death
struggle it had with a spider. I remember one day running out the front door and off
the porch, right into a giant spider net, a large yellow garden spider had built across
the porch posts. That scared the life out of me! I remember running away from home
with my brother Charles and seeing all the exciting sights - like where the end of the
bus line went; how scared we became when it got dark and how we called home
to mom to come and get us - and of course the big licking we got on our return home.
I remember the time when our refrigerator, which was gas, broke and we had to leave
the house and go to a neighbor's place to sleep at night. I remember selling lemonade
on the corner; building dams in the streams of water near the house; playing baseball
as a child and flying kites up at Lincoln Junior High School where I went to school
for the first eight grades of schooling. During some summers I attended Bible School
in non-LDS Churches, as my mother did not know the location of the LDS Church,
or LDS branch meeting house. I remember as a child going to skating rinks,
which was fun, as well as some local movie matinees.

My father, Prentice "Thomas" Tinney, married second,
18 Feb 1949,
Los Angeles County, California, Ethel Helen (Gebele} Tester, the daughter of:
Michael Sylvorus (Sylvirins) Gebele and Rose Celesta Hammon (Hamman).
His second marriage is also officially listed as occurring
18 June 1949.
Frank Lausche (Democrat) was Governor of Ohio

Year 1950:
I, Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr., was baptized, with Charles: 15 July 1950, on Saturday,
by Robert Walborn, of the Dayton branch, in a small creek out in the countryside,
(Mad River) in the vicinity of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. I remember the water
was cold when I was baptized. I remember the grass by the side of the creek and that
there was a small footpath across the creek from which the creek widened out a few
feet and the water was there deep enough for baptism. I remember this because one
of the boys was dressed in white and "took a swim" in the water, for which he
was rebuked by the priesthood and told it was too sacred an occasion for such playing.
I was confirmed with my brother Charles: 16 July 1950, on Sunday, by Douglas J. Harvey
[LDS Ward Membership Records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]

I remember enjoying my school life at Lincoln Junior High School, quite a lot,
and remember a music teacher by the name of Miss Chard, and the time when
my voice was changing from high to low. I played in the school plays and also had
an opportunity to act in some plays, even participating in a refined affair for the City,
put on at the University of Dayton. My grades were usually good. I can remember
trying to sew and cook in a homemaking class at Lincoln- it was hard for me.
I remember the halls in a childlike way- the lockers and the time I went to get
an operation for my nose for polyps and the kids all questioning me about it.
[I have had a lifetime struggle with constant return of nasal polyps and related
medical treatments.] I remember even the first day of school and how scared I was
and how Sharon, my sister, had to drag me to school and my screaming and kicking.
I remember playing with clay and reading as a child in class. I can even remember
when I was asked in a reading circle to trade chairs, as we would move around
in a circle as our turn came, and my playing I was sitting on an invisible chair,
which made all the other little children laugh. I remember the semi-baldheaded
Principal, Mr. Goodrich, whom I greatly admired and respected as a child. Every
morning there was the pledge to the flag and prayer was allowed in school, and
the Bible was part of the curriculum. There were green blackboards, chalk writing
sticks and erasers, periodic report cards and grading on behavior and scholarship.
I remember the Miami River and walking down the banks- I loved water and to build
dams in small streams. I also remember flying kites on the hill of the local school,
and roaming through the small wooded area nearby, and climbing trees and getting
mulberries off of some of the trees. I liked most of my school teachers and used to,
when young, stay after class and erase the boards at the end of the school day.
I can also remember participating in flash card games.

[Lincoln Junior High School had a auditorium and gymnasium, an inner courtyard,
a Fall Festival fundraiser, that I remember attending, in back of the school, with rides
for children, games, some food, and prizes. I once bought some nice glass settings
for Mom to use, and she kept them for years. The school was at the top of a steep hill
on Nassau Street, with a dug out flat surface for ball fields, surrounded by a stone wall
built to secure the hilltop near the ball fields. There was a chain link fence near
the balls fields that I tried to scale, and cut my right hand between my four fingers,
for which I obtained a lifetime scar. I remember the Jewish lady who was my home
room teacher and how I took an art class and she let me draw designs and put them
within the classroom- pictures I had drawn- to cover the windows. I remember my
English teacher, Mrs. Markus. The school, as I remember, was square, with a central
cement court, and I remember as a child, attending a school dance there. I remember
playing games in the school gym and the fun I had playing kick-ball. I can remember
the feeling I had at different graduating times, from grade to grade, and the feeling
of growing up and going to the upper grade levels. I can remember being made
to make paper chains when I goofed off.] I remember taking baths in big tubs
in the kitchen and sleeping upstairs and the heavy blankets to keep the cold out,
as we had poor home heating. We had a coal stove in the front central room
and a parlor room to the front of that. I can remember being sick one summer
and Mom giving me the special opportunity to sleep on the parlor couch.
I remember my mother giving small amounts of money for good grades at school
and deducting amounts when we got less that a "C". She would even pay us
a penny or two for each "A", or satisfactory grade we got in our workbooks,
and so the final day of school, when the "teachers let the monkeys out",
was something to look forward to. I also will always appreciate my mother
making a special small cake for every child on their birthday, so that their
birthday was special; also, she tried to give $3.00, or so, on every birthday,
which made it a really special event.

I remember Marilyn bringing a TV home and how we had the opportunity
to watch "Uncle Miltie" or
Milton Berle, and how I would hurry and take my
bath, so that I could watch TV. Marilyn started to date Doug Purdon, when we
lived in the Bidleman Street home, and I remember bugging them for a quarter,
so they could be alone on the couch in the old parlor. Marilyn tried to prepare
for marriage, by going to the grocery store and buying the best of food, and we
the family, got to try out all of her good cooking, which I thought was excellent.
Marilyn had difficulty trying to learn how to drive a car, and I can remember
the burning emergency brake, on one occasion, as she tried to go up the hill
on Wayne Avenue, after stopping at a red light. I can remember accompanying
her down the street, on Wayne Avenue, at night, as a police type protection,
when she went out to get donuts, etc. I used to, at times, roller skate to school,
at Lincoln Junior High School, due to the distance it was now. I was a guard
patrol member before this time, as some school cross-walks were dangerous.
I can remember playing marbles as a child on the school grounds and going
to the Library during the summers to get books. I never cared for horse stories.
The school library was well kept, as it was actually a neighborhood branch
of the Dayton - Montgomery County Public Library System. I played summer
baseball and was once on the Pee Wee League. Around this time period,
my brother Charles and I, participated for a short time on a Dry Cleaner Route.
One of my teachers in school, that I liked very much; I took my bike and rode
around Dayton until I found her home and visited with her there. I got the bike
at the Dayton Police Auction- I believe for $8.00- all others sold for more,
but the people kindly stopped bidding so I could have the bicycle.

Year 1951
On 30 Jan 1951, my sister, Marilyn Jean Tinney married Douglas Grant Purdon.
We were at that time living in a large two story home with bricked in basement
at 1420 Wayne Avenue in Dayton, Ohio. She was a good old home and we had
two apartments in the back and mom ran a cleaner establishment in the front
and also held a job as telephone answering service for a local firm. I remember
helping to move items into the new home from 16 Bidleman street and trying to
clean up the place. I remember putting a large can into the back yard where we,
Charles and I tried to keep frogs. The house next door had a garage in the back
and one could run over the roof, and I remember the fun of running around all
the ins and outs of the alleyways in the neighborhood. Michelle Gabrielle Tinney:
[One hot summer afternoon, my father . . . went with one of his adventuresome
brothers to a large spooky graveyard. In this local city cemetery (Woodland), full
of the prominently deceased of the region, there was a gorgeous duck pond,
with a cute little island in the middle. The ducks, being practical, wished to avoid
curious, little boys, by swimming to the middle. My dad pointed that out to his brother
(Charles), as he ran full speed towards them, without successfully catching them.
Checking around the cemetery, my dad's brother saw a pile of debris, left from burial
work, and decided to resolve the problem by constructing a raft to float to the center
of the pond. As soon as the wood was bound together with ropes and properly
christened, my dad and his brother got their "boat" as close as they could to the pond.
There his brother asked, "Can you help me get this thing into the water and give me
a push?" My dad said that he would, as he couldn't swim himself and was afraid
of the security guard; and so he did it. But, before that, they took off their shoes
and socks so they wouldn't get dirty or wet. They didn't want their Mom, back home,
to find out about their escapades. About the time dad's brother was floated half way
to the center of the pond, my father heard a rumbling sound of the caretaker coming
over the hill, (from the other side of the large cemetery), and warned his brother.
Suddenly a rusty old truck popped up, coming directly down the hill. My dad started
screaming, "The Grave Yard Caretaker's Coming!" At the same time, my dad started
pulling so frantically that his brother fell off of the raft and into the pond. My uncle
got completely soaked. Scared, my dad pushed the raft back towards his brother,
and he grabbed onto the edge of the raft, and my dad pulled him back to the shore.
When his brother was within reach of the land, he and my father were within range
of the angry caretaker. They both tried to high tail it home, but forgot their shoes
and socks in the process. My dad ran into a beehive trying to take a shortcut,
by climbing over the fence, and got stung in the process. His brother was chased
by the guard and was so scared that he began to laugh. The caretaker got mad,
and he had to run clear through the whole cemetery to avoid contact. But it was
of no use in the end. When the security guard found out he couldn't catch my uncle,
he just went back to the pond area and took possession of the "remains" they had
left behind in their haste. When they got home, grandmother thought everything
was "cool", until later in the day, when two little boys couldn't come up
with a reason for why their shoes were lost and why they couldn't get them back.
The Truth came out. They were properly punished for playing in the sacred cemetery
and for leaving their footwear at the graveyard.]
HAZEL KATHLEEN GREENE TINNEY HISTORY BOOK  pg 37 (incorrect: around 1954)
David O. McKay was President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Year 1952
I remember as kids we had rotating cleaning assignments in the house.
In the front of the house; going upstairs, there was the upstairs bathroom,
and I seem to remember at least two bedrooms upstairs, with grandma
in the front bedroom with access to the upstairs front porch, which I remember
as being not in excellent condition. I remember receiving food and gifts - a watch -
for Christmas - from the school we attended,
Lincoln Junior High School,
because of our family's poverty. I guess it was a type of sub for Santa program,
which we greatly appreciated.
  My [Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.] first contact
with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints, that I can remember,
was at Dayton, Ohio, USA. I distinctly remember attending
primary, because
of the fun in taking the local bus across town to make meetings. I remember
Ward Teachers visiting our home located at 1420 Wayne Avenue.
I was also sent to local Protestant Churches and received summer Bible 
classes from them. This was because
my mother wanted me to have 
"religion", and she at first, could not locate or obtain access to
the local 
Mormon branch of the Church. I also on my own visited the local Catholic 
and studied diligently as a child all religions. One of the main 
reasons our family moved to
Utah when I was in my teen years was because 
Mom wanted to have her children raised up at
the center place of the 
LDS Church.
 Mom was dedicated to living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
She became a member of the Deseret Book Club while in Utah and filled 
the home with truth. I remember being invited and interviewed to join
Westminster Presbyterian Church Choir, in Dayton, Ohio. Untrained voices
were turned into a professional ensemble of national and international fame.
I went out in the neighborhood to sell Christmas items, to raise my funds,
in cold, soggy winter weather, but did not succeed, and abandoned my hope
to travel to distant areas, as choir members had to be self sufficient, to attend.
PDF - Hazel Kathleen Green Tinney History - FamilySearch.org [Research Note:
This document incorrectly states: (Grandma loved to sit on the upstairs back
porch and watch the cars go by. Cars fascinated her) As seen in the house photo,
the upstairs porch was at the front of the house, facing Wayne Avenue. I know,
because I used to go up and visit her there and view different car license plates.]

Year 1953
My brother Nelson was in a way a substitute father. I remember my older brothers
bought me Christmas presents on Wayne Avenue.
I remember steam pipes to warm us,
(used to attach and extend old time antenna wires to, and pick up reception from local
ham radio operators, or listen to baseball games of Cincinnati Redlegs).
he Cincinnati Reds officially changed their name to Redlegs in April 1953 because
they didn't want to be associated with the Red Scare. An Associated Press article
from April 9, 1953, reports that Cincinnati general manager Gabe Paul preferred
that the team be called the Redlegs, although the article admitted it would be
difficult for fans and writers to change their habits. Still, from 1953 to 1959,
the team was officially known as the Redlegs. I was an interested follower of slugger
Ted Kluszewski. "He spent his first 11 seasons with the Cincinnati Reds and had his
most productive years from 1953 through 1956, when he put together home run totals
of 40, 49, 47 and 35. In each of those years he also drove in at least 100 runs,
including a league-leading 141 runs batted in 1954."
Ted Kluszewski, 63, a Leading Home Run Hitter - NYTimes.com
#TBT: When the Reds became Redlegs

When we lived on Wayne Avenue, I had a newspaper route and delivered to over 100
customers. I can still remember the cold winter days, with the Sunday edition of the
Dayton Newspaper in my bike holders, walking down the alley ways, because it was
too hard to pump the bicycle. I also at this time got a job hawking the Morning Edition
of the Dayton newspaper, at a corner across from the
Dayton State Hospital, a main
traffic route for the men and women going to the
National Cash Register Company.
I remember that my greatest sale day was when two famous traitors, Julius Rosenberg
and Ethel Rosenberg, United States citizens, were executed on June 19, 1953,
after being convicted of committing top secret espionage for the Soviet Union.
A girl by the name of Darlene, so my mother told me, joined the Church, because she
cared for me. I went to her birthday party, but she mostly visited with mom at our house,
because I didn't care for girls at this stage of my life. I, Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.,
was confirmed a
Deacon: 22 Nov 1953, on Sunday, by Douglas J. Harvey.
[LDS Ward Membership Records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]
Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican) was President of the United States of America

Year 1954
Our house was fueled by a basement furnace, with a coal drop there. I also remember
vaguely, some heating vents, a kitchen pantry under the stairs; kitchen, where mom
would periodically allow
Hobos - Riding the Rails, passing through, to sit down on
the little back porch
and eat, outside. Front porch downstairs, cutting front lawn
and shrubs, front room a shop for used clothes provided by neighbors, and with
a commission for goods sold and fees to cover use of home as show room for goods
presented; remember mom obtaining a neon "open" sign-  cleaners; back room in front
area, mom had an office for taking phone calls for picking up dead animals and mom
making a profit on taking phone calls. Remember being spanked in the room when we
were inappropriate as kids. Hallway next to the stairs had old player piano and I believe
that is where mom taught me the little I ever learned about playing the piano.
I seem to
remember that there was a stairway that was separate and it connected to an upstairs
apartment and a downstairs apartment in the back; house was being somewhat
reconstructed; vaguely, repairing going on and walls stripped of wallpaper, etc.

Year 1955
I remember Doug Purdon (my brother-in-law), trying to take me once to see
the Cincinnati Redlegs play in Cincinnati, Ohio, but, didn't get to see the game
because we were late. I was a great Redlegs fan when young.  I once tried to bicycle
by myself, to Cincinnati, but gave up because of the length of the journey from Dayton.
I went to the LDS: Hill Cumorah Pageant, in New York State; I walked over the hillside,
and visited the
Sacred Grove and Smith Family Farm. My brother and I tried to see who
could stay awake the longest--I won because I wanted to see all the new countryside.
I, Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr., was confirmed a
Teacher: 25 Sep 1955, on Sunday,
by Albert Leadinghaus.
[LDS Ward Membership Records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]

I remember listening to the song, The Yellow Rose of Texas, by the Mitch Miller
Orchestra and Chorus. The Jonas Salk polio vaccine was developed and licensed
in 1955, and I received thereafter, a shot, as part of a mass immunization campaign,
in the United States, promoted by the March of Dimes. I seem to remember sitting
in class when the first polio cure came out, as it was a very great accomplishment,
and I can remember going down to downtown Dayton, to get shots of various kinds,
as Mom took pictures of us at that time. I remember little of my Dad, as my parents
were divorced when- young as I was- my father did not directly relate to me. I clearly
remember the great yearning I had for my father, and felt so left out of things, because
he was not home. I remember making a vow, that no matter what, I would never,
ever have a divorce and put my children through the same hell I went through.
Sadly, I married two women, LDS future wives, who did not love me, and cared
more for material things, and did not love me, or reciprocate, with the eternal love
I had for them. I remember my great joy when my father did visit us once, and my
going to the store, with my hand in his. I felt so proud to have him by my side,
even with all of his known imperfections. He was my father, and was intelligent.
In fact, "In early 1956, a group of RFI engineers in the Los Angeles area founded
an informal organization of interference experts. A steering committee was formed
to develop the aims and intent of the group. The steering committee consisted of
Prentice Tinney (
North American Aviation), Joe Tobin (AiResearch),
A. T. Parker (Stoddart Aircraft Radio), Charles W. Ketteman, Jr.
(California Electronic Services Company), and Fred Nichols (Sprague)."

Story - Memories of my Grandfather - FamilySearch.org [Research Note:
(Lane Alan Steel says: Later when he moved to Rancho Cordova, California
we went to visit him a couple of times. His apartment was right down near
the beach and I remember walking on the beach with him picking up starfish
and collecting seashells and sand dollars.) This is an incorrect memory, as
Rancho Cordova, California is east of Sacramento, California. My father,
whom I visited later on in life, once lived in
Hermosa Beach, California; his
residence was in walking distance from the Pacific Ocean, as I do remember.
The hell that I went through, was caused by the fact that I loved both my father
and mother at the same time, which caused intense rivalry within our family.
[Yet, my patriarchal blessing later said: "Honor your father and your mother."]
I remember my father coming to visit once, and he bought meat for dinner,
at a local meat store on Wayne Avenue, which my mother said was done,
so he wouldn't have to pay child support. My show of affection isolated me,
in many ways, from other members of the family; thus I got in the reading habit.
When my father once bought me a box of candy, my sister Sharon took it
to school and shared it with her friends there; I was left out with nothing to eat.
(Lane Alan Steel also says:
I don't think Grandpa was particularly religious
earlier in his life but the last several years after he married Mary Muegenburg
he became quite active in the Catholic Church. I remember receiving a letter
from him where he described how excited he was to be made a Deacon
in his Catholic Parish.
) From my memory, what sticks out in my mind, from my
conversations I had with my mother directly, was that Prim was turned off,
from joining the Mormon Church, because he didn't like the idea of giving up
on his drinking, as well as his deep apathy of paying so much tithing. His life

background in the Navy, as well as his Kentucky heritage, did not provide him
with the understanding, or comprehension of living the gospel of Jesus Christ.
In other words, he never was able to obtain a testimony of the LDS Church.
I always knew I was on the bad side of my mother, when she would declare,
"You are just like your Dad!" That was a poison pill I was given to swallow.
Dad, later on in life, stopped drinking, from my discussions with him, because
his doctor informed him, that if he didn't do so, he would die at an early age.
Dad had an intense drive for physical affection, that was contrary to my mother's
reserved disposition. My mother never taught me about the "birds and the bees",
because of traditions on her side of the family; intimacy was only for procreation,
and that was in the dark of night. Mom was disgusted when couples kissed in public.]

[My experiences in life have aided me in understanding the deeper experiences
of others. Mary and Joseph are an interesting example. "At that time, the Jews
were ruled by Rome, and the rights of the royal Davidic family were not recognized."
Joseph was commanded to take Mary to wife, with a conception by another person.
[God] This initiated a step-father relationship, even before the birth of Jesus Christ,
with Joseph being denied marital rights until the actual birth occurred in Bethlehem.
Additionally, Jesus said, "A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country,
and in his own house." In particular, Joseph the step-father, was of no blood relation.
The eldest son of Joseph was not Jesus Christ; thus, the brethren who were by blood
relation, born to the father Joseph, would be considering themselves superior to Christ.
They were obviously never truly converted, nor was even Peter, until the resurrection.
This is clearly manifested when "His brethren therefore said unto him, Depart hence,
and go into Judæa, that thy disciples also may see the works that thou doest. For there
is no man that doeth any thing in secret, and he himself seeketh to be known openly.
If thou do these things, shew thyself to the world." Arrogance is shown in the word: "IF".
This directly manifests that His brethren did NOT honour Him, as eldest son in the family.
When Jesus "talked to the people, behold, his mother and his brethren stood without,
desiring to speak with him." But Jesus said, "whosoever shall do the will of my Father
which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother." Note Jesus did not
say, do the will of my Father (step-father) which is on earth (Joseph). "After this he went
down to Capernaum, he, and his mother, and his brethren, and his disciples: and they
continued there not many days." A separate designation was made between disciples
The Brothers of Jesus, at this time. "For neither did his brethren believe in him."]

I can remember taking
Trolleybuses; making transfers to go to primary in the new
chapel in
Dayton, Ohio. Prior to this time, church was conducted at other places,
like meetings in homes, or at a downtown hotel. I can remember going to help
and participate in a small way, on the chapel construction. I was a participant
in some church plays and remember as a child, sitting in my mother's arms,
and we and others in my family, participated in a family skit put on during a party,
in the home of an LDS member. I remember
Ward Teachers visiting our house
and my mother getting us to come in from play and hear the messages given.
I can remember participating in a small way in Ward Teaching as a junior companion.
I can recollect in one of my priesthood ordinations the promise being given me
to become an
Elder in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and it
impressed me so much, I have never forgotten it. I remember attending church
as a Deacon and Teacher and also Sunday School classes. I can remember some
conference times when the Chapel was filled to overflowing and it impressed me
as a child, to see what I considered to be such a large congregation. I remember
being told by a Sunday School Teacher that I would be a great leader when I grew up
and that I would be either for, or go against the Church, and that either way I would
have great power to affect the lives of many people, and that many would follow
my lead in either direction. My patriarchal blessing does say: "The world will be better
for your having lived in it."

I remember on one bus ride seeing the
Montgomery County Courthouse, in downtown
Dayton and how impressed I was by its elegant structure. I remember going shopping
and riding elevators and escalators in downtown Dayton and seeing the lovely magic
of Christmas in the windows of the
Rike Kumler Store, in downtown Dayton, Ohio-
the snow and the tinkling of the bells. I remember
Montgomery County Fairgrounds,
Dayton, Ohio, and all of the rides and walks throughout the City- visiting the City
Library and going through all the tiers of books, of shelf upon shelf of records. I tried
to study Greek, but couldn't figure it out. It was all "Greek" to me. I remember walking
down railroad tracks and looking for iron to sell to scrap-metal dealers, for money to buy
candy, etc. I can remember Uncle John, who retired from his Poultry House, Wholesale
& Retail, in Xenia, Ohio, coming to take Charles for a two week trip of the whole western
U.S., and me not getting to go. At this time period, I was able to make it to the position
of a Tenderfoot in the scouting program, under the auspices of the LDS Church. However,
my participation was limited because every time I would go out into the countryside on
scouting activities, I would have breathing problems, due to lung and throat and nose
congestion. I remember once as a young man, participating in a church outing near
the Indian
Serpent Mound in the Dayton area, and playing ball and getting hit
in the stomach, as I was pitching, with the ball hit back to me, which knocked
my breath out. Church outings were fun and I enjoyed them; we sometimes had skits.
I remember one skit in which one of the westerners was asked what the hardest drink
a Mormon would drink was, and the answer: "Orange juice in a dirty glass."

Year 1956
My grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Thompson, died on the
10 August of this year,
it being my birthday.  I remember grandmother well as she was living with us prior
to her death in the upstairs part of our house at 1420 Wayne Avenue in Dayton, Ohio.
According to
Zillow, 1420 Wayne Ave, Dayton, OH, currently, is a multiple occupancy
home in 2017, that contains 3,901 sq ft and was built in 1880. It contains 6 bedrooms
and 3 bathrooms. When we lived there, I was always impressed by the very beautiful
woodwork, that I remember in main downstairs section, to be made of red mahogany.
The Story of Wayne Avenue in the 80's and 90's states: " In number 1420 Wayne avenue,
Mr. Joseph Wasmuth conducted a saloon ", and may account for ornate workmanship.
Mary Elizabeth (Thompson) Green(e) died from strokes and poor circulation. Grandma
was famous for her "doilies". She used to cover all of the furniture with beautiful lace
cloth and then put more lace cloth over them, to keep the originally placed
doily clean
and protected. [“Xenia. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Greene Rector, 85, died at 6 p.m., Friday,
at the Duke Nursing Home near Bowersville, where she had been a patient since
July 28. Mrs. Rector, prior to entering the nursing home, resided at the home of a son,
John C. Greene, 57 Walnut Street, Xenia. She had resided in Xenia and Greene County
since 1883. Surviving are two sons and two daughters by her first marriage;
John C. and Herman Greene of Xenia, and Mrs. Hazel Tinney of Dayton,
and Mrs. Mamie Jump of Williamstown, Kentucky. She also leaves six stepchildren:
Henry, Lewis, and Glen Rector, near Xenia; Ray Rector of Xenia, Jesse Rector
and Mrs. Iva Cook of Portsmouth. __ grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren,
and a brother, Grandville Thompson, near Battle Creek, Michigan.
Services will be at 3 p.m. Monday at the
Neeld Funeral Home, Inc.,
with burial in Woodland Cemetery.” (in Xenia, Ohio, not Dayton, Ohio)]

I remember going into the
Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum, when a young man,
to sled down the hills, which was an exceedingly dangerous thing to do, especially
when trying to avoid tombstones at a high rate of speed. I remember at this time,
entering into High School, first going for a short period, to
Wilbur Wright High School,
because my mother thought it was a better institution, and then having to transfer
to Stivers High School, because we were in that boundary.

I believe I completed one year of school at
Stivers High School. I enjoyed it there.
After Stivers High School, I attended school at
West Carrollton High School,
in West Carrollton, Ohio, as we had sold the property at 1420 Wayne Avenue,
and moved in temporarily with Doug and Marilyn Purdon and family in their home
on the outskirts of Dayton. I remember at West Carrollton High School, becoming
a member of the Latin Club and being asked to join the Science Club, but I did
not participate in their activities. I was asked by my history teacher to represent him
and the school in taking state tests for competition, but had to regretfully refuse,
as my Latin teacher had asked me to represent the school, which I did. Our Latin
Club went to the town of West Carrollton to sell cakes, cookies, etc., for the Club,
and I remember a cake for $1.50, that would not sell, so I told the teacher I would
sell it for $2.50, if I could keep $1.00. He didn't think I could do it, but I did- I gave
him the extra dollar, too. He was a wonderful teacher and I liked him, but he was
the slowest driver in the world, or so I thought, as we returned home from the sale-
I just about roasted from the heat, as he went 15-25 miles an hour, all the way home.
[For many years the foreign languages taught included two years each of Latin; it was
dropped as a language course about 1965, and the Latin Club was then discontinued.]
My school life was fine at West Carrollton, and I had many non-LDS friends. A girl
I liked was Nancy Shoemaker, but she was stolen from under my nose during a party,
I not being the aggressive or possessive type. I remember that I also participated
in the school sale of Christmas cards, and decorations, becoming the top salesman
in the class and school, even though my sales were cut short, due to another trip
to the hospital, this time for a thyroid growth that had to be removed from my neck.
The reason I was so successful in selling items was because my sister and brother-
in-law lived In Kettering, which was a newly constructed suburb of Dayton, Ohio,
4829 Cordell Dr, Dayton, OH 45439, a single family home built in 1956. I could
offer residents a large selection, and provided direct delivery to their front door.
Both Kettering and West Carrollton were part of the
Dayton metropolitan area.
Kettering, Ohio to West Carrollton, Ohio, 5.2 miles, via W. Stroop Rd & E. Central Ave.

Year 1957
On the 27 May 1957, I was residing in Provo, Utah; 5th Ward, Provo Stake of Zion.
My Church records indicate removal by 10 June 1957. I remember my first impressions
of coming to Utah, especially the extreme dryness of the region, having been used
to the bountiful rain supply in Ohio. I can remember driving down to the "dead end"
of University Street, which has since been extended into a feeder road at the south,
and from Interstate 80. I was impressed by the comparative smallness of the city
Provo, Utah, as it related to Dayton, Ohio. I remember seeing the great beauty
of Provo Canyon, when coming in from the East, for the first time- especially I was
impressed by the snow on the mountains, there and elsewhere, which I had never
seen before in my life. I can remember going over the continental divide, with high
drifts of snow, as we passed through, created by snow plows cutting a road pathway.
We stopped on the way and climbed up to the top of the snow. It was very exciting
for me, as I remember. I found it interesting to look into the sky and remarked
to others how the clouds looked so close to the earth. I was also deeply impressed
by the wooded mountain sides, with the streams and rivers, dams and clear lakes.
It was a trip I greatly enjoyed.

We first moved in, when coming to Utah, with my sister Sharon and her husband,
Harvey LaVar Steel and family. It was a tight squeeze. Then, thereafter, we moved
to another residence, as memories of my brother, Charles Tinney, states: "In 1957
when I (Charles) was 17, Hazel sold our house in Ohio, gave up her three home jobs,
and everything she owned; left her friends and family, and took with her only what she
could pack in the car and Tom and me, and moved to Provo. Why? To save our souls;
to ensure we would have the chance to achieve eternal life-a mission so to speak.
Moving out here brought us the opportunity to go to BYU, to be close to the Church
and the Saints. Hopefully, we would go on missions. She gave everything she had;
not for us to have cars or houses or whatever, but for our salvation. Once in Provo,
Hazel tried to find work, but was unsuccessful in that pursuit for over a year. We lived
on the meager savings she had gotten from the sale of her house on Wayne Avenue.
We moved into an old one-room school house that was nearly 100 years old. It had
a bathroom, but no shower. Everything was ‘added to.’ Bro. Soward, who owned
Soward’s Market (grocery store), said that it was one of the first school houses
in Utah Valley. He was almost as old as the town. He was a good guy. He knew
we were poor, and he’d save us oranges and bananas for us to eat." The house
had bare floors and had no carpeting, as I remember. At that time, Mom purchased
a small portable radio for me, and I was overjoyed to be able to have entertainment.
At times, while young, we listened to
Victrola records and a large sized radio.
In Ohio, I had given me, as a Christmas present, on Wayne Avenue, a 45 RPM Record
player, manufactured by the RCA Corporation in the 1950s, as I remember.

Thomas Milton Tinney, [Sr.], 27 May 1957 - Provo, 5th Ward - Provo Stake,
posted PBO 10 June 1957,
Patriarchal Blessing: 23 June 1957, # 251,
by Charles E. Rowan, Jr., of the Provo, Utah Stake of  Zion. Charles E. Rowan, Jr.,
was formerly the Stake President of the Provo Stake, listed in 1939 and 1947.
Charles E. Rowan Jr., 77, Prominent Church Worker, Businessman Dies in Arizona.
Charles Elliot Rowan (1885-1963), Jr., 445 E. 1st S., prominent Church worker
and Provo businessman, died suddenly of heart attack Sunday in Phoenix, Arizona,
while visiting a daughter. At the time of his death he was patriarch of the Provo Stake,
of which he served many years. Mr. Rowan was first stake president. He had also
served as first president of the Garfield Stake and first president of the Texas Mission.
Dated: Monday, May 6, 1963, The Daily Herald, Provo, Utah, page 4]

On the 26th of July, 1957, I was residing in the San Diego 3rd Ward,
San Diego Stake. This lasted until the 8th of August, 1957, when, after having lived
for a short period with my brother, Norman Tinney, we came back to Utah, so as
to complete high school. I remember California well and enjoyed the State,
and have enjoyed going to California ever since that time. I like warm climate.
I remember having a small job cleaning yards while in California, and remember
it was difficult because of my age and non-Union status, to find meaningful work.
I remember Mom got distilled water in a bottle- she disliked the drinking water
so much. I remember seeing palm trees for the first time and I think I loved
the mass of flowers in their different shapes and colors, more than anything.
I can still see looking in the sky every morning, waiting for the
coastal fog
to burn off, so the morning sun would come out. I also thought the freeways
through the canyons were a pretty sight to behold. We took our furniture,
on the way down to California, and it was: "Bust or California". We had
to be towed over a part of the desert and were forced to stop at every gas
station, and fill up water bags, to keep the engine cool. Charles and I,
hitched a ride on a semi-truck, when our car stalled at the bottom of one
of the steep grades, and I leaned back on the exhaust pipe and burned
a deep wound in my back. I suffered for all the rest of the way down.
I remember in California, the beautiful and powerful oceans, beaches,
in particular near
La Jolla, California, and will always appreciate my
brother Norman Tinney taking us to the seashore.
26 July 1957 -
San Diego 3 [California] - San Diego 08 Aug 1957 - date moved. [Our family
came to Utah; then Mom briefly went to live with her son Norman Tinney,
in the summer of 1957; then, we returned to the State of Utah. I enjoyed
the trip tremendously, overall, and was greatly impressed with the natural
beauty of southern California, as well as the desert scenes in between.]   

By 23 Sep 1957, we were back in Utah, in the
Manavu Ward , part of the
Provo Stake of Zion. At this time we were living, in a basement apartment
of the Lyman residence, in the middle, north-east section of Provo, Utah.
We were very poor. I remember, as part of a Seminary program, giving
talks at different wards, as well as at the
Utah State Hospital. I remember
reading through the
Book of Mormon, and after sincere prayer, the spirit
strongly testified, in a very powerful manner, consuming my whole body
and soul, by the very power of the Holy Ghost, of the assured truthfulness
of the Book of Mormon, with a penetrating witness that I cannot ever deny.
I also spent these years, reading the other standard works of the Church;
in particular, I remember reading through the Bible, and read every name,
in all of the Genealogy contained therein, as I was genealogically inclined.
My mother bought books from the Deseret Book Club, and I read through
them thoroughly. I was always interested in reading books, from my
earliest memories. I remember the Lyman house was an old, two story
home, with a white outside, which was "
whitewashed". I remember eating
in the Lyman home during breakfast, and also listening to their records,
with the girls in the family, of which one was named "Joy". I remember
the grapes which were large and grew in the back of their yard.
Manavu Ward records- Provo, [Utah] - 23 Sep 1957.
Thomas Milton Tinney, [Sr.], was ordained a
Priest, on Sunday,
in the Aaronic Priesthood: 27 Oct 1957, by David Richard Lyman.
[LDS Ward Membership Records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]

It was in this place that I first began to become interested in genealogical
research and at this time I asked my mother to assist me and have me do
the family genealogy. She said she had worked all her life trying to extend
the family genealogies and couldn't, but wouldn't deny me the opportunity
to try my hand at it. She provided me access to all the family records she had,
(Pedigree), including letters in large size purple pencil writing, from her sister,
Mamie Rosetta (Greene) Jump (1891 - 1958).  [
Charles E. Rowan, Jr., a Patriarch
of the Provo Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, mentioned
(#251) on June 23, 1957, at Provo, Utah, that:  "There is a great responsibility
resting upon you in seeking out the genealogy of your people.  I confer upon you
the Spirit of Elijah and promise you that if you are true and faithful, if you search
diligently, that the Lord will bless you and you will be able to seek out the names
of many of your ancestors."
[Now for Elijah. The spirit, power, and calling of Elijah
is, that ye have power to hold the key of the revelation, ordinances, oracles, powers
and endowments of the fullness of the Melchizedek Priesthood and of the kingdom
of God on the earth; and to receive, obtain, and perform all the ordinances
belonging to the kingdom of God, even unto the turning of the hearts of the fathers
unto the children, and the hearts of the children unto the fathers, even those who
are in heaven. Elias, Elijah, Messiah; Joseph Smith, Jr., dated March 10, 1844;
History of the Church, 6:249-254; also,
27 August 1843 (Sunday Morning).]
This was followed later on in life, by many assignments to various LDS Stake
and Ward positions, including being an
Executive Secretary, and being called
to be a
Ward Clerk, as part of the Bishopric responsibilities.]

I remember going to the dentist at this time, because I disliked them so much,
from childhood, going back to Dayton, Ohio. Sometimes, while having my teeth
fixed, the numbing effect stopped before the procedure ended; it was very painful.
I was ordained  27 Oct 1957, in the Manavu Ward, by David Richard Lyman,
a son of brother Lyman, who resided in the home at that time. I was at this time
painting the outside of a Mr. Soward's Grocery Store, and David wanted to go
on a trip to Canada, so we took off one day, without telling anybody, and he
drove the car all the way up to the
Cardston Alberta Temple, in Canada.
It was a beautifying experience, as I remember seeing country I'd always wanted
to see. The
Going-to-the-Sun Road, in Glacier National Park (U.S.), on the border
near to Canada was terrifying, and I felt at times we might go over the edge,
with all of the passing cars and the narrow way of the road. I remember the dirt
roads off the main highway, in the City of Cardston- there David called his parents,
and they told him to commit himself to driving immediately home- which we did.
The Temple was very "solid", as I remember it, and I believe that some construction
work was going on in or near the Temple grounds. The road in Canada was not
as wide as the roads in the United States, and the Country had a more rural
appearance. I remember attending classes in the
Manavu Ward Chapel, and did six
or seven Ward Teaching districts at a time, to assist in the work. I also remember
visiting some BYU student apartments, and noted their sparse accommodations.
I tried at this time, to bring a girl who was a member of "
Job's Daughters",
into the Church, but the Sunday School class was so noisy, that she said
even if this was the true Church, she would never join, because of the lack
of reverence in the Chapel and class room. I attended Provo Community Church,
where she attended, and remember them passing the plate, which seemed
different to me. I also remember the very quiet way in which all things were done,
but the spirit of the Lord was lacking from their Sunday School class teachings.
In the (LDS) Church News, week ending 05 Oct 1957, there is a picture of:
SEALED TIGHT--Tom Tinney and Kaye Westover work on one of the sealers
at the Provo Welfare Cannery. Many of the young people in the four Provo stakes
earn welfare credits by volunteering labor at the cannery.
George Dewey Clyde (Republican) was Governor of Utah
Goodwin Knight (Republican) was Governor of California

Year 1958:
On 25 May 1958, Hazel Kathleen (Greene) Tinney,
[the daughter of Jacob Hoover Greene and Mary Elizabeth Thompson],
born 13 June 1900, at Xenia, Greene County, Ohio, received a Patriarchal Blessing,
also from the same Charles E. Rowan, Jr., Patriarch of the Provo Stake of Zion,
of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, at Provo, Utah; Blessing Number 342.
Hazel had previously asked her son Tommy to receive a blessing. He, out of respect
for his mother, initially refused to do so, wanting Mom to be blessed first. Nevertheless,
Thomas Milton Tinney relented and was given his Patriarchal Blessing, # 251,
by Charles E. Rowan, Jr., of the Provo, Utah Stake of Zion, on 23 June 1957.
Mom felt she was too old to need one. After much further hesitation
and with the constant pleading of her son, [now Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.],
she finally obtained her blessing, which aided her for the rest of her life. I, Thomas,
Provo High School at this time; before and after going to California.  
08 Jun 1958 - Rivergrove 2nd Ward, West Utah Stake, 704 West 4th North - 15 July 1958
[LDS Ward Membership Records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]
By the 8th of June, 1958, I was residing in the Rivergrove 2nd Ward, West Utah Stake,
at 704 West 4th North, Provo, Utah. Then, for a short period, after 15 July 1958,
my records went to the Sunset Ward, West Utah Stake, from 12 Dec 1960
to 14 Dec 1960. Actually, I was residing most of the time in the Rivergrove 2nd Ward,
while at 704 West 4th North, in the home on a corner lot, owned by the father
of our Ward at that time, Bishop Arland L. Olsen. [LDS Chapel was located at:
Corner lot on Seventh West and Eighth North, Provo, Utah. January 13, 1958,
The Daily Herald, Provo, Utah, page 8, These men comprise the new bishopric
for the Provo Rivergrove Second LDS Ward, sustained Sunday night. They are,
from left, Bishop Arland L. Olsen, First Counselor Herman Blaine Hall,
Clerk Byron C. Dastrup, and Assistant Clerks Robert D. Nuttall
and Robert J. Mathews. New Second Counselor Welby W. Rides
is at present in Mexico on a BYU archeological expedition.]


Returning to my chronology, I remember helping to set the bushes and yard work,
in the Rivergrove Ward Chapel grounds. I did a lot of welfare assignments. I remember
going to the Salt Lake Temple in the Seminary Program, and talked at that time,
among others, with Sheila Mary Foxon, whom  I later married. I also graduated
from Provo High Seminary; I was elected for Seminary President, but lost in the vote.
I was President of the West Utah Stake Youth Choir, and remember a song we sang,
in a Stake Conference, which was so spiritual, that the audience- (it was sung after
the closing prayer) - came back again and sat down in their seats, to listen. I also
at this time, baptized a little girl into the Church. I kept her name on a paper; now lost.
I was at this time, the youth Stake Ensign President. Sometime in 1958 / 1959, we
moved as a family to 940 West on 5th North, in Provo, Utah. My mother had great insight
into the affairs of her own children. Once I remember when at 704 West on 4th North,
how, upon inquiry about the welfare of her daughter Marilyn, she was impressed that
she was going to have a baby. Marilyn never told her about it, but Mother got down
on her knees in the living room and thanked God for the knowledge. Later, Mom
got a telegram or notice from Marilyn saying she had a healthy baby born to her.
[This was Karen Jean (Purdon) Kershaw, born 03 Mar 1959, in Dayton, Ohio]
I also remember Norman, my brother, visiting once and Mom telling me she felt
something bad had happened to him. She found out later that happily he had escaped
from injury in a car accident. Later, in my own life, I went to California for a week,
to apply for a job with the California Public Library System, in Sacramento, California.
It was raining and I was on a multi-lane divided highway. A semi-truck went out of
control and I did not see it as it was on the other side of the divider, going west,
as I was going east, towards Sacramento, from the area of Davis, California.
A car pile-up occurred at the same time, in front of me, and I had the choice
of going around on the right or the left side, and I felt impressed to choose the right.
As I was passing, the semi-truck came over the divide in the highway and hit the car
behind me that took the left side around the pile-up. When I got home my Mom
mentioned during my departure that she felt I was in great danger and had
earnestly prayed for me and my well-being. I do believe in the power of prayer
and a Mother's love to aid --- though children be far away from home. I also believe
in the power of the prayers on Temple prayer lists, as once I was in California,
and feeling alone, when all of a sudden I felt the power of the Holy Ghost strongly
come upon me. I received a letter from a friend a few days later and he mentioned
in his letter that (on the very day I felt the intense, warm influence of the Holy Ghost),
he had placed my name on the Temple roll prayer list in the Salt Lake Temple.

Year 1959:
I graduated from Provo High School when 17 years of age, on  May 29, 1959. [From:
The Daily Herald, Provo, Utah, Sunday, May 17, 1959, page 27] In Provo High activities,
I took the National Merit Scholarship exam and was listed in the yearbook as one
of the top two in the school. I remember a local civic club honored us with a dinner.
Received applications from M.I.T. and University of Utah- did not send them in, but
applied to BYU. My application was misplaced in the wrong drawer, as I was informed
by the school processing secretary, and I did not get an expected scholarship award,
in the Provo High School honor's assembly, at the end of the school year. I was crushed
and in shock, as I was told when I applied that I would receive certain substantial aid.
Instead, I received an after the fact, insufficiently funded, cursory generic scholarship.
I was totally humiliated before all of my class friends and personal school associations.

I began attending
Brigham Young University, the year 1959-1960, and it was a disaster.
Due to financial complications at home, working cleaning buildings at BYU, while still
attending with too heavy a load at school and church, I surreptitiously dropped out,
without officially withdrawing, at BYU, and entered a Utah National Guard Active Duty
program, Fort Ord, California; finished six months training at Camp Roberts, California.
♫ Bugle calls of the US Army 3 - YouTube™: Reveille - YouTube™

Year 1960:
Provo Herald Newspaper Archive, dated Sunday, April 10, 1960, page 26, under
LDS Missionary News . . . Charles Evan Tinney . . . will be honored at a farewell
testimonial today at the Rivergrove Second Ward. He is the son of Hazel Tinney
and will serve in the Great Lakes . . .

Picture showing Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr. appears in LDS Church News on Week
ending 12 Nov 1960, page 13, "Supply Department at the Presiding Bishopric's Office
is working at the monumental task of . . mailing study guides for Ward Teachers
to all wards for 1961. Checking and wrapping left to right are: Garth Hair, Adolph Ruf,
and Thomas Tinney."
12 Dec 1960 - Sunset Ward - West Utah Stake - 14 Dec 1960
[LDS Ward Membership Records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]


Year 1961
Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr., previously married February 10, 1961,
575 W 300 S, Provo, Utah, Utah,
at the home of Frederick Charles Foxon,
(& later divorced 05 May 1971, by), Sheila Mary Foxon
BOOK [Stick] of JUDAH

28 Feb 1961 - 29th Ward - Riverside Stake - 1130 West 3rd North, Salt Lake City, Utah
- 10 Mar 1961. Later,
while in contact with my mother, while residing in SLC, Utah,
29th Ward, I was ordained to the
Melchizedek Priesthood and the Office of Elder,
by the Riverside Stake President, Robert Leatham Bridge.  [Recommendation for
Conferring the Melchizedek Priesthood and Ordaining to Offices Therein;
Date: 24 Sep 1961 S
take: Riverside; Ward: 29th; Full Name: Thomas Milton Tinney;
Home Address: 1130 West 3rd North; Proposed for ordination to the office of Elder;
Approved for Ordination by: Robert L. Bridge; Interviewed by member of stake
presidency: Date: 23 Sep 1961; Stake Priesthood Meeting or Stake Conference:
Date: 08 Oct 1961; Stake President: Signature: Robert L. Bridge; Ordained by:
Robert L. Bridge H P (High Priest; Date of Ordination: 08 Oct 1961)] The home
consisted of a basement apartment. The Bishop of the ward was Tommy Thompson.
I was assistant secretary to the Executive Secretary of the Aaronic Priesthood,
as well as MIA Dance Director. I worked as mail clerk/janitor in the new offices
of General Electric Sales and Distribution store, South Salt Lake industrial park.
I used to go into Salt Lake City, in the company car, every day to the main P.O.
I was later called to become a Stake missionary, but did not get officially set apart,
because I moved thereafter to Lehi, Utah. I obtained employment with the SLC P.O.
[Priesthood Authority Line:
Thomas Milton Tinney, (Sr.) was ordained an Elder on October 8, 1961
by Robert Leatham Bridge
Robert Leatham Bridge was ordained a High Priest on March 7, 1937
George F. Richards
George F. Richards was ordained an Apostle on April 9, 1906
Joseph F. Smith
Joseph F. Smith was ordained an Apostle on July 1, 1866
Brigham Young
Brigham Young was ordained an Apostle, at Kirtland, Ohio, on February 14, 1835,
under the hands of the
Three Witnesses,
Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer and Martin Harris
The Three Witnesses were called by revelation to choose the Twelve Apostles,
and on February 14, 1835, were "blessed by the laying on of the hands
of the Presidency",
Joseph Smith, Jr., Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams,
to ordain the Twelve Apostles. (Volume 2 Chapter 13 | BYU Studies)
Joseph Smith, Jr. and Oliver Cowdery received the Melchizedek Priesthood,
in 1829, under the hands of the Apostles of Jesus Christ; namely, Peter, James & John
Peter, James and John were
The First Presidency of the Early Church. John 15:16]
Lehi 7th Ward - Lehi Stake - 112 West 650 North, Lehi, Utah - 27 Nov 1961
[LDS Ward Membership Records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]

Tinney, Jennifer Sheila, born 29 Dec 1961, Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA;
Daughter of  Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr. and Sheila Mary Foxon,
(LDS sealed to P: 20 Feb 1962-SL). She was born in the old Lehi hospital, and I helped
in the birth by holding the mask. The postal authorities in Salt Lake City, Utah,
where I worked, were very kind to me. When the call came from Lehi, they made
a special trip to the route I was on (which at that time was helping to deliver mail
at the University of Utah), and relief was provided for me. The supervisor, or route
inspector, drove me back to the main post office in SLC, and I immediately drove
down to Lehi, Utah.
BOOK [Stick] of JUDAH

John F. Kennedy (Democrat) was the President of the United States of America

Year 1962
I was Endowed : 20 Feb 1962, in the Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah,
at which time, my eldest child Jenni
fer was sealed to me for Time and all Eternity.
I especially remember the happiness at having Jennifer, all dressed in beautiful
white, being sealed to me, for time and for all eternity, across the Temple altar.
I remember well, the kind Stake President in Lehi, Utah, who, to assist me in my
Temple obligations, gave me part of his old temple outfit to wear and use while I
was attending to the ordinance work in the House of the Lord. I felt so very sacred.
I moved shortly thereafter to Orem, Utah, having gotten a job with the Orem P.O.,
as a mail clerk-carrier. I later was able to obtain regular Route 6 designation, after
performing a multitude of tasks throughout the office, delivering mail from one end
of the city, to the other, performing all types of clerical work, from sorting mail on
all individual routes, delivering mail on all individual routes, as well as being clerk
at the front desk and having to meticulously account for all of the funds I received.
I also had to pass time and quality sorting exams, maintaining at least 95% accuracy.
I soon found out, however, that 100% accuracy in sorting and delivery was expected.

15 Feb 1962 - Orem 10th Ward - Orem Stake - 40 West 750 North - 12 Mar 1962
[LDS Ward Membership Records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]

Year 1963
Tinney, Andrew Thomas, born 05 April 1963, Provo, Utah, Utah, USA;
Son of  Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr. and Sheila Mary Foxon, (LDS BIC).
This birth event occurred at the Provo Hospital, in Provo, Utah.
BOOK [Stick] of JUDAH

In this time period, in Church, I was Executive Secretary over Home Teaching,
a financial supervisor for the building of the new 10th Ward Chapel, was Ward Clerk;
statistical, historical, welfare and all other clerks and secretaries were under my
jurisdiction, and I attended all Bishopric meetings, presided over by the Bishop
Arnold Jack Fausett (1923–2001), at 400 East 400 North, in Orem, Utah; etc. His good
obituary is found in Orem-Geneva Times, Orem, Utah, Wednesday, 07 Nov 2001; p. 5.
One of the Bishop's counselors said I would someday become a Bishop in the Church.
This reminds me later of a Patriarch in Provo, Utah, who said once, in a Sunday School
class I was teaching, that I would one day become a Patriarch in the Church. These,
I rembered, because it was so "out of the blue". I also was Aaronic Priesthood Advisor
to Deacons and Teachers, and taught in the Sunday School and in Priest's Quorum.
I was also called upon to lead music in general ward priesthood meetings. During
the time I was engaged in Ward Fellowshipping, a new non-member family moved
in, and were later baptized by the 70's, the home missionaries of the Stake. I also had
the privilege to baptize one young man, whom I had visited during home teaching,
or ward teaching, so called. Our home was graced with a dog, who had one surviving
pup, and the children and the dog played together.

I remember the cold and depressing day, when I was delivering mail on a route,
in Orem, Utah, as President Kennedy was assassinated 22 Nov 1963, in Dallas, Texas.
Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat) was President of the United States of America

Year 1964

Year 1965
Tinney, Phillip Alexander, born 11 May 1965, Provo, Utah, Utah, USA;
Son of
Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr. and Sheila Mary Foxon, (LDS BIC).
He was born at the Provo Hospital, in Provo, Utah. In the latter part of this year,
dated 05 Sep 1965, my family moved to 53 East 400 North, in Orem, Utah. It was
located in the Orem 1st Ward, Orem Stake. Remember putting a new roof on home;
putting a new fence around the house; went on camping trips; trips, especially
to California beaches, playing in the sand; the children by the seaside, camping
out in a tent; property next door purchased and made into a garden plot; building
a grape arbor outside; play house for children; working together with children
in the yard and going to parks. Family Home Evenings together and nightly prayers.
BOOK [Stick] of JUDAH

Orem 1st Ward - Orem Stake - 53 East 400 North, Orem, Utah - 13 Sep 1965
[LDS Ward Membership Records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]
Calvin L. Rampton (Democrat) was Governor of Utah

Year 1966
Tinney, Sylvia May, born 26 October 1966, Provo, Utah, Utah, USA;
Daughter of  Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr. and Sheila Mary Foxon, (LDS BIC).
She was born in the Provo Hospital, Provo, Utah. I was called to a position
on the Stake Sunday School Board. Special things to remember, were:
kite flying with the children; building a swing in the back yard and playing
with the children in the irrigation water; having fun with our German shepherd dog;
trips in the summer to the local canyons (I loved the outdoors as much as my health
would allow - climbed once to the top of Mt. Timpanogos); . . .
BOOK [Stick] of JUDAH

Year 1967


Year 1968:
My father, Prentice "Thomas" Tinney, married third, 07 May 1968,
Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA;
Spouse of Mary Louise Muegenburg
[who was previously married to Berl Leroy Wright, born 17 Oct 1906,
Fountain, El Paso, Texas; died 09 Sep 1964, Torrance, Los Angeles, California;
(son of William Henry Wright and Florence Edna Child)

[Mary was born 27 Dec 1913 (
1920 Census), Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California;
10 July 1997, Sacramento, Sacramento, California;
daughter of Harry Muegenburg (1900 Census), who married 05 Aug 1910,
Los Angeles, Los Angeles,
California, Marie Celina Duquette; (1930 Census).]

Year 1969:
Tinney, Cynthia Anne, born 12 April 1969, Provo, Utah, Utah, USA;
Daughter of 
Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr. and Sheila Mary Foxon, (LDS BIC)
BOOK [Stick] of JUDAH

In 1969, I went to Missouri and enjoyably visited Adam-ondi-Ahman,
and Nauvoo, Illinois. I obtained a rock from the Adam-ondi-Ahman area,
which I kept on the front room fireplace.
Richard Nixon (Republican) was President of the United States of America

Year 1970:
Joseph Fielding Smith was President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Year 1971
[Orem-Geneva Times Newspaper, dated 13 Mar 1971, Card of Thanks:
Love always to the sweet Tinney children:  Jennifer, Andrew, Phillip, Sylvia,
& Cynthia Tinney at 53 East 400 North in Orem, Utah - - from Tom, your Dad.
In remembrance of 20 February 1962 when you were forever sealed to me
for time and all eternity in the
Salt Lake Temple.
Signed: Thomas Milton Tinney]

Rivergrove 1 Ward - West Utah Stake - 965 North 500 West, 07 Apr 1971
06 Jun 1971 - BYU 76th Ward - BYU 7th Stake - 02 June 1971
Civil marriage 29 July 1971, at Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada; Kim Barrett
married to Thomas M. Tinney, member. - Made up by 16th Ward - Cache Stake
06 Aug 1971 - BYU 54th Ward - BYU 9th Stake - 47 West 960 North, Provo, Utah
[LDS Ward Membership Records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]

Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr., married 29 Jul 1971,
Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada, (& later divorced by)
Kim Barrett.
BOOK [Stick] of JUDAH

[Between 1971 and 1972:
3357 Eye Street, Apartment #4, Sacramento, California (Apartment Manager)
Sacramento 3rd Ward - Sacramento Stake
1510 18th Street, Apartment #3, Sacramento, California (Apartment Manager)
West Sacramento Ward - Sacramento Stake
630-3rd Avenue, Apartment #4, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103
21st Ward - Emigration Stake
125 South 600 East, Apartment #1, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102 (Apartment Manager)]

[LDS Ward Membership Records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]

Year 1972
12th Ward - University West Stake - 08 Sep 1972
[LDS Ward Membership Records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]
Harold B. Lee was President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Year 1973
Tinney, Teresa Ruth Anne, born 01 Nov 1973, Bountiful, Davis, Utah, USA;
Daughter of Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr. and
Kim Barrett (
LDS sealed to P: 31 Aug 1976-SL)
BOOK [Stick] of JUDAH

OskiCat - UC Berkeley Library Web Catalog /All Locations
The royal family of the prophet Joseph Smith, Junior,
first president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. [microform]

Spencer W. Kimball was President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Year 1974
Gerald Ford (Republican) was President of the United States of America

Year 1975
Phillip Alexander Tinney and Jennifer Sheila Tinney participated in the Summer
Reading Program at the Orem City Library, having read 20 books and still reading.
[Orem-Geneva Times, Orem, Utah, page 9, Thursday, July 24, 1975]

Birthday Post Card dated: 04 Aug 1975
Dear Tom,
This is to wish you a belated Happy Birthday.  I thought of you all day 
on your birthday but didn't know how to get a card to you. -- Marilyn,
Doug and Karen (Purdon) came unexpectedly to see us and then 
brought me home with them for a visit.  I will be back in Va. [Virginia,
USA], before you receive this.  I'm leaving in a few hours from here. -- 
I visited the residence on other side [Historic Long Island: "Sagamore Hill"] 
-- also Kennedy's grave, etc.  Seeing the sights in my old age, eh?  Also, 
went thru Geo. Washington's home in Mt. Vernon.
Very best of love to all, Mom.
Letter dated 03 Sep 1975, Grandpa Tinney to the Tommy Tinney family:
Thank you very much for your nice birthday greeting.
You will never know how much your letter has warmed my spirit.  I have been walking
about in the glow of it for several days.
The seasons come and go, and the years pass on; but grandfather Tinney remains
a young whipper-snapper.  Hi!
I hope to see you soon.
Love and best wishes,
[Signed: GrandPa]
Grandpa Tinney

The Teney, Tenney, Tenneyson, Tennison, Tiney, Tinn, Tinne, Tinney, Tinneyson,
Tinning, Tinnison (and some variations) family record key — FamilySearch.org

Tinney-Green Family Newsletter | Manuscript Collection Descriptions | HBLL
Richard Lamm (Democrat) was Governor of Colorado

Year 1976
Tinney, Michael Thomas, born 17 Jan 1976, Bountiful, Davis, Utah, USA;
Son of Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr. and
Kim Barrett (LDS sealed to P: 31 Aug 1976-SL)
BOOK [Stick] of JUDAH

Excerpt taken from the 1976 & 1977 Calendars of Hazel Tinney -
(On both calendars, birthdays of all of the Hazel’s children, their spouses,
her grandchildren, friends, and some wedding anniversaries were noted
on the appropriate days.) Tuesday, August 31, 1976: Temple sealing.
On 31 Aug 1976, I, Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr., in the Salt Lake Temple,
had my children: Teresa and Michael,
sealed to me for Time and all Eternity.
Current LDS Church Record Number: 000-1903-6639.

Year 1977
Tinney, David Seth Ahlish, born 10 Aug 1977, Bountiful, Davis, Utah, USA;
Son of Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr. and
Kim Barrett (LDS BIC)
BOOK [Stick] of JUDAH

Note by Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr., dated 14th and 15th Aug 1977:  
Written from notes taken while visiting my mother residing at 627 2nd 
Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah, at the home of her son's family:
Charles and Patricia Tinney.  "At this point, the conversation became difficult.
My mother [Hazel] is dying from cancer which is, with other afflictions,
such as loss of one eye, deteriorating bones and muscular control, causing her
great pain and suffering.  She is under heavy sedation to control the pain in her body.
Tonight she spilled her juice and I had to hold her up while walking,
to keep her from falling over on the floor."
In great sorrow I visited my mother in the LDS Hospital on the 28th August 1977,
in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mom is in a critical, semi-conscious state approaching death.
She has an oxygen mask on and was shaking with chills. When I was there the nurse
tried to get her to grasp her hand but there was no response. When I talked to her,
she could not open her eyes and her only recognition was when I loudly whispered
into her ear: "Mom, I love you," and "This is your son Tom." Then she slightly moved
her head. I placed my hands upon her head and blessed her that the Peace of Christ
would attend her at this time and that she would go to sleep in the Love of God
and come forth in the perfect purity of her soul- that her life would cease on this earth
as she had proved true and faithful in all things acco
rding to her ability and knowledge 
and that she would rise to a glorious resurrection in the World to come- that her life
might now be taken, that she might suffer no longer the agony and pain of a cancer
diseased body.
Note by Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr., dated 31st Aug 1977:
My brother Charles called today to tell me my mother had passed away some time
between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. today.  This has been an eventful month. My son,
David Seth Ahlish Tinney was born on my birthday, 10 Aug 1977.
   "The Lord gave - and the Lord hath taken away -
   Oh, Blessed be the Name of the Lord!"
Obituary notices for Hazel K. Tinney appeared in the Deseret News,
Friday, 02 Sep 1977, page 2D; also, The Salt Lake Tribune, Friday,
02 Sep 1977, page 6C.
. . . Survivors: Four sons, two daughters.  Norman, Nelson,
Charles, Thomas;
. Douglas (Marilyn) Purdon;
Mrs. LaVar (Sharon) Steel; 29 grandchildren.
Funeral services will be conducted Saturday at 2:00 p.m., Salt Lake 21st Ward Chapel,
680 2nd Ave.  Interment Salt Lake City Cemetery.  . . .
Memorial Services for Hazel K. Tinney
 . . .
Norman Tinney, Nelson Tinney, Douglas Purdon, Thomas Tinney,
Charles Tinney and LaVar Steel
Funeral Directors
Berg Sunset Lawn Mortuary
Officiating: Bishop Lorin Eldredge
Family Prayer: Nelson Tinney
Prelude Music: Jackie Eldredge
Invocation: Walt Barlow
Remarks: Stephen Barlow
Piano & Flute Duet: Carmen Tinney and Karen Purdon
Remarks: Bruce Reading
Piano Solo: Carmen Tinney
Speaker: Lorin Eldredge
Benediction: Bishop Stephan Barlow
Postlude Music: Jackie Eldredge
Dedication of Grave: Thomas Tinney, [now, Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.].
I Melchizedek Priesthood dedicated the grave site of my mother, during 
her burial in the Salt Lake City, Utah City Cemetery.  Mom desired to be 
buried next to the Prophets of God she so dearly loved in life.

Prentice visited with his son, Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr., on the 1st of October 1977,
accompanied by his 3rd wife Mary, at 1505 University Village-East, Salt Lake City, Utah.
He had a ham radio license at this time in his Rancho Cordova, California home
and enjoyed communicating with ham radio operators throughout the world, including
behind the "Iron Curtain" of Russia.
[W6JAL: Prentice "Tom" Tinney, at: 2021 Benita Drive, #1, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670]
Jimmy Carter (Democrat) was President of the United States of America
Scott M. Matheson (Democrat) was Governor of Utah

Year 1978:
Board for Certification of Genealogists
Promoting a Uniform Standard of Competence for Genealogical Practitioners
Be It Know That Thomas Milton Tinney has been examined and certified
as a genealogical record searcher, for a period of five years from the date
hereof. Signed and sealed this twenty-sixth day of February 1978; #325
F. William Helmbold, Secretary

University of Utah Placement and Career Information Center,
Confidential Recommendation for Thomas Milton Tinney, [Sr.], dated 
13 Dec 1978: I have known Mr. Tinney for about five to six years.  I have 
been close to him and his family throughout that time and I feel that 
I know him very well.
I can recommend him as a conscientious, very hard working person.
He is dedicated to the cause he serves and will give his all to that cause.
He is a man of honesty and integrity. I also know him to be an intelligent
man with the ability to express himself well. He is a man of perseverance,
seeking after and working for his objectives until he reaches them
regardless of the odds.
I am pleased to write this recommendation for Thomas Milton Tinney, [Sr.].
I recommend him to be a fine employee for any future employer.
Name:  Bishop Richard D. Shea
Organization: Bountiful 33rd Ward, LDS Church
Signature: Richard D. Shea [retired, Lt Colonel]
Richard Shea Obituary - Salt Lake City, UT | Deseret News

Year 1979:

Year 1980:
Jennifer Sheila Tinney was part of the Orem High School (Utah) Class of 1980.

Year 1981
Tinney, Nelson Mahonri Moriancumer, born 07 Aug 1981, Bountiful, Davis, Utah, USA;
Son of Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr. and
Kim Barrett (LDS BIC)
BOOK [Stick] of JUDAH

Who's Who in Genealogy & Heraldry, 1981, page 202, TINNEY, Thomas Milton
PERSONAL: b. 10 Aug. 1941, Waynesville, Warren Co., OH, son of Prentice Thomas
and Hazel Kathleen (Greene) Tinney; m. (1) 10 Feb 1961 Sheila Mary Foxon
(div. 5 May 1971); ch: (1st marriage) Jennifer Sheila Tinney, Andrew Thomas Tinney,
Phillip Alexander Tinney, Sylvia May Tinney, Cynthia Anne Tinney; m. (2) 29 July 1971
Kim Barrett; ch.: (2nd marriage) Teresa Ruth Anne Tinney, Michael Thomas Tinney,
David Seth Ahlish Tinney, Nelson Mahonri Moriancumer Tinney. Religion: L.D.S.
Education: Employed and trained six months in 1971 by J. Grant Stevenson,
Brigham Young Univ. Teacher and Genealogist; Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City
(1975-79, B.S.); Datapoint corp. Databus, Denver, CO (Datashare Computer
Programmer Course of Study, Cert., 1980). Professional Accreditations:
Genealogical Record Searcher, DC. Home/Office: 921 University Village - North,
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108; ph.: 801-583-9328
CAREER ACTIVITIES: U.S. Post Office, Orem, UT (Clerk/Carrier, 1961-69); Utah
Technical Coll. at Provo, UT (Student, Electronics Tech., 1968-71); Tinney Gen
Search Consultants, Bountiful and Salt Lake City (Mgr., and Curator, 1971--).
Other Professional Posts: Univ. of Utah, American West, Salt Lake City (Researcher
in Compilation of Record -- Santa Anna Pueblos); Anthony B. Cassedy and Assoc.,
Ridgefield, CT (Staff Engineer, 1980); Lic. Insurance Agent (Life, A. & H.), State of
Colorado (1980-82). Military Service: Utah National Guard and Army Reserve, Sp/4.
Memberships: Guild of One Name Studies, New England Hist. Gen. Soc.; Utah
Gen. Assoc. (Professional Ch.); Utah Soc., S.A.R. (Registrar, 1974-1978, Salt Lake City
Ch., Pres., 1978); Tinney-Green (e) Family Gen. Org. (Pres., 1971--);
Prentice Thomas Tinney Family Org. (Gen. Rep.); Omicron Delta Epsilon -
Economics Honor Soc.; American Soc. for Personnel Administrators; Utah State
Hist. Soc.  Awards/Honors: Brigham Young Univ., Scholarship Honors.
GENEALOGICAL PUBLICATIONS: The Adamic Lineage: the Royal Lineages,
the Ancestral Lineages of Thomas Milton Tinney . . . (1971); The Royal Family
of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Junior . . . (1973); Ancient and Modern Genealogies
with Temple (LDS) Records (1973); The Teney, Tenney . . . Family Record Key,
2 vols. (1975); Michael H. Chandler and the Pearl of Great Price (1975);
Editor, Tinney-Green (e) Family Org. Newsletter (1972-- ). In progress:
Family Research on Tennyson, Tinney, Tyne, etc. families,
Descendants of John Heywood of Concord, Mass.
SPECIAL INTERESTS: Geographical area: British Isles, America; ethnic, Jewish
and House of Israel; Mormon. Professional, English items at the LDS Gen. Lib.
and at other depositories.

Ronald Reagan (Republican) was President of the United States of America

Year 1982

Year 1983
Tinney, Rebecca Sarah, born 07 April 1983,
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA;
Daughter of Vicki Chris Rae Baker; married to Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.

Rebecca Tinney's Hang-Out!

Board for Certification of Genealogists
Promoting a Uniform Standard of Competence for Genealogical Practitioners
Be It Know That Thomas Milton Tinney has been examined and certified
as a genealogical record searcher, for a period of five years from the date
hereof. Signed and sealed this twenty-sixth day of February 1983; #325
Neil D. Thompson, President
Mary N. Speakman, Secretary
[John Frederick Dorman, Vice Chairman]

Phillip Alexander Tinney was part of the Orem High School (Utah) Class of 1983.
Mark White (Democrat) was Governor of Texas

Year 1984
Tinney, Matthew Abraham, born 03 April 1984,
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA;
Son of Vicki Chris Rae Baker; married to Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.
Matt Tinney's Cool Page

Year 1985
Ezra Taft Benson was President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Norman H. Bangerter (Republican) was Governor of Utah

Year 1986
Tinney, Jr., Thomas Milton, born 18 May 1986,
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA;
Son of  Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr. and Vicki Chris Rae Baker
The TJ Experience

ArchiveGrid : Fanny Alger, the first plural wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.:
a preliminary genealogical report, after 1986
ArchiveGrid : Michael H. Chandler and the Pearl of Great Price : 1986 update

Year 1987
George Deukmejian (Republican) Governor of California

Year 1988:
Tinney, Michelle Gabrielle, born 24 April 1988,
Sacramento, Sacramento, California, USA;
Daughter of  Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr. and Vicki Chris Rae Baker
Michelle's Creative World

Sharon Lou Tinney, born 13 Mar 1938, Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio;
09 Aug 1988; Sharone Steel (1936-1988): Twin Falls City Cemetery;
Daughter of Prentice "Thomas" Tinney and Hazel Kathleen Greene.
Just before she died, my sister called me, and left a message over
the phone, in a very hoarse voice, to say: "I love you."
PDF - FamilySearch.org

Year 1989:
George H. W. Bush (Republican) was President of the United States of America

Year 1990:
Tinney, Jonathan Ray Elijah, born 24 May 1990,
Sacramento, Sacramento, California, USA;
Son of Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr. and Vicki Chris Rae Baker
BOOK [Stick] of JUDAH
Welcome to Jon's World

Who's Who in Genealogy & Heraldry, 1990, page 274, TINNEY, Thomas Milton, Sr.
CAREER ACTIVITIES: Prof. J. Grant Stevenson Gen. Ctr., Provo (1971). US Postal Clerk
(1961-69, 1980-1981); Staff Engineer, Anthony B. Cassedy & Assoc., Ridgefield, Conn.
(1980); Licensed Insurance Agent (1980-82); Housing Project Mgr., Fort Douglas, Utah
and Fort Missoula, Montana (1981-84); Tinney GenSearch Consultants (1971- ).
Military Service: UT National Guard and Army Reserve.  Memberships: Colorado
Soc., SAR; The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS (various offices); California Aggie
Alumni Assoc.; Utah Soc., SAR (various offices); Assoc. of Prof. Gens.; National Gen.
Soc.; New England Hist. Gen. Soc.; Utah State Hist. Soc.; American Family Records
Assoc.; Guild of One-Name Studies; Tinney-Green (e) Family Gen. Org.; Texas State
Gen. Soc.; Omicron Delta Epsilon; PHMA; Utah Gen. Assoc., prof. ch.
GENEALOGICAL INTERESTS: Ancient and modern records and hist. concerning
the Jewish people and the House of Israel in general; Holocaust; Tinney family,
records of the families listed in the records of the American Council of Learned
Societies and Who's Who, worldwide.

Year 1991
Pete Wilson (Republican) was Governor of California

Year 1992

Year 1993
Bill Clinton (Democrat) was President of the United States of America

Year 1994
ArchiveGrid : The Lord Jesus Christ, Jews, the House of Joseph, gentiles and heathens:
a careful study of the Tinney family surname from worldwide origins, 1994
by Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.

Howard W. Hunter was President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Year 1995
My father, Prentice Thomas Tinney died 22 Aug 1995, in Sacramento, California.
Gordon B. Hinckley was President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Year 1996

Year 1997

Year 1998:
National Faculty Directory - 1998, [USA], 28th Edition, Vol. 3, P-Z, with members of
Teaching Faculties at Junior Colleges, Colleges and Universities in the United States
and selected Canadian Institutions, Alphabetical Listings:
Tinney, Charles E., Indust. Technol., UT St U; [brother of Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.];
Logan, UT 84322-0001 [USA].

Example of Prentice Thomas Tinney Reunion Announcement - May 1998

Year 1999:
Gray Davis (Democrat) was Governor of California

Year 2000:
Who'sWho in Americaź - 54th Edition - 2000
TINNEY, THOMAS MILTON, SR., genealogical research specialist:
b. Waynesville, Ohio, Aug. 10, 1941;
S. Prentice Thomas and Hazel Kathleen (Greene) T.;
m. Sheila Mary Foxon, Feb. 10, 1961 (div. May 1971);
children: Jennifer Sheila, Andrew Thomas, Phillip Alexander,
Sylvia May, Cynthia Anne;
m. Kim Barrett, July 29, 1971 (div. 1985);
children: Teresa Ruth Anne, Michael Thomas, David Seth Ahlish,
Nelson Mahonri Moriancumer;
m. Vicki Rae Chris Baker, Apr. 8, 1986;
children: Rebecca Sarah, Matthew Abraham, Thomas Milton Jr.,
Michelle Gabrielle, Jonathan Ray Elijah
Student, Utah Tech. Coll., 1968-71; BS in Econs., U. Utah, 1979,
postgrad., 1979-1985.
Clk., carrier U.S. Postal Svc., 1961-69, 80-81;
staff engr. Anthony B. Cassedy & Assocs., Ridgefield, Conn., 1980;
lic. ins. agt. Colo., 1980-82;
housing project mgr. Fort Douglas, Utah, 1981-84, Missoula, Mont., 1981-84;
mgr., owner Tinney GenSearch Cons., 1971--.
Contbr. articles to profl. jours.
Active Utah Nat. Guard and Army Res.
Mem. SAR, Jewish Geneal. Soc. Sacramento, Calif.
Aggie Alumni Assn., Davis Genealogy Club and Libr.
Mem. LDS Ch.
Avocation: matching scholarly record sources with Mormon family history
library systems, classical music, bicycling, swimming.
Home: 2748 Ganges Pl Davis, CA 95616-2922  Ph: (530) 758-7489

Year 2001
Who'sWho in Americaź - 55th Edition - 2001
TINNEY, THOMAS MILTON, SR., genealogical research specialist
George W. Bush (Republican) was President of the United States of America

Year 2002
Who'sWho in Americaź - 56th Edition - 2002
TINNEY, THOMAS MILTON, SR., genealogical research specialist
Home: 2814 Tiber Ave Davis, CA 95616-2959  Ph: (530) 758--7489

Year 2003
Who'sWho in Americaź - 57th Edition - 2003
TINNEY, THOMAS MILTON, SR., genealogical research specialist
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Republican) was Governor of California

Year 2004
Who'sWho in Americaź - 58th Edition - 2004
TINNEY, THOMAS MILTON, SR., genealogical research specialist

Year 2005

Year 2006

Year 2007

Year 2008:
Thomas S. Monson was President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Year 2009:
Barack Obama (Democrat) was President of the United States of America

Year 2010:

Year 2011
Prentice Thomas Tinney Reunion Family Address List - December 2011
Jerry Brown (Democrat) was Governor of California

Year 2012
Charles Evan Tinney Obituary, Paradise, UT - Myers Mortuary
(Brother of Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.)

Year 2013

Year 2014

Year 2015

Year 2016
Brianna Green and Thomas Tinney Jr.'s Wedding Website - The Knot
(Daughter-in-law and Son of Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.)

Year 2017
Donald Trump (Republican) was President of the United States of America

Year 2018:
My wife, Vicki Rae Chris (Baker) Tinney, and myself, Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.,
had the glorious opportunity to watch, via BYUtv, the funeral proceedings  for
President Thomas S. Monson, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
It was a deeply moving presentation, given through eulogies and inspired singing.
Dated: 12 Jan 2018. It is my desire, that those who seek to uphold the Constitution
of the United States of America, both at home and abroad, will overcome the world,
and prevail upon all of the face of the earth; that Zion will prevail; that good people
upon all the face of the earth will rise up and unite and overthrow individuals who
seek to destroy the god given
"inalienable" rights of mankind, and especially reunite
in patriotism, to make America great again, and support President Donald John Trump.
Russell M. Nelson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Year 2019:

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Year 2021

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Year 2027

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Year 2029

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