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Families are Forever, as verified by the words of the Messiah Jesus Christ:
"Moses, because of the hardness of your hearts, suffered you to put away
your wives; but from the beginning it was not so."
Matthew 19:9
"In my experience, the
positive value of a happy family is one
of the factors of human existence that has not changed . . . . .
The immediate family of grandparents, parents and children,
together with their extended family, is still the core of a
thriving community."
QUEEN Elizabeth II

Events & Activities Directory U.S.A.
Families by Nationality Nuclear Family
Forward Walking - Pathway To Change
GenerationOn | Make Your Mark on the World!
HowStuffWorks: Learn How Everything Works!
Newsgroups: Updated Archives for Recreation
Pinterest - Organize & Share Things You Love:
"Family History" -
Genealogy - Kids - Surname
Toodledo™: A To-Do List to Organize Your Tasks
Who Can Find People?
: Living Biography & Specialty Sites

Apparel & Department Stores: Department Store - Retail (Types)
* Aesthetics: History & Social Studies
* Association of Department Stores (International)
  Department stores from around the world.
List of Department Stores by Country
    - List of Department Stores of the United States
* E-commerce (Mashable)
Amazon Eats the Department Store - Bloomberg Gadfly
* FITA Global Trade Leads:
International Trade Links
  Import Export Business & International Trade Leads.
  - Industry Directories
    International market reports, providers and links.
    - Textiles and Apparel Directories
      - Apparel - Design - Merchandising Resources
      - Fibre2Fashion:
        B2B Marketplace for Textile, Apparel & Fashion Industry.
* Bloomingdale's - Famous Footwear - Gap - Gaiam®.com - jcpenney (JCPenney) - L.L. Bean® - Lands' End -
Levi's (Levi's®: Global Levi)
Macy's ( - Men's Wearhouse® - Neiman Marcus - Nordstrom -
SaksOff5th Store - Sears [Sears (USA) - Sears (Canada) - Sears Archives: History]
Target (Target®) - Walmart [Walmart® Stores: Walmart® Corporate - Locations
ASDA - Seiyu Co., Ltd. - Walmex)]

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Automobile Resources & Other Vehicles
: Mode of Transport
Top / Recreation / Automotive -
Vehicle: Topic Outline of Vehicles
Car: Portal:Cars - Topic Outline of Automobiles
Comprehensive selections, listings and numerous buying and selling tips.
  - Auto Channel®
  - Autolist
  - CarMax®
  - CarsDirect®.com
  - Edmunds.comsm
MSN® Autos
  - Wikicars
    Collaborative guide about cars and all things automotive.
* Travel & Driving: Driver's License
  World travel information by region and country.
AAA/CAA Digest of Motor Laws
International Car Codes
* Genealogy of Automobile Companies by HistoryShots
License Plates of the World
* List of Car Brands
List of Cars
* List of Countries by Motor Vehicle Production
* List of Current Automobile Manufacturers by Country
* News, Media & Travel
  International media and travel resources.
  - Air Travel
  - Bus Travel
  - Train Travel
Recreational Vehicle
  Automobiles, classic cars, motorcycles, boats,
  recreational vehicles, aircraft and manufactured homes.
List of Recreational Vehicles
Truck: Semi-Trailer Truck and Truck Driver
* Worldwide List of Roads and Highways
  - Why Do Some Countries Drive On The Right & Others On The Left?
* Society of Automotive Historians: SAH Links
Automotive History Online (archived) and the driver's license.
* Transportation & Migration Patterns
  Genealogy and family history data.
Cyndi's List - Bridges, Dams & Other Public Works
Ship: Portal:Nautical
* Auto Racing: NASCAR Racing
  Autos, boats, trucks, minivans, motorcycles, RVs, SUVs and the lemon law.
HowStuffWorks "Auto"
  - How Cars Work
  - "How Electric Cars Work"
* Kelly Blue Book
  Bluebook values and new car pricing.
* Lemon Law America
  Resource for consumers with defective motor vehicles.
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Consumer Concerns: Consumer
GENERAL: Consumer Education
Family & Consumer Science
* Comparitech:
Information Security News
  Tech Services tested, compared and reviewed.
How to Avoid and Detect Elder Fraud
    Guide for seniors, caregivers and relatives.
* Consumers International
  Global voice for consumers.
* Consumer
  Product reviews and reports: reviewing the reviewers.
Consumer World: Consumer Agencies
Cyndi's List - Myths, Hoaxes & Scams
Privacy Resources (pdf)
* Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
  Consumer education, research and advocacy program.
   Consumer trends and insights from around the world.

* Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
  Trusted source across the globe for product compliance.
  - Safety Standards Training & Consulting UL University
* Admanya
  Classifieds and reviews, consumer education
  and forum, product information and comparison.
* BBB - Better Business Bureau®
  Fairness and integrity in the marketplace: United States and Canada.
* Consumer Dangers:
  Products, food, medical devices, drugs, health, and legal information.
* Consumer Product Safety Commission (USA)
  Independent federal regulatory agency.
  Ratings and reports.
  Common fraud schemes.
Federal Trade Commission | Protecting America's Consumers
Identity Theft | Consumer Information
    Deter, detect, defend and avoid ID theft.
Identity Theft Recovery Steps |
  - National Do Not Call Registry
Stop Unwanted Calls, Texts and Faxes
      Federal Communications Commission
Project of the National Consumers League.
Household Products Database
  Health and safety information on household products.

Latest U.S. recall information.
* Very Best in Consumer Action Resources
Filing a Consumer Complaint | USAGov

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Discount Stores & Retailers: STORES®.org
Retail - World's Largest Retail Stores and Chains
2016 Top 250 Global Powers of Retailing
* Automated Retail
Forum for International Retail Association Executives: Directory
* Industry Handbook: The Retailing Industry
Internet Retailer®
  Industry strategies for online merchants.
* Manta:
Site Map
  Company profiles and company information.
Find International Companies
    World's largest online community for promoting and connecting small business.
Trade Shows Directory
  Exhibitions, conferences and trade shows worldwide.
* Warehouse Club
Costco [Costco®.com (USA & Canada)]
Sam's Club (Sam's Club: Sam Walton) - Sams Club México
    - Club Locator
* Manta:
Site Map
  Company profiles and company information.
United States Companies
  Browse by category and location
National Retail Federation®
    Voice of retail worldwide.
NRF Retail Reference Center
Retail Industry Research
  Online connection to America's leading retailers
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Drugstores & Medical Needs:
* List of Pharmacies
    List of major pharmacies (a.k.a chemists and drugstores) by country.
* Medical and Health: Pharmacy & Drugs
  Essential medical, medicine and health care services for families.
Pharmacy Locator: Pharmacy Locator - USA
Rite Aid Pharmacy
  - Walgreens
Walmart® Online Pharmacy
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Medicare Health Insurance Glossary
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Eating & Food:
EAT - Portal:Food - What the World Eats
KeepandShare®: Free Online Journals Diaries & Printable Food Diary
Cooking: Topic Outline of Cooking
* Cuisine:
List of Cuisines Worldwide
Kitchen food preparation, cooking practices, culture and religion.
Fast Food: Fast Food Restaurant
  - Fast Food Facts
List of Fast Food Restaurants
McDonald's (McDonald's®)
* Restaurant
  - International Restaurant Chains Index: Associations
List of Casual Dining Restaurant Chains
List of Restaurant Chains
  - Restaurants | Fodor's Restaurant Reviews
* Sodexho Alliance: Worldwide Food Management Services
* USA and North American:
  - Buffets, Inc. Family of Restaurants
    Old Country Buffets, HomeTown Buffets, Granny's Buffet etc.

  - Denny's Restaurant Locator
    USA and Canadian chain of family restaurants.
Food Menu Price - Up-To-Date Fast Food Menus and Prices

* CheftTalk®
  Food lover's link to professional chefs.
Cyndi's List - Recipes, Cookbooks & Family Traditions

Food in Every Country
* Food Links | Research
  Selection of web pages related to food history.
  - Cookbooks & Home Economics
  - Culinary History | The New York Public Library
Food History-Science Tracer Bullet
  - FOOD Museum
Historic Cookbook Collections
History of Food - Past & Present
* Food Network (Food Network)
  Easy recipes, healthy eating ideas and chef recipe videos.

* Food Reference
  Trivia, food posters, history, schools, recipes, events, art and quotes.
* Food-Info: World's Healthiest Foods
utritional information on popular restaurant menu items,
  unbiased scientific information and multilingual search.
Glam Media's
  For the love of food.

* Meaning of Food
  Exploration of culture through food.
Nutrition: - Topic Outline of Nutrition
  - Nutrition & Food Web Archive
  - SuperTracker
    My foods. My fitness. My health.
Margarita's International Recipes - Yummly
* Cookbook -
Epicurious - Foodie - KitchenPCKraft Foods
  Old Fashioned Recipes - - RecipeSource

Snackworks - Vegan - Vegetarian - Yahoo!® Food
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Financial: Finance - Topic Outline of Finance
* Money 101 -
  OSU Virtual Finance Library -
Yahoo!® Finance: (Personal Finance)
Automated Teller Machine Credit Card
Card Hub® - Compare Credit Card Offers - NerdWallet
American Express®
 [American Express® Worldwide] (ATM Locator)
Discover® (ATM Locator)
* Mastercard® International (
Global ATM Locator)
Visa - USA (ATM Locator) [Global Gateway]
CURRENCY & BANKING: Currency and Bank:
History of Banking
* Banking, Banks & Credit Unions
  Mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, savings, home equity, banking,
  Safe & Sound, small business, Buyers Blvd., partners and En Español.
Calcmoolator: Financial Calculators - Mortgage & Financial Calculators
Free service offering users financial calculators to calculate costs,
  compare financial options, make educated financial decisions and save money.
* Central Bank Websites
  List of central banks of the world.
* Currency, Money, Weights, Measures & Symbols
Federal Reserve Consumer Help
  Resolve problems with banks, or other financial institutions.
* FunBrain Change Maker Game
  Cash Register Game: Amounts less than $1.00 and $100.00.
Market: Markets -
Stock Market: List of Stock Exchanges - List of Stock Market Indices
* CNNMoney -
Google™ Finance - - Reuters
The Institute of International Finance, Inc.
  Wall Street Journal Online - World Business - Yahoo!® Finance
EMPLOYMENT - JOBS: Employment - Intern:
Apprenticeship - Résumé
* 100 Useful Job & Internship Resources
* - Employment Resources (pdf) - Indeed® (Worldwide)
Jobs & Unemployment Sources in (USA) State Agency Databases
  Monster® - Occupational Outlook: USA - Riley Guide
The Top 300 Best Job Search Sites for 2017 | Jobs2Careers Advice
PayScale - Salary Comparison, Salary Survey, Search Wages
* Accounting Internet Resources: Directory
  Internet and international tax, accounting and payroll.
    Extensive resources for accounting, tax and payroll.
* Business & Economics
Economic Sector
    - Primary Sector of the Economy
      Involves changing a
natural resource into primary products.
      - Nature and the Environment
    - Secondary Sector of the Economy
      Create a finished, usable product:
      - Construction
        - Preservation & Historic Buildings
      - Industry

      - List of Production Topics
Manufacturing: Outline of Manufacturing
          - Factory
    - Tertiary Sector of the Economy
      Service sector or the service industry.
    - Quaternary Sector of the Economy
      Information generation, information sharing,
      consultation, education and research & development.
    - Quinary Sector of the Economy
      Government or public industries not intended to make a profit,
      as well as domestic activities such as those performed
      by stay-at-home parents, or the housewife.
  Global financial search engine.

* Financial Planning Association®
  Connects those who need, support and deliver financial planning.
  - Taking the Mystery Out of Retirement Planning
* Financial Sources for the Family Office (pdf)
Financial Sources on the Internet (pdf)
* Global Financial Data
  GFD is the original provider of long-term historical data
  and new platforms for analysis software.
* Intuit®: Quicken Personal Finance
  Business and financial management for small businesses,
  accounting professionals and consumers.
  Learning the basics to advanced resources.
    See your portfolio in a whole new light.
* PayPal®
  Securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online.
* Tax: Income Tax
  Taxation and taxes worldwide.
Cyndi's List - Taxes
  - Tax Rates Around the World
    Tax, accounting and payroll sites directory.
  - TaxWorld
United States Department of the Treasury
    - Internal Revenue Service
    - USA Tax History Museum
MISSING OWNER & PROPERTY DATABASES: Inheritance - Land & Property
* Foundmoney®.com - Missing Money
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (Find Missing Participants - U.S.
) (Selected Country Searches)Unclaimed Property Page
  USA Other Government & Private Information Sources: Find Unclaimed Funds

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Fun Stuff & Games: 10 Ways to Cure Boredom and Find Something Fun To Do

Develop Your Customized Genealogy Family Tree Board Game
  - New Family Tree Board Game
    Help strengthen family knowledge and relationships.

* Facebook® Disney
  - Disney Movies
  - Disney Pixar
  - Walt Disney World

* Flowgo®
* Kids On The Web
* Magic School Bus™
Minecraft: Minecraft
* Miniclip Games - Play Free Games
  Making road safety education exciting and interactive.
* Neopets®: Virtual Pet Site
* PBS Kids - Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
Play (activity)
  - International Play Association World: Resources & Links
    To protect, preserve and promote the child's right to play
    as a fundamental human right.
  - Sports Goods
  - TASP - Association for the Study of Play
Play Links
Theater - Art, Dance & Music
  - Toys
* UpToTen
* Yesterland
  Theme park on the web.
Zynga®: FarmVille™ - Pioneer Trail
  Connecting the world through games.
  Answers to everyday family life.
* Kids Directory
  Family and kids education.
Kid's Stuff: Educational Resources
  Learning is more effective when it is fun.

* Tenny's Kids Page

  Stuff for kids, information for adults and educators.
* Calendars - Earth Calendar: Celebrate Every Day
* Christmas Worldwide
Common Sense Media
  Reviews and ratings for family movies, TV shows,
  websites, video games, books and music.
Interesting Holidays
  LibGuides at Youngstown State University
* Specific Events
  Global information on carnivals, the circus and performers,
  fairs, festivals, opera and its history, parades and sideshows.
* Collecting
  - List of Collectibles
Drone Resources on the Internet (pdf)
* E-Card and
Greeting Card
  Free greeting cards, Ecards, online games,
  print cards, reminders; create and print resources.
American Greetings:
  - BlueMountain®
Hallmark Cards: Hallmark Cards
Internet Search Engines for Kids
    Visual search engine for Kids: Forum, games, dolls and cartoons.
  - GoGooligans
    Search Engine for Kids.
K9 Safe Search
    Web protection from Blue Coat
    Kids Search Engine. Internet Search Engine for K-12 Kids.
Quintura for Kids
Technology & Young Children Interest Forum
    Technology at home.
* - Friend
  Children's magazine.
* SlimeKids
  Interactive online experience motivating students
  to learn, to read, to think and to make choices.

Smithsonian Magazine
  History, travel, arts, science, people and places.

World Wide Workshop
    Analyze, design and build web based games and simulations
* Zui
Free online games, YouTube videos for kids and kid entertainment news.
    Online kids video network: safe videos for children
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Grocery & Food Stores: Grocery Store
Remember The Milk
* Convenience Store
  - List of Convenience Stores

* Food & Beverages
Food Marketing Institute - FMI
  - Membership Directories
  - Research Resources
    - Food Industry Glossary
Food Industry Topics
    - Food Industry Websites
Food Stories
  Changes that have taken place in the UK’s food culture over the last century.

* Food Supply and Safety
* Lidl
World's Largest Supermarkets Roundup of Biggest Global Grocery Chains
AMS at USDA - Farmers Markets (USA)
* List of Supermarket Chains in the United States: Supermarket List
A&P -The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company - Grocery Retail: SUPERVALU
IGA® (Independent Grocers Alliance) Online - Kroger® - Safeway
  History of the American supermarket.

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Home & Garden: Home and Garden
Activities of Daily Living
Better Homes & Gardens -
Home & Garden TV
  Informational Articles - Martha Stewart | Recipes, DIY, Home Decor & Crafts
The Spruce - Make Your Best Home - Thumbtack - Consider It Done

* Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs -
Flower Expert Guide - Garden Advice Center
Garden Guides - Gardening Resources | American Horticultural Society
  Plants Database | United States Department of Agriculture -
Royal Horticultural Society
  U. S. Gardeners Sharing Their Harvest With Local & Nearby Food Pantry
  Gardeners can eliminate malnutrition and hunger in their own community.
Home Improvement

Ask the Builder - DIY Network: Home Improvement Projects
Do It Yourself Home Improvement - eHow™ -
  - List of House Styles
  - List of House Types
Preservation & Historic Buildings
Home Economics
* Home: Housekeeping
  - Domestic Technology
History of Housekeeping
    Old and interesting household antiques and domestic objects.
  - Home Economics Archive
    USA research, tradition and history.
Making of a Homemaker
IFHE: International Federation for Home Economics
  - What Was Home Economics?

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Marriage & Family Ties: Family
18 Kids & Counting
  Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar family.

Christian Views on Marriage
  Family fun, blogs, home, health, travel, parenting and marriage.
Family: A Proclamation to the World

  Elijah . . . shall plant in the hearts of the children the promises
  made to the fathers, and the hearts of the children shall turn to
  their fathers.  If it were not so, the whole earth would be utterly
  wasted at His coming. 
D&C 2
* Family Facts:™ | How To Strengthen The Family
  Social science research and information concerning family, society and religion.
Family Research Council
  Defending faith, family and freedom.
Generation: List of Generations
  - Generations United
    Because we're stronger together®.
PCA/ACA: Subject Areas for Study of Pupular Culture
    Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association Study of popular culture.
  Parenting- Helping parents raise their children.
* YouTube
™ - Elder Russell M. Nelson - Fourth General Session April 2010
* World Congress of Families   
BEGINNING (True Love)Teachings about the Family and Temple Marriage for Eternity
* - The Knot -® -
  Weddings, Wedding Venues -
Infant and Midwifery
* BabyCenter® - BabyZone® - Discovery Health Pregnancy & Parenting -® - Parenting Tips | HUGGIES®
  Parents® Healthy Kids - Scholastic for Parents -
  Your Child: Ages 00 to 06 - Your Child: Ages 07 to 11 - Your Child: Ages 12 to 18
MIDDLE YEARS (General Family Parenting): FatherWork and
Home & Family.
* All Family Resources™ - CYFERnet
  Disability Resources
  FamilyLife® -
Focus® on the Family
  Home and Family (Agricultural): Publications & Videos
  Next Generation TV - Next Generation
  Produces compelling videos and host live, Web-based events
  that demonstrate how millennials are changing the world.
  Woman's Day Magazine -

Create family history & genealogy records with multi-generational activities.
Family History Activities for Youth
    FamilySearch Wiki|
Family History For Youth
  - Family Tree Kids! - Making Family History Fun
  - Family History & Genealogy Resources
    Activities for Kids and Families
  - Genealogy & Family History for Children:
Facebook® - Genealogy for Kids
Genealogy Web Links - Clayton Kids
Good50: Large Text for Easy Reading Search Engine
  -®: Great Grandparents! - Images
  - I Love My Family
    - I Love My Brother
I Love My Children: I Love My Kids
    - I Love My Dad
    - I Love My Father
I Love My Grandkids
    - I Love My Grandma
I Love My Grandpa
    - I Love My Husband
I Love My Mum: I Love My Mother
    - I Love my Sister
    - I Love My Wife
  - Involve Children and Youth in Family History
  - Reunions: Family, Friends & Military
  - Tigger Movie - Family Tree
USGenWeb Kidz

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Pets & Animals: Animal - Portal:Animals
List of Animal Names - Lists of Animals
. . .
flesh also of beasts and of the fowls of the air, I, the Lord,
have ordained for the use of man with thanksgiving; nevertheless
they are to be used sparingly; And it is pleasing unto me that they
should not be used, only in times of winter, or of cold, or famine." . . .
All grain is ordained for the use of man and of beasts, to be the staff of life,
not only for man but for the beasts of the field, and the fowls of heaven,
and all wild
animals that run or creep on the earth; . . . Nevertheless, wheat
for man, and corn for the ox, and oats for the horse, and rye for the fowls
and for swine, and for all beasts of the field, and barley for all useful animals,
and for mild drinks, as also other grain.  Reference: Doctrine and Covenants 89
The global reinstitution of these ancient laws, by providing grain consumption
for beasts, fowls, swine, useful and wild animals that run or creep on the earth; it
will pacify them, as seen by Isaiah
son of Amoz, a Jewish prophet.  "The wolf
also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and
calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them."
Animal Planet (Animal Planet)
* AnimalSearch - Macaulay Library: Link - World Animal Net
  Animal related search sites and networks for families.

Pet: Pet Society - Portal:Cats - Portal:Dogs
List of Domesticated Animals - Purebred
* Animal Care Technologies
* Apartment Rental & Hotel Directory
  Accepting dogs, cats and other pets.
* In Memory Of Pets
  Pet loss grief support.
* Petfinder™
  Adopt a pet and help an animal shelter rescue a puppy or kitten.
* PetHobbyist
  Pets as family members.
* Pets & Animals
  Fact encyclopedia from
* PetStyle
  Lifestyle network for pet lovers.
  Dog, cat and other pet friendly hotels, with international travel information.


* International & Foreign Animal Law Research Guide — Georgetown Law
Animal Law - Research Guides at C|M|LAW Library
Humane Society International
  - Humane Society of the United States
OIE - World Organisation for Animal Health
Information Database
OIE-Listed Diseases 2013
Other OIE Web Sites
    - Animal & Animal Product Import (USA)
Review of Selected Cattle Identification & Tracing Systems Worldwide (pdf)
  - International Livestock Identification Association: Member Information
Livestock Branding: Images of Livestock Brands - Livestock Brands
Internet Resources | Veterinary Medicine | Information Services
Merck Veterinary Manual
    Comprehensive electronic reference for animal care information.
American Veterinary Medical Association: Browse by Topic
Pet Health Community: Support Group
      Providing reliable, up-to-date animal health information from qualified
      veterinarians and experts of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN).
      Veterinary medical information for dogs and cats.
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Real Estate: Real Estate: Global Real Estate
GENERAL: Land and Property Records
Electricity Around the World
  Everything about plugs, sockets, voltages, converters, etc.
* Global Property Guide:
Global Real Estate Project: Useful Links
* HomeLink
  Home exchange house swap.
* Preservation & Historic Buildings
  - House - Event - Location
Real Estate Appraisal
  - International Valuation Standards Committee
IVSC Membership | International Valuation Standards Council
* Real Estate Resources for Countries & Cities
Real Estate Words
  Terms, definitions and abbreviations in online real estate dictionary.
  - Real Estate Definitions
Limited Street Views: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic,
  Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan,
  Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal,
  Romania, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden,
  Switzerland, Taiwan,
United Kingdom

  International consortium of real estate associations.
Real Estate Wiki: Real Estate - RealPedia
* Buying a Home (H
* Died in House™
  Find out if anyone has ever died in your house.
* What's Your Flood Risk?
* - Real Estate & Homes For Sale
* MSN® Real Estate
* Neighborhood Link free websites.
  - HOA - Homeowner Association
Neighbourhood, condominium and community.
  - Nextdoor
    Join the free private social network for your neighborhood.
Provides Google™ Street View, area photos, local traffic conditions,
    a map measurement tool and driving directions.
  Use street view to
    acquaint yourself with an area before you go there; or, you can call
    up places from your past to see what they look like now.
  Real estate information and public records research.
* Property Assessment Directory
Real Estate Dictionary Search
* Sperling's Best Places
STI: ERsys - Earth Resource System
Yahoo!® Homes
* Zillow® [combining with
  Real estate, homes for sale, home prices and values.
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Shopping & Savings: Shopping: Shopping Mall
* Home Shopping:
Shopping Channels
* List of Leading Shopping Streets & Districts by City
* List of Superstores
Auction Resources on the Internet (pdf)
  Classifieds: jobs, housing, personals, for sale,
  services, community, events and forums.

* eBay (eBAY® - eBay®.de - eBay®.uk)
  International person to person auction site,
  with products sorted into categories.
Google™ Merchant Center Help

100 Ways to Shop It Like It’s Hot (Categorized)
* (
Google™ Product Search: genealogy
mySimon - Price Comparison Shopping
Price Guide for Everything - Priceonomics
*® | Price Comparison Site
ShoppingBots and Online Shopping
* Yahoo!® Shopping

* Computer Shopping
  Coupons, coupon, discount and promotional codes
  - - Free Coupons and Promo Codes
    Find online coupons and discount codes.

Free Shipping Codes & Coupons
    Coupon codes and discount codes search engine.
  - OnlineCouponIsland

    Top free coupon and discount coded.
  Find any product by its UPC barcode.

Google™ Checkout
Surplus Property
  Information and assistance to nonprofits around the world.
Product Reviews & Consumer Reports |
* (Chinese)
  Product sourcing and supplier discovery platform.

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Sports Goods & Toys: Fitness
  Sport: Portal:Sports and Games -
Topic Outline of Sports
SPORTS: ESPN - Portal:Current Events - Sports
               Reuters: Sports News - Yahoo!® Sports | More Sports
* Digital Library Collection: Reports - LA84 Foundation
SI Vault - Sports History - Sports Illustrated
  - Sports Illustrated for Kids

* General: Sports on Facebook®
  - Open Source Sports: Sporting Statues Project
    Massive sports databases for you to download.
Research Groups and Reference Sources

Scholarly Sports Sites | Stark Center: SPONET - Sport Science on the Internet
  - SFIA™.org - Sports & Fitness Industry Association: Links of Interest
Sport in Present-Day Nations & States

- Sports History
* Portal:American Football:
History of American Football
  - Portal:Canadian Football
Portal:College Football
* Portal:Association Football (
football or soccer)
  - Portal:A-League
  - Portal:English Football:
History of English Football
* Portal:Baseball:
History of Baseball
* Portal:Basketball
* Portal:Chess:
Origins of Chess
* Portal:Cricket:
History of Cricket
History of the Bicycle
* Portal:Figure Skating
* Portal:Fishing
* Portal:Golf:
Golf Links & Resources - GolfLink - History of Golf
* Portal:Ice Hockey
* Portal:Martial Arts
* Portal:Olympics
Olympic Games - International Olympic Committee
Special Olympics
* Portal:Rugby: Portal:Rugby League - Portal:Rugby Union
* Portal:Swimming
* Portal:Tennis:
History of Tennis
* Portal:Video Games
  - History of Video Games
Music & Games
  - Portal:Sega
  - Portal:Sony PlayStation:
  - Portal:Xbox
* Sports Outlets: FAO Schwarz - Fogdog Sports Sports - Play It Again Sports®
Sports Authority®


* Directories:
Toys Wiki
    Worldwide toy business directory, toys suppliers,
    toys manufacturers and collectible toys.
  - Toy Directory
Browse Categories & Directory List
* Fun Stuff & Games
* Toy Outlets:
Disney Store
    Official site for Disney merchandise
  - FAO Schwarz
    Creating the future of play.
  - Oriental Trading® Company, Inc.
  - Toys & Games at
Toys ''R'' Us (Toysrus®.com)
    Official Toys"R"Us web site.
    Official online store of Warner Bros. Studios
* USA:
National Toy Hall of Fame:
National Farm Toy Museum
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Vacations & Relaxation:

Adventure Vacations and
Adventure/Ecological/Learning Vacations
Hobby and Avocation: List of Hobbies
  Browse hobbies, discover a local club or society, or try something new.
    List of hobbies written by informed hobby people.
* News, Media & Travel

  International media and travel resources.
* Outdoor Recreation Research: Resource List (USA)
  Recreation activities listed by state.
* REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated):
Expert Advice
  High-quality climbing and camping gear: comprehensive clinics,
  checklists, shopping help and quick tips on camping, hiking,
  climbing, cycling, paddling, snow sports, fitness, fishing and travel.
  Outdoors camping, hiking, mountain bikes and biking.

AMUSEMENT: Fair - Funfair - List of Amusement Parks: Portal:Amusement Parks
Amusement Business & Industry
  - International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions
Six Flags (Six Flags)
Portal:Disney and List of Assets owned by Disney
  Dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America.

  - Walt Disney Company
: The Walt Disney Company
  - Walt Disney Parks & Resorts:
* Roller Coaster: List of Roller Coaster Rankings
Roller Coaster DataBase: Use New Top Bar Links & Search Function
Ultimate®: Roller Coaster History
    Roller coasters, theme parks and thrill rides.

National Parks Worldwide SM
  Directory by continents and countries.

  Discover the best American experiences, learn about epic camping spots,
  national monument tours, hiking through pristine national parks and forests,
  renting a cabin on federal lands and so much more.

  - National Park Service
Recreation, Travel & Tourism Sources in State Agency Databases
* ZooWeb
  Zoos & Aquariums from around the world.
Reader's Digest Association: Our Brands
  Informs people and cultures everywhere in the world.
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