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California State Fair

California Maps - HSU Library

California Digital Library
- Online Archive of California
California Genealogy & History Archives
California Public Records Free Search
* California State Archives
: Links
* Calisphere - A World of Digital Resources
Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research
California Digital Newspaper Collection

* CRiis™ California Counties
  California County Recorded Documents.
Early California Population Project (ECPP)
Public access to all the information contained in California's
  historic mission registers, including information on the Indians,
  soldiers and settlers of Alta California from 1769 - 1850.
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* All School Districts in California
Lists of School Districts in California by County
* California Department of Education
California School Directory Simple Search
Data & Statistics
  - Services & Resources - Special Education
* California High School Proficiency Examination
* California Learning Resource Network
Find free open educational resources, reviews of online
  courses and commercial electronic learning resources.

California Network for Higher Education Access
Meeting ground for California educators and others, re:
  California Digital Open Source Library
  California Open Education Resources Council
  California State-Wide Online Learning Portal
  OER Center for California

CTA: California Teachers Association - Useful Links
California's largest professional employee organization,
  representing more than 340,000 public school teachers,
  counselors, psychologists, librarians, other non-supervisory
  certificated personnel, and education support professionals.

EdSource Today
Engage Californians on key education challenges
  with the goal of enhancing learning success.

  Electronic resource for students, teachers and
  everyone else interested in California history.
List of Colleges and Universities in California
California Community Colleges
  - California Schools - Colleges - Universities
    Alumni and genealogy education.
California State Universities: Campus Websites - CSU | Campus Map
  - CaliforniaColleges.Edu
    Finding and applying to a school in California.
      Online student-transfer information system that shows
      how course credits earned at one public California college
      or university can be applied when transferred to another.
University of California | Office of The President: Index - The Parts of UC

    Alphabetical list of University of systemwide properties and links.
    - History Digital Archives
Melvyl® System - University of California
      Worldwide genealogy and family history research.

 University of California News
      Breaking news from the University of California,
UC Davis News & Information.
    - UCTV--University of California Television
Worldwide: Academic Education Learning Resources
Zip - BOOKS (BYU): Education in California - Directory:
    Information - Schools / Colleges / Universities -
Search & State

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* CALIFORNIA: Portal - Research - State Profile CALIFORNIA
Facebook® - Genealogy - Population
Books - (Catalog - California: Place Search) - (Category: Websites)
    [Definition / GenWeb] -
Facts -
Genealogies - Historical Collections - Labs - Wiki
  - Find:
California Online Genealogy Records - Cyndi's List - Linkpendium

* California Counties Genealogy Index
California Genealogy: California Genealogy
California Genealogy Societies
and Directory
California Genealogical Society & Library: Blog
  - California State Genealogical Alliance
California Resources at RootsWeb
California State Archives - Links
California State Library: CSL Catalog - Basic Search
  - California Genealogy Resources
CSL Catalog - Quick Searches
* California Vital Documents ResearchThe Golden State VitalSearch
  - Births - Marriages - Deaths [Death Records (1940 - 1997)]
  - Birth, Death, Fetal Death, Still Birth & Marriage Certificates
  - California Birth Index |
    The California Birth Index, or CABI, is a database that stores records
    of all births in California from 1905 to 1995.  That’s 24.5 million births
    in 90 years.  The CABI was compiled by the California Office of Health
    Information and Research.  The records are not stored in the form
    of birth certificates, but rather abstracts of birth certificates.
Category:People from California
* The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  Mormon family history and genealogy search.
California LDS Family History Centers
  - Find an LDS Temple | Temple Locations from around the World
    - LDS (Mormon) Temples Geographical Region: Pacific Northwest States
    - Medford Oregon LDS (Mormon) Temple
      - Medford Oregon LDS (Mormon) Temple District

LDS (Mormon) Temples Geographical Region: Sierra Nevada States
      - Reno Nevada LDS (Mormon) Temple
        - Reno Nevada LDS (Mormon) Temple District

- Stake & Ward Websites: Locations & Schedules
* Golden Nugget Library
* Melvyl® System - University of California
Worldwide genealogy and family history research.
 NorCal Genealogy Statewide Resource Center
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NORCAL Library
Regional Districts:
Oakland and Sacramento LDS Temples
City of Davis and Yolo County, California
* University of California at Davis
  - UC Davis Regional Genealogical Resource Information
    Genealogy, family and local history research data near
    UCD Shields Library, with local county genealogy for:
    Alameda - Butte - Colusa - Contra Costa - El Dorado
    Marin - Mendocino - Napa - Placer - Sacramento
    San Francisco - San Joaquin - San Mateo - Santa Clara
    Santa Cruz - Solano - Sonoma - Sutter - Yolo - Yuba

Northern California Regional Area: Other Counties
* Alpine
COUNTY: Alpine [County CAGenWeb]
Alpine County: Facts
* Amador
COUNTY: Amador [County CAGenWeb]
Amador County: Facts
* Calaveras
COUNTY: Calaveras [County CAGenWeb]
Calaveras County: Facts
* Del Norte
COUNTY: Del Norte [County CAGenWeb]
Del Norte County: Facts
* Fresno
COUNTY: Fresno [County CAGenWeb]
Fresno County: Facts
Fresno California LDS (Mormon) Temple
Fresno California LDS (Mormon) Temple District

* Glenn
COUNTY: Glenn [County CAGenWeb]
  - Glenn County:
* Humboldt
COUNTY: Humboldt [County CAGenWeb]
Humboldt County: Facts
* Inyo
Inyo [County CAGenWeb]
Inyo County: Facts
* Kings
COUNTY: Kings [County CAGenWeb]
Kings County: Facts
* Klamath COUNTY (former county)  [
County Archives]
  - Klamath County, California:
Census 1852
* Lake
COUNTY: Lake [County CAGenWeb]
Lake County: Facts
* Lassen COUNTY: Lassen [
County CAGenWeb]
Lassen County: Facts
* Madera
COUNTY: Madera [County CAGenWeb]
Madera County: Facts
* Mariposa
Mariposa [County CAGenWeb]
Mariposa County: Facts
* Merced
COUNTY: Merced [County CAGenWeb]
Merced County: Facts
* Modoc
COUNTY: Modoc [County CAGenWeb]
Modoc County: Facts
* Mono
COUNTY: Mono [County CAGenWeb]
Mono County: Facts
* Monterey
COUNTY: Monterey [County CAGenWeb]
Monterey County: Facts
* Nevada
COUNTY: Nevada [County GenWeb]
Nevada County: Facts
* Plumas
COUNTY: Plumas [County CAGenWeb]
Plumas County: Facts
* San Benito
COUNTY: San Benito [County CAGenWeb]
San Benito County: Facts
* Shasta
COUNTY: Shasta [County CAGenWeb]
Shasta County: Facts
* Sierra
COUNTY: Sierra [County CAGenWeb]
Sierra County: Facts
* Siskiyou
COUNTY: Siskiyou [County CAGenWeb]
Siskiyou County: Facts
* Stanislaus
COUNTY: Stanislaus [County CAGenWeb]
Stanislaus County: Facts
* Tehama
COUNTY: Tehama [County CAGenWeb]
Tehama County: Facts
* Trinity
COUNTY: Trinity [County CAGenWeb]
Trinity County: Facts
* Tulare
COUNTY: Tulare [County CAGenWeb]
Tulare County: Facts
* Tuolumne
COUNTY: Tuolumne [County CAGenWeb]
Tuolumne County: Facts
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* @LA Genealogy - Genealogical Resources
* LARFHC - Southern California Resources
SoCal Obituaries
onduct a comprehensive search
  for an obituary in Southern California.

* Southern California Genealogical Society
* Imperial COUNTY: Imperial [County CAGenWeb]
  - Imperial County: Facts
Kern COUNTY: Kern [County CAGenWeb]
  - Kern County: Facts
Los Angeles COUNTY: Los Angeles [County CAGenWeb]
Los Angeles County: Facts
    - City of Los Angeles [
Los Angeles, California (CA)]
      - LA Public Library | Research Guides: LAPL Blog -
Site Map
        - History & Genealogy Department: Genealogy
        - History & Genealogy Web Resources
LAPL Indexes: Genealogy & Local History Index
Research & Homework
    - LA County Community Histories
Los Angeles, California FamilySearch Wiki
Los Angeles California LDS (Mormon) Temple
Los Angeles California LDS (Mormon) Temple District
        - Los Angeles LDS (Mormon) Family History Center (BIFHS)
Mexican-American Families in Los Angeles, 1844-1880

Orange COUNTY: Orange [County CAGenWeb]
  - Orange County: Facts
    - Newport Beach California LDS (Mormon) Temple
      - Newport Beach California LDS (Mormon) Temple District

Riverside COUNTY: Riverside [County CAGenWeb]
  - Riverside County: Facts
San Bernardino COUNTY: San Bernardino [County CAGenWeb]
  - San Bernardino County: Facts
    - Redlands California LDS (Mormon) Temple
Redlands California LDS (Mormon) Temple District
San Diego COUNTY: San Diego [County CAGenWeb]
  - San Diego County: Facts
    - San Diego California LDS (Mormon) Temple
      - San Diego California LDS (Mormon) Temple District

San Luis Obispo COUNTY: San Luis Obispo [County CAGenWeb]
  - San Luis Obispo County: Facts
Santa Barbara COUNTY: Santa Barbara [County CAGenWeb]
  - Santa Barbara County: Facts
Ventura COUNTY: Ventura [County CAGenWeb]
  - Ventura County: Facts
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GENERAL INFORMATION: Index - Portal - Topic Outline of California
California Directory
  Search all California businesses
List of California Companies (Notable)
Tax-Exempt Organizations in California
    Detailed financial reports, statistics and location.

California >> globalEDGE
  Source for global business knowledge.
California: Corporations
  - California: Profile
California: Resources
California: Trade Contacts
California: TradeStats
    Data transparency for the State of California.

    - Counting California

  - RAND California Statistics
Database Descriptions

Search for Statistics
    - State Research Note from California Statistical Abstract 2003:
      Statewide summary for 2001 - 2002 shows a total count of
      volumes held to be 137,732,000.
      Public libraries: 68,105,000
      Academic libraries: 60,649,000
      Special (includes State and Federal) libraries: 6,378,000
      County Law libraries (
reporting): 2,600,000
      (Interlibrary loan volumes lent 1,877,000)
* California Pages
  California directory: California cities, maps and businesses
Index of California-related Articles: 0–9
  - A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Category:History of California
    - List of Ghost Towns in California
  - Category:Unincorporated Communities in California:
  - League of California Cities
  - List of Cities in California (by population)
  - List of Cities, Places, and Neighborhoods in California
  - List of Counties in California
County Websites & Profile Information
List of Municipalities in California

List of Places in California
List of Urbanized Areas in California (by population)
Google™ Maps
  Search for California businesses,
  addresses and places of interest.
California Agri-tourism Database
  - California Farm Bureau Federation
  - California Gazetteer
    City profiles, physical and cultural features.
  - California Institute for Rural Studies
Community Alliance with Family Farmers
List of Earthquakes in California
List of Islands of California
  - List of Lakes in California
  - List of Reservoirs and Dams in California
  - List of Rivers of California
  - Stone Quarries and Beyond
    California quarries and quarry
    links, photographs and articles.
Viceroyalty of New Spain

Las Californias
      - Alta California (Upper California)
        - Ranchos of California
          - List of Ranchos of California
      - Spanish Missions in California
        - California Missions Resource Center
          History of the California Missions and the people who founded California.

Places of Worship
  Find a Church in California.
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California Watch
State of California:
Site Map
California Courts
Online Self-Help Center
Supreme Court of California
* California: State and Local Government on the Net
California State Library - Government Publications
  - California State Library - State Document Depositories

* Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act (pdf)
  Rights of families and persons having developmental disabilities.
Library | Institute of Governmental Studies - UC Berkeley
* List of California State Agencies
List of Governors of California
  - Current Governor: Arnold Schwarzenegger
* List of United States Representatives from California
List of United States Senators from California
* Official California Legislative Information
  - California Legislative Analyst's Office
Politics1 - Online Guide to California Politics
  Complete directory of California candidates for Governor,
  State Cabinet, United State Senator and Congress in the
  current election cycle . . . state political parties . . . the
  official state election office ... and state news sources.
Elections in California
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California Heritage Collection
  Online archive of more than 30,000 images
  illustrating California's history and culture
* California Pioneer Project
  Settlers to California who migrated to,
  or were born in California prior to 1880.
California Gold Rush
  - American Experience | The Gold Rush | PBS
California Gold Rush
  - California's Gold
    Statewide television series
    in California about California.
Discovery of Gold in California
California State Library
  California history section.

History - About CA - State of California
  - California First Person Narratives: General Collections
California Historical Resources Information System
  - California Historical Society
California History UCB Bancroft Library Related Links
    Resources for teachers and students.

  - California History Website
County History - California State Association of Counties: Related Websites
H-Cal Discussion Network: Internet Resources
    - History
History of California
    - History of California to 1899
    - History of California 1900 to Present
  - University of California History Digital Archives
List of Museums in California
California Museum
California State Military Museum
- List of Forts in California
* National Register of Historic Places
  Listings in California.
List of California Historical Landmarks
California State Historical Landmarks
* Oregon-California Trails Association
Survey of California & Other Indian Languages: Links
  - California Language Maps
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California - Google™ Books
California State Library 
  - Online Resources for State Government
  - California State Library - Services to Libraries
    - California Library Directory
* Higher Learning:
  - California Community College Libraries:
Community College Library Consortium
California State University Campus Libraries : Directory of Special Collections
Systemwide Digital Library Services
      Academic technology services.

University of California - Libraries: Facts & Figures
    With collections totaling more than 39 million volumes,
    the more than 100 libraries throughout UC are surpassed
    in size on the American continent only by the Library of
    Congress collection. in Washington, DC.
    - University of California System & Campus Libraries
      Statewide resources for genealogy and family history.

      Obtain search results from all UC campus libraries:

    - Find Current: WorldCa®: UC Berkeley Libraries and Beyond
Find Current:
WorldCat®: UC Davis Libraries and Beyond
Find Current: WorldCat®: UC Irvine Libraries and Beyond
Find Current: WorldCat®: UCLA Library: Advanced Search and Beyond
Find Current:
WorldCat®: UC Merced Library and Beyond
  - Find Current:
WorldCat®: UC Riverside Libraries and Beyond
  - Find Current:
WorldCat®: UC San Diego Libraries and Beyond
  - Find Current:
WorldCat®: UC San Francisco Library and Beyond
  - Find Current:
WorldCat®: UC Santa Barbara Library and Beyond
  - Find Current:
WorldCat®: UC Santa Cruz Library and Beyond
* - California Libraries: California Libraries (archived)
* SCELC Member Institutions: Google™ Maps
  Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium,
  that provides r
esource-sharing among the libraries of
  private academic institutions throughout California.

* Your Public Law Library
Map of California Library Systems
Califa Library Group: Links
  Largest library network in California, which includes
  all sizes and types of libraries: academic, research,
  public, school, corporate, medical, law, and special.
Facebook® - Califa Library Group: Products & News
Member List | Califa Library Group

* Directory of California Library Organizations,
  Networks, and Interest Groups.
49-99 Cooperative Library System
  - Bay Area Library & Information System
  - Black Gold Cooperative Library System
  - Inland Library System
Metropolitan Cooperative Library System
    - Includes Santiago Library System.
  - Monterey Bay Area Cooperative Library System
Mountain Valley Library System | Mountain Valley Region
North Bay Cooperative Library System
North State Cooperative Library System
  - Peninsula Library System
  - Regional Library Networks: California
Arroyo Seco Library Network
Cascade Pacific Library Network
Gold Coast Library Network: Current Members
    - Heartland Regional Library Network
Sierra Valley Library Network
Tierra Del Sol Reigonal Library Network
  - San Joaquin Valley Library System
  - Serra Cooperative Library System
Silicon Valley Library System
Southern California Library Cooperative
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* California Highways History
  - County Routes in California
State Highways in California
List of State Highways in California
    - State Scenic Highway System (California)
California Travel & Tourism
  State of California travel guide.
* California Travel and Tourism Commission
* California Travel Guide
* Culture of California
Art California Web Portal
* List of Airports in California
* List of Beaches in California
List of Hospitals in California
List of Newspapers in California
* List of Radio Stations in California
* List of Railroads in California:
History of Rail Transport
* List of State Parks in California
  - California State Parks
List of Television Stations in California
* Media Resources Center UCB
  - Media Related Primary Source Materials
Motion Picture Research - Primary Sources
    - Moving Images and Sound Recordings - Primary Sources
  - Online Media Resources Outside of UC Berkeley
* National Weather Service
  Western regional headquarters.

* Regional & California Statewide Guides
* Statewide - California Association of Bed & Breakfast Inns

Northern California
* Central Valley (California): Portal:California Central Valley
Sacramento Metropolitan Area: Sacramento, California
    - Newspaper: Sacramento Bee (
Travel and
Sacramento™ - Generations
    - Radio:
Capital Public Radio - CBS Sacramento - KFBK 1530  Radio Online
The Beehive - Sacramento:
2-1-1 Sacramento Community Resource Lists
San Francisco Bay Area: Portal:San Francisco Bay Area
San Francisco (San Francisco)
* Silicon Valley
San Jose, California

SOUTHERN: Southern California -
Portal:Southern California
Greater Los Angeles Area
  - Los Angeles Almanac
    Demographics, history and statistics.
    - Los Angeles, California:
Portal:Los Angeles
      - @ LA City
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
        - Hollywood Walk of Fame
          - List of Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

List of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments in Hollywood
- Los Angeles Times (Travel)
Imperial Valley (California)
Inland Empire (California): Portal:Inland Empire
San Diego Metropolitan Area
  - San Diego: Portal:San Diego
San Diego–Tijuana: Tijuana
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   State Flower             State Flag                 State Bird 
List of California State Symbols

California archives, databases, education, families, genealogy,
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