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Archival Science: Archivopedia
- Academy of Certified Archivists: Links
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Professional Sections - Regional Branches
  - Adam Matthew Digital
    Publishes unique primary source collections from archives around the world.
  - Archive Finder - About Archive Finder
    Current directory which describes over 220,000 collections
    of primary source material housed in thousands of repositories
    across the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Reference at Your Desk -- Archives Library Information Center | National Archives
      Quick access to the type of ready-reference tools
      needed by archivists and records managers.

  - Archivist: People - Archivopedia
    Biographies of notable archivists and librarians.
ICARUS | International Centre for Archival Research
    - READ Project | Recognition and Enrichment of Archival Documents
    - Transkribus: Cutting Edge Research In Handwritten Text Recognition

  - Preservation (Library and Archival Science)
  - SNAC: Find Records: All
    Discovering, locating, and using distributed historical records: primary evidence
    for the lives and work of historical persons and events in which they participated.

* Archivists & Genealogical Researchers - A Bibliography
  - Archival Repositories for Genealogists:
How to Find Original Manuscript Collections with ArchiveGrid
    - Reocities Archive: Reocities
    - Wayback Machine (Internet Archive): GeoCities Special Collection 2009
    - Yahoo!® GeoCities: Yahoo!® GeoCities Japan
  - Donating Your Personal or Family Records to a Repository

  - Historical Text Archive: Electronic History Resources
Using Archives: A Guide to Effective Research
    - Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology
World Archives Project -
Libraries & Museums
Explore FamilySearch Catalog of Resources
  - What's New in Family History, Genealogy & Local History Books?

NGS Guidelines for Using Records Repositories and Libraries
RBMS - Rare Books & Manuscripts Section

Special Collections Web Resources
    - ALA | Internet Resources: Archives and Special Collections

Rare Book Hub - Rare Books, Book Auctions, Antiquarian Book Collecting
* List of Archives: ArchivesWiki - ArchivesWiki | All Countries
Clearinghouse of information about global archival resources.
  - Archive Directories
    - Archives Beyond Bobst - Research Guides at New York University
      - Pedagogy/Resource: Archival Research in NYC
      - Search "Archives" - LibGuides at Princeton University
Archives Portal Europe: Directory
Archives of Russia, Eastern Europe & Eurasia
      - ArchivesGenWeb - France
      - Arkivverket - The National Archives of Norway
      - Ireland National Archives | Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)
      - ScotlandsPeople | Scottish Archive Network
        Official government sources of genealogical data for Scotland.

      - UK Data Archive
        Collection of digital research data in the social sciences and humanities.

      - UK National Archives:
Library Catalogue - Video Guides
        Combine with family history research at the British Library; for England, Wales,
and the United Kingdom: UK government records from Domesday to the present.
Genealogy: A Guide To Resources
Australian Society of Archivists
AFHC | Australian Family History Compendium
International Archival Organizations | Society of American Archivists
Library & Archives Canada: Archives Search
New Zealand Archives - Te Rua Mahara o te Kāwanatanga
Repositories of Primary Sources
: Integrated Index/List (archived)
US States - ArchivesWiki: States Wiki
  - NARA - U.S. National Archives & Records Administration:
    Records from the legislative, executive and judicial branches
    of the federal government, census records, with other pertinent
    records of interest to genealogists and historians.
    - Access to Archival Databases:
Online Public Access
    - ALIC - Archives Library Information Center
    - Archives Library Information Center - Genealogy
Genealogy Research Topics
    - Guide to Federal Records
    - Links & Web Sites of Genealogical Interest
List of NARA Records Digitized by NARA's Partners
National Personnel Records Center
      Information on United States civilian records.
    - Resources for Genealogists & Family Historians
    - US National Archive's Channel - YouTube™
    - Veterans & Their Families
      - Locations of Service Records


PORTAL:BUSINESS & ECONOMICS - Business and Economics
WWW Virtual Library Economic and Business History
Business History: Business History (Links) - Business History
ABH - Association of Business Historians
Business History Conference
    - H-Business Discussion Network
    - Links of Interest to Business Historians
Business Reference Services Home (Library of Congress)
Guide to Business History Resources
: Internet Resources
Master Company List

Harvard Business School
    - Publications - Business History
      - Business History Around the World
      - Oxford Handbook of Business History
  - International Directory of Business Biographies
Company: Portal:Companies
  Companies by country and industry.
  - Company Check
    Europe's larges source of free data; search and download.
  - Dealipedia - The Business Deal Wiki: Companies
  - List of Oldest Companies - A.D. 578 to A.D. 1851
U.S. Company Information | Columbia University Libraries
    - Company Histories (USA)
* Corporation
Business Archives Section | Society of American Archivists
    - Directory of Corporate Archives in the United States & Canada - Introduction

A-B | C-D | E-F | G-H | I-K | L-M | N-O | P-R | S-T | U-V | W-Z
History Factory and History Smiths
    Corporate histories, archives, books and publications.
  - Institute For Corporate Culture Affairs
Multinational Corporation
    - List of Conglomerates
HERSHEY'S: About The Company - Archives - Foundation - History
* Documentation and Publications: Professional Genealogical Sources
Category:American Families
    - Classification of American Wealth
      History and genealogy of the wealthy families of America.
  - Museum of American Finance
What's in a Name
    Firms' simplified family trees on the web.
* Economic and Business History Society: Links of Interest
* IMF -- International Monetary Fund
  Organization of 189 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation,
  secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment
  and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.
  - IMF eLibrary: Explore by Region: IMF eLibrary
    - Free Subscription Policy: IMF eLibrary
* Statistical Sites on the World Wide Web
  - DataMarket
    Find, understand and share data.
    Find, use and share numerical data
World Data Atlas -
    World and regional statistics, national data, maps, rankings

WORLD: BUSINESS - Topic Outline of Business
Biz/ed - Biznar - - Business - Business Guides - Business Nation - -
Businessweek - Doing Business
globalEDGE™ - Hoover's Online -
International Business Culture, Customs & Etiquette
Knowledge Management for Business - Overseas Private Investment Corporation
Business products and services, dictionary, domain name registration, education,
international information, Internet web site hosting, long distance, marketplace,
news, search engines,
small business center, software and telecommunications.
Academic Business Libraries
  North and Central America; Europe and Asia-Pacific.
Business & Economics Research Guides | Columbia University Libraries
Harvard Business School
    - Research Guides - Baker Library | Bloomberg Center
- Site Map
  - Vanderbilt University Research Guides: Management Library
    General business topics, career research and data sources.
Browse All Guides (Walker)
    - Researching an Industry or Specific Company
* Business Intelligence Online Resources (pdf)
* CEO Express®: Executive Gateway to the Internet
eCommerce Resources on the Internet (pdf)
* Forbes Lists and Fortune Magazine on CNNMoney
Overview of BLS International Data and Technical Cooperation
  Where things come from; introducing the social network for supply chains.
Stock Market
NASDAQ® Stock Market
  - NYSE: New Y
ork Stock Exchange
  - SEC Filings & Forms - USA (EDGAR)
Research RoundUp: Business Filings Databases Updated – LLRX
Thomson Reuters: Global Gateway
* Wall Street Executive Library
* World Bank Group:
Countries - World Bank eLibrary
Federal Reserve System - USA: Federal Reserve Education
Page One Economics - St. Louis Fed
* World Chambers Network:
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
* Worldwide Directory of Finance Faculty and Professionals

    Financial markets commodities news.
Living FAMILY & FUN Portal: Financial
Wachowicz's Web World: Web Sites for Discerning Finance Students

Topic Outline of Economics
American Economic Association: Resources for Economists on the Internet
AmosWEB is Economics: ECON*world
* Economic History
EH.NET Encyclopedia: Related Sites
* EDIRC (Worldwide)
  Economics Departments, Institutes & Research Centers.

* Economics Search Engine (ESE)
* INOMICS® | The Internet Site for Economists
  Jobs, Conferences, Courses, Programs and Scholarships for Academics.
  - Economics Institutions
Library of Economics and Liberty
Moody's Free Economic Data
* Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development: Site Map
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation
    Evaluating impact, informing policy and improving lives.

OECD Better Life Index
  - Statistics:- Better Life Initiative: Measuring Well-Being & Progress
RePEc Genealogy: RePEc Genealogy Links
New Economy Resources (pdf)
* Trade: International Trade Resources
  - World Trade Organization; TradePort™
USA Trade® Online
WebEc - WWW Resources in Economics
International Economics


Geography [
Human Geography - Physical Geography]: Portal:Atlas - Portal:Geography
Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer
  - ASTER: Links

DigitalGlobe® | An Imagery and Information Company
    High quality earth imagery and geospatial information products.
  - Web Links Database - Geoinformatics
    Surveying, geodesy, imaging, photogrammetry, remote sensing.
* Cartography

  - Map History / History of Cartography - WWW-Virtual Library
    - Ancient World Mapping Center
Collection: CIA Cartography
      Analyze geospatial information, extract intelligence-related geodata,
      and present the information visually in creative and effective ways
      for maximum understanding by intelligence consumers.

    - Family History: Maps and Place-Names
Almanacs, Country Studies & Gazetteers: Maps, Atlases & Gazetteers -
Ancestral Atlas - Family Tree Mapping - Family History Sharing
Cyndi's List - Maps & Geography
Historypin: Pin Your History To The World
      - - Bringing Genealogy to Life
Using Maps in Genealogy
      - World Continents Quizzes - Fun Map Games
      - Worldmapper
        The world as you've never seen it before.  This is a collection of world maps,
        where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest.
Historical Map Web Sites
      Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - UT Library Online
    - Images of Early Maps on the Web
    - Mapping History
  - Maps of the World - Political & Administrative
    Maps of Continents, Countries and Regions - Nations Online Project.
World Map: Map of the World

World of Maps - Die Welt der Karten

Online Map Creation: planiglobe®
* Gazetteer
List of Gazetteers
Alexandria Digital Library Project
      Geography, climate, countries, maps, flags and population.
      Geographical database covers all countries.
Getty Vocabularies: Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names®
Google™ Maps World Gazetteer |
      Searchable world gazetteer based on Google Maps,
      the most comprehensive online satellite imagery ever available.
    - Latitude & Longitude
LibGuides: Geography - Tempe Campus - Place Names
Database of geographic coordinate information.
    - World Atlas of Maps Flags and Geography Facts
      Absolute & relative location of any country (location & geographic coordinates).

* Geo-Guide – GEO-LEO ((GEO-Library Experts Online)
  Subject gateway to scholarly relevant websites in earth sciences,
  geography and mining, mapping, cartography and GIS.
  - Geography Departments Worldwide
Geography Site
      Resources for learning and teaching about geography.
Internet Resources: Geography
- List of Online Map Services:
Comparison of Web Map Services
Bing™ Maps: Bing™ Maps
    - Geody - the World's Search Engine
Google™ Earth: Google™ Earth
YouTube™ - Google™ Earth for Genealogy Video DVD for PC
Google™ Maps: Google™ Maps
      Online collaborative project to create a free editable map of the entire world.
      Photos of the world.

      Combines Google™ Maps with a wiki system, allowing users to add information,
      in the form of a note, to any location on Earth.

Yahoo!® Maps: Yahoo!® Maps
* Map Atlas - Google™ Maps based Atlas of the World
Created to allow any user in any language to view any place in the world.
Maps, Global Map, World Atlas - National Geographic (National Geographic)
  All kinds of maps from around the world: historical, city, street,
  physical, cultural, atlas, flags, clip art and other resources.
  - Atlas & Maps (
  - Atlas: Wikimedia Commons: Atlas Index

MapQuest®.com Features: Blog -
    - MapQuest® France
    - MapQuest® Germany
    - MapQuest® Italy
    - MapQuest® Spain
    - MapQuest® United Kingdom
  - Table of Contents
Designed as a collection of paneuropean and national map projections
    and geodetic reference systems in Europe, used for mapping
    and building up coordinate reference frames.
Maps: Scanned Collections Online

National Atlas
    Authoritative and reliable geographic information that covers North America,
    that can be freely downloaded, without copyright concerns or license restrictions.
  - World Atlas
    Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East & Oceania.

* TerraServer®
  Online imagery, aerial photos and satellite images.

USA and CANADA: Maps & Gazetteers
* - Free U.S. Topo Maps
Arphax Publishing - Original Landowner Maps Series of Books
  Surname indexes are included as well as township-level, full-name indexes.
* Atlas of Historical County Boundaries
* Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States
* Color Landform Atlas of the United States
* David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Geography & Map Reading Room (Library of Congress)
* - Collaborative Genealogy & History
Historic Map Works, Residential Genealogy ™
Historical Atlases and Maps of U.S. and States | Map of US
* Map Machine - National Geographic
(National Geographic)
* Mapquest® and
MapQuest® Canada
  United States and Canada maps.
* Sanborn Maps:
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
  American publisher of historical and current maps of U.S. cities and towns.
* Topozone - Topographic Maps & Aerial Photos for United States & Canada

  Search topographic maps, trail maps and aerial photos by state or province.
USA Place Names Gazetteer - States, Counties, Cities
USGS Geography Information
  Physical and cultural geographic features.
USGS Maps, Imagery & Publications: The USGS Store
    - The National Map: Historical Quadrangle Scanning Project
US Topo


INTERNATIONAL: Government Information - Official Residence
Area Studies and ISA: Directory of Internet Resources
  Comparative politics: elections, parties and governments around the world.
Civil Service
  - Cyndi's List - Public Servants
* Country Research
  Gateway to information about foreign countries. This guide provides
  online resources on countries, regions, and territories throughout the globe.
* Open Data Sites
  Countries with access to machine-readable data.
Election: Elections by Country
  - IFES Election Guide
  - International IDEA | IDEA
  - List of Election Results by Country
  - Voting: Voting System
Table of Voting Systems by Country
    - Voter Registration
      - Cyndi's List - Voters, Poll Books, Electoral Records
Foreign Countries: Information Resources | Columbia University Libraries
Global Geopolitics Net (GG Net)
Globalization Links | The Global Transformations Website
Inter-University Consortium for Political & Social Research
  ICPSR is the world's largest archive of digital social science data.
  - Find & Analyze Data: New User Tutorial
  - Membership in ICPSR:
List of Member Institutions
Resources for Instructors

International Organizations: List of Intergovernmental Organizations
* - The Portal of Political Science
  Official publication of the International Political Science Association.
* Law & Government Resources of the World
  A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
* Local Government
ELGO - European Local Government Officers Database
ICMA International: CityLinks Project Directory
    Create excellence in local governance worldwide.
International Affiliates
  - International Institute of Municipal Clerks:
Association Websites
  - Local Government Association - UK: Knowledge Hub
Directgov: - Find Your Local Authority: England | Map
  - Oultwood International Local Government Index
* National and International Government Publications
  British Library official publications (worldwide | area)
  from the Middle Ages to the present day.
* Parliamentary Democracy - Inter-Parliamentary Union:
Parliaments on the Web
Pew Research Center for the People and the Press
* Political families of the World and

* Political Resources on the Net:
Other Politics Servers & Academic Sites
* Political Science: Topic Outline of Political Science
* Regional Genealogy & Local History Research
* Ultimate Political Science Links Page (P.S. Ruckman, Jr., ed.)

USA: Portal:Government of the United States: C-SPAN - U.S. Political Pages
Federal Agencies with Statistical Programs
Unclesam - Google™ Search - Family, Home & Community
* American Political Science Association
  - Resources for Political Science
* | Library of Congress
Current Members of the United States Congress
  - Dirksen Congressional Center
  - Tracking the U.S. Congress
  - How to Compile a Legislative History | Columbia University Libraries
  - Law Librarians Society of Washington, D.C.'s Legislative Source Book
  - NARA - Members of Congress
  - United States Congressional Biographical Directory
United States Congressional Documents & Debates, 1774-1873
  - United States Senate: Reference Home
US Congress - on Facebook®: United States Congress
* CyberCemetery
Permanent public access to the web sites and publications
  of defunct U.S. government agencies and commissions.
Government Information Library
  University Libraries | University of Colorado Boulder
* Local Government in the United States:
Local Governments:
  - States & Capitals
Capitol Impact Government Gateway
  - NETR Online • Public Records
State Agency Databases Project
    All Guides Alphabetically - LibGuides at GODORT.
Government Agencies & Elected Officials Sources in State Agency Databases
    - Government Finances & Contracts Sources in State Agency Databases
  - United States: Local US, City & Federal Governments
Voting & Elections Sources in State Agency Databases
Political Families of the United States
A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
* Political Graveyard
  United States political history and cemeteries.
* Scout
  Free service that provides daily insight on how laws and regulations
  are shaped in Washington, DC and at the local state capitols.
* Society for History in the Federal Government:
Links - Resources
  - Genealogical Information in Other Federal Agency Web Sites
* U.S. Colonial Laws - LibGuides at Bowling Green State University
Lists sources of laws of the original thirteen colonies.
* U.S. Government -
Government Information
  - Government Pages
Open Government Guide

    Every state's open records and open meetings laws.
  - U.S. Government Documents: Government Documents
  - U.S. Government Printing Office: FDsys - Federal Digital System
    - Compilation of Presidential Documents
Find Government Forms |
United States Census Bureau: American FactFinder - USA Census
  Social, demographic and economic information.
Historical Census Browser

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is
wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
Noted by John Adams,
The Second President of the United States of America.

The U.S. Constitution is not a law, but it empowers the people to make laws.
The Constitution acknowledges that the people have all power not reserved to itself.
The Constitution is not law to us, but it makes provision for us whereby we can make laws.
Where it provides that no one shall be hindered from worshiping God according to his
own conscience, is a law.  No legislature can enact a law to prohibit it.
The Constitution provides to regulate bodies of men and not individuals.
The only fault I find with the Constitution is, it is not broad enough
to cover the whole ground.  Although it provides that all men
shall enjoy religious freedom,  yet it does not provide
the manner by which the freedom can be preserved,
nor for the punishment of Government officers who
refuse to protect the people in their religious rights,
or punish those mobs, states, or communities who
interfere with the rights of the people on account
of their religion.  Its sentiments are good, but it
provides no means of enforcing them.  It has
but this one fault.  Under its provision, a man
or a people who are able to protect themselves
can get along well enough; but those who have the misfortune to
be weak or unpopular are left to the merciless rage of popular fury.
The Constitution should contain a provision that every officer
of the Government who should neglect or refuse to extend
the protection guaranteed in the Constitution should be
subject to capital punishment - Joseph Smith, Jr. (
Heritage Foundation: American History & Heritage
Hillsdale College - Activate Free Online Courses:
[Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship]

J Reuben Clark Law Society: Religious Freedom

Prager University |
  Big Ideas Change The World
Religious Freedom Center of the Newseum Institute

GENERAL LAW [Common Law]: Portal:Law - Topic Outline of Law
Inheritance -
JURIST - Legal News and Research
LawyerExpress® -
Legal Dictionary - Legal Guardian
* FindLaw® for Legal Professionals | Law & Legal Information
* Genealogical Dictionary of Legal Terms
  Legal information for Internet professionals.
GLIN: Global Legal Information Network
  International legal database with official full texts
  of published documents in the original languages.
Global Legal Information Catalog
  Law Library of Congress i
nformation about publications which reprint
  the laws and regulations of multiple jurisdictions on a particular legal topic.

Guide to Law Online
  Law Library of Congress (Library of Congress)
  World's largest image-based legal research collection;
  it contains more than nine (9) centuries of legal history.
  - List of Libraries | HeinOnline
* Hieros Gamos
  Worldwide law and legal research center.
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies - School of Advanced Study
  University of London: Leading Research Facilitation in Law.
IALS Library - Eagle-i Internet Portal for Law Project: Search EAGLEIdb
International | NCSC: Convict - Criminal Justice - CriminologyInternment - Prison
Capital Punishment U.K., United States & Worldwide
  - Comparative Criminal Procedure: A Select Bibliography – LLRX
Courts of England & Wales: Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London 1674 to 1834
Cyndi's List - Prisons, Prisoners & Outlaws
International Centre for Convict Studies
    - Transportation of Convicts | The National Archives
      - Convicts Transported to Australia
: Convicts Australia
  - International Criminal Records Search
  - List of Concentration & Internment Camps
  - List of Prisons by Country
U.S. Prison Search - Free Prison Inmate Locators
Inside Prison | Prison Life | Prison Stories | Prison Articles
        Inmate Search | Inmate Lookup.
      - List of United States State Prisons
List of U.S. Federal Prisons

List of U.S. Military Prisons
Prisoner Locator Tools from State Agency Databases
      - Resources for Families of Children of Incarcerated Parents
        Research Guides at Bank Street College of Education

World Criminal Justice Library Network
International Union of (Civil Law) Notaries (Union Internationale du Notariat)
  - Civil Law Notary
  - Notary Public

Internet Legal Resource Guide: Global Index
Justia: Justia Virtual Chase
  Law and legal information for lawyers, students, business and the public
* Law Enforcement in Present-Day Nations and States
* Law - Legal Information Resources -
Law-Related Web Sites - UMN Law Library: Research Guides Directory
* Lawlinks - University of Kent: Further Research Resources - Other Jurisdictions
Legal Documents, Legal Agreements, Legal Forms (UK)
  - BUSL: Legal History: The Year Books
Legal Genealogist
Legal History: Legal History Project
Avalon Project - Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
  - Guide to Legal History Databases — Georgetown Law
Legal History on the Web: Other Web Gateways
* Legal Research and Law Resources at Katsuey's Legal Gateway
LII: Legal Information Institute - Global: US Federal and Law by State

* LLRX®.com
  International legal and technology articles and resources.
* Police:
Law Enforcement by Country - List of Law Enforcement Agencies
Interpol: World | Member Countries | Internet
    - From A To F - From G To L - From M To R - From S To Z
  - List of Intelligence Agencies
SEARCH LAW: HG. org: Law Firms, Attorneys and Lawyers Directories
Law Firm: Lawyers, find a lawyer, law firm
    and attorney directory from®.
Lawyer: Directory from LexisNexis®.

* VoS - Voice of the Shuttle: Legal Studies
WAALT: The Wiki for the Anglo-American Legal Tradition
* World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII)
Free, independent & non-profit access to worldwide law.
Yale Law School - Lillian Goldman Law Library
Country by Country Guide to Foreign Law Research
    Best research guides and databases for each country.

USA: Law of the United States:®
Up-to-the minute legal news, legal information and e-law services,
analysis and insight, books, software and legal forms.  50-State
specific sites and online continuing legal education.
* - Freedom of Information Act:
Reclaim the Records
  - USDOJ: OIP: FOIA Resources
    - Making a FOIA Request to DOJ
* FormSwift: Create Legal Documents
  - Docracy - Free Legal Documents
* Free Law Project
Non-Profit Free Legal Search Engine and Alert System –
* Law Library of Congress (USA)
Collection of primary and secondary sources
  that constitutes the largest legal collection in the world.
* Law: The Public Library of Law
  - American Bar Association
  - American Indian Legal Materials Interactive Map
Court Records Directory
Court Rules, Forms & Dockets
Sources for state and federal court rules, forms and dockets.
  - (USA)
    - California Courts Self-Help Center
Cyndi's List - United States - U.S. Courts & Courthouses
Find Your U.S. County Offices | County Office is the most accurate internet database
    of county government offices in the United States.
  - FindLaw® Lawyer Directory
    Provides profiles of US government attorneys,
    lawyers, legal professionals and corporate counsel.

Google™ Search: <Unclesam>
    Surname searches will reveal individuals in some case law.

How to Verify an Expert’s Credentials: Daubert Tracker
  - lexisONE
sm: State Resource Center
  - National Center for State Courts
Browse by Category
    - Browse by State
    - Browse Topics A-Z
Special Jurisdiction
  - National Consumer Law Center
  - National Criminal Justice Reference Service
Social Law Library Research Portal: State Law
* Laws, Legislative Materials, and Legal Issues Sources in State Agency Databases
* Supreme Court of the United States
    U. S. Supreme Court multimedia.
  - SCOTUSblog
  - Supreme Court Database
Supreme Court Historical Society
* United States Courts: Federal Court Locator
Free Legal Search Engine and Alert System.
  - History of the Federal Judiciary
  - Judges of the United States Courts
    Biographical directory of Federal Judges, 1789-present.
  - Public Access to Court Electronic Records
Tribal Courts Resource Guide |
Yale Law School - Lillian Goldman Law Library
  Research guides and web sites: National and International


GENERAL: Open Directory - Society: Military: (Blog Them Out of the Stone Age)
[Military & Veteran]: Military Science: Topic Outline of Military Science & Technology
* Armed Forces: Air Force - Army - Marine Corps - Navy
Cyndi's List - Military Worldwide
  - Reunions: Family, Friends & Military
* Genocide Watch: Genocide Watch [Ten Stages of Genocide]
Being "the intentional destruction, in whole or in part,
  of a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such."

* International Crisis Group
  Conflict prevention and resolution.
* International Institute for Strategic Studies | IISS
  Focus on nuclear deterrence and arms control, with annual
  military balance assessment of countries' armed forces.
  - Armed Conflict Database
    Monitors armed conflicts worldwide, focusing on political, military
    and humanitarian trends in current conflicts, whether they are local rebellions,
    long-term insurgencies, civil wars or inter-state conflicts.
* Military: Global Security Resources
  Broad spectrum of national security issues of the nuclear age, 
  promoting humanitarian uses of science and technology.
  - International Security Policy & Military Affairs: Information Resources
    Selective guide to library materials and Internet resources
    on international security policy and military affairs.
Strategic Intelligence
Military - Google™ Books
* Military History: Military History Sources
  - Category:Military History by Country
Canadian Military History Gateway
  - Military History Channel and
Military Channel
Reader's Companion to Military History - Google™ Books
  - Society for Military History Links
Military Resources (pdf)
* Table of Contents for Military Chronologies:
WAR: Portal:War - List of Wars - War Times Journal Portal
  - Wars of the World -
World War: World War [
] (archived)
    Comprehensive guide to armed conflicts; ancient & modern resources.
    - World War I: Portal:World War I
1914-1918-Online. International Encyclopedia of the First World War
Cyndi's List - World War I: The Great War
      - First World
Lives of the First World War
      - World War I
      - World War I Document Archive:
Links to Other WWI Sites
World War II: Portal:World War II - Topic Outline of World War II
Cyndi's List - World War II
HyperWar: World War II on the World Wide Web
      - World War II
World War II Resources
World's Armed Forces Links
  Official military servers and defense information.
  - Foreign Military Links
IHS Jane's: Defense & Security Intelligence & Analysis
    Intelligence, consultancy & advertising solutions to the defense,
     national security, law enforcement and transport sectors.
  - Ministry of National Defense of the People’s Republic of China
    Over one million military pages indexed and ranked.

Sites of Memory

British Empire (
British Empire
& Commonwealth of Nations) Military History & Institutions
Commonwealth War Graves Commission: CWGC - Sitemap
* Cyndi's List - United Kingdom & Ireland - U.K. Military
Library & Archives Canada: Military & Peacekeeping
  - Canadian Military Heritage Project
  - Cyndi's List - Canada - Canada Military
Organisations & Resources for British Military History Research
Forces War Records & Military Genealogy
* Roll of Honour: Links
Complete United Kingdom Memorials & Rolls of Honour

United States: Portal:Military of the United States:
United States Military Records
General: Bugles Across America -
  Military Terms & Abbreviations
Air War College Military Index to the Internet
  - Internet Searching Tools
Military History, Joint, Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, & Space
    History resources and documents
Government Documents on Military History
    - Military Records -
      Draft records, service records, pension records,
      bounty land records, claim records, and military histories.

    - NARA - Prologue - Genealogy Notes

    - Online Military Indexes, War Records & Databases of Soldiers
Selective Service System: Obtaining Records
      Information from records kept on men currently registered with Selective Service,
      as well as on men in the
Civilian Draft Registration Database, as far back as WW I.
      Libraries, archives and museums
    - United States Military Records
U. S. Air Force Historical Studies Office: Air Force Historical Research Agency
    - U.S. Army Center Of Military History
    - U. S. Marine Corps History Division

U. S. Memorial Day History & Information on U.S. War Memorials
      - American Battle Monuments Commission
    - U. S. Military Records.pdf
    - U. S. Naval History & Heritage Command
Military Portal
    Augmenting the U.S. Air Force portal and DoD portal;
    the Army, Navy, Marine, National Guard portals
* - Historical Military Records: Fold3 Blog
  Comprehensive collection of U.S. military records.
* Hereditary Societies of the United States of America
  "War" Societies are the "oldest, largest & best-known of hereditary societies",
  "with membership based on the military service of an ancestor"
  [Grahame Thomas Smallwood, Jr.].
Institute of Heraldry
* Medal of Honor
MOH Links: Congressional Medal of Honor Society
MERLN - Research Guides at National Defense University
MiPALs defense-related U.S. policy statements on selected key topics.
Military & Veterans Sources in State Agency Databases
* Mobile | News
  - Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office

* U.S. Department of Defense
Official web site and starting point for finding U.S. military information online.
* Veterans: Veteran
Disabled American Veterans: Links
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans History Project: Veterans History Project
Veterans Largest Service Organization - The American Legion
  - Veterans of Foreign Wars
Warrior™ Gateway

Specific Key Wars and History by Time Period:

(980s to late 1400s) Norse Colonization of the Americas
( circa 1000) L'Anse aux Meadows

(1492 - 1776) Colonial History of the United States:
Colonial Immigrant Ancestor
* Christopher Columbus: Ancient & Modern Explorations
European Colonization of the Americas
  History of the land that would become the United States from the start
  of European settlement to the time of independence from Europe.
(1620 To Present Time) Military History of the United States
* American Soldier from 1747 to the Present
Timeline of United States Military Operations
(1754 - 1763) French & Indian War
(1763 - 1783) American Revolutionary War
* American Revolution: Revolutionary War Timeline
Cyndi's List - United States - U.S. Military: American Revolution
  - Guide to the American Revolution, 1763-1783
Sources of Revolutionary War Service
(1784 - 1800) Papers of the War Department
* (1786 - 1787) Shays' Rebellion
(1812 - 1815) War of 1812
* Guide to the War of 1812
(1846 - 1848) Mexican–American War
* Guide to the Mexican War
(1861 - 1865) American Civil War
* Civil War:
Portal:American Civil War
  - American Civil War
  - American Civil War
: Index of Civil War Information - Internet
  - Civil War Interactive: The Only Daily Civil War Newspaper
Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System
  Computerized searchable database containing very basic facts
    about servicemen who served on both sides during the Civil War.
Civil War: Research Database
  - Civil War: Soldiers & Events
    Site photos, maps and official records reports.

Cyndi's List - United States - U.S. Military: Civil War
  - Grand Army of the Republic & Kindred Societies
United States Civil War, 1861 to 1865
(1865 - 1918) History of the United States
(1898) Spanish–American War
Guide to the Spanish-American War
(1899 - 1913) Philippine–American War
Timeline of Philippine–American War
(1914 - 1918) World War I
(1939 - 1945) World War II
Military History of the United States during World War II
(1947 - 1991) Cold War
(1950 - 1953) Korean War
Korean War Project
(1959 - 1975) Vietnam War
* Vietnam War Internet Links: General Information - Topic Outline of the Vietnam War
Vietnam Center & Archive, Texas Tech University
  - Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
: Virtual Vietnam Veterans Wall of Faces
    Memorializing men & women who gave their lives in Vietnam, such as:
Alvin Gene Tennison | Army (Memorial)
    - Donald Warren Tinney, Jr.| Army (
Johnny Mack Tinney | Army (Memorial)
(1990 - 1991) Gulf War
(2001 - 11 September To Present Time) - War on Terror
* Global Incident Map
  Displaying terrorist acts, suspicious activity and general terrorism news
* Terrorism in the United States (from AD 1800 -     )
  - Before Taliban: Genealogies of the Afghan Jihad
Significant Persons & Parties
Department of Homeland Security
    Keeping America safe.
  - Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America
    - Honor The Fallen
      Honoring those who fought and died in Iraq and Afghanistan.
      - Faces of the Fallen: Iraq & Afghanistan Casualties
September 11 Attacks - America Attacked: A Day of Deep Mourning
National September 11 Memorial & Museum | World Trade Center Memorial
    - Overview: September 11, 2001
      Library of Congress Web Archives.
    - PBS: America Responds
    - September 11th Digital Archive
Talking to Kids About Terrorism or Acts of War


PEDIGREE & LINEAGE INFO - GENERAL: Personal Web Sites - Surname - Surnames
FAMILY TREE: Wikipedia®: Family Trees
* Community Trees from FamilySearch™
Lineage-linked genealogies from specific time periods
  and geographic localities around the world.
* - Family Tree Surname Search
  Genealogy search engine. Search for persons in family trees
  on the Internet.  These family trees now all make one big database.
  Click on a person's name in the search results and be linked immediately
  to the family tree web page with the genealogical data about this person.
* Free Family Trees —
Site Map
  Lineage linked conclusion trees provided to FamilySearch by users;
  from Ancestral File, Pedigree Resource File and other user submissions.
* Genealogy
  On the iconography and rhetorics of an epistemological topos.
* Genealogy Webmaster - Webmasters
  Homepage Construction.
* Numbering Systems in Genealogy
  Summary of systems used in genealogy and pedigrees.
Cyndi's List - Numbering Systems
* Who Can Find People?
  Ongoing current information and resources for genealogists,
  family historians and researchers to FIND People, Places and Things.
Community Forums & Chat Directories
* WorldConnect Project
  Connecting the world, one GEDCOM at a time.

SOCIAL NETWORKING - GENERAL: World Map of Social Networks
List of Social Networking Websites: Social Networking Websites Review
Online Social Networking (pdf) - Social Informatics (pdf) - Social Media
Social Media Search Engine - Who Is Talking on Social Media Network
Social Networking Service - Social Software
46 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools [Update 2017]
60+ Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2017
List of Virtual Communities with more than 1 Million Users
List of Virtual Communities with more than 100 Million Active Users
HootSuite: Social Media Management Dashboard - HootSuite®
* Mashable
  Social media news, web tips and guide.
Mashpedia, the Video Encyclopedia
  Visualize a variety of multimedia content about your topics of interest
  and promoting active social engagement to provide a complete,
  contextual and up-to-date vision for every topic.
* Real Time Search - Social Mention
* Samepoint
™ Social Conversation Search
  Mining the deep social web, Samepoint's crawlers
  search millions of social media web sites in real-time.
It’s a Small World After All
The top global web trends.  "Social networking is the most popular
online activity worldwide accounting for nearly 1 in every 5 minutes
spent online in October 2011, and reaches 82 percent of the world’s
Internet population, representing 1.2 billion users around the globe."
* Baidu Space:
Baidu Space
The Facebook® Blog

  Connects you with the people around you, made up of many networks,
  based around friends, contacts, relationships,  a company, region,
  high school or college.  Create a New Page on Facebook®

- Join a Facebook (Family History & Genealogy) Research Community
  - People Directory - All Listings on Facebook®
    Constantly expanding public list.
    Use given names and surnames; browse alphabetically.
Google™+: The Google™+ Project
  Real life sharing, rethought for the web.
Finding the Genealogy Community on Google™+
  - Google™+: The Complete Guide
    - Google™+ for Genealogy
    - Search - Google™+ "family history"
    - Search - Google
™+ genealogy

    - Search - Google™+ Surnames: Tinney Example
  Growing virtual world and social networking service for teenagers.
hi5: hi5
  Your friends, your world.
LinkedIn®: Relationships Matter
  Informed professionals exchanging information, ideas and opportunities.

Ning (website): Ning
reate, customize, and share your own social network for free in seconds.
  Make it public or private and for anything - and anyone - you'd like.

Qzone: and Sina Weibo:
TechRice: China’s Top 15 Social Networks
Twitter: Twitter

Communicate, stay connected through exchange of quick, frequent answers.
Twibes - Twitter Groups
Genealogy Twitter List
Vkontakte: VK and Odnoklassniki: Одноклассники
  Popular Russian and former Soviet Republics social networking sites.

* YouTube™
  Broadcast yourself.

SOCIAL NETWORKING with FAMILY TREES: Social Genealogy Sites -
Social Media
Popular Social Networks for Genealogy:
Features - Social Media & Genealogy
æ - heimili ættarinnar á netinu (Iceland)
* Customer Reviews: Social Networking for Genealogists
Ancestor Search: Genealogy Programs That Put Your Family Tree Online
Ancestral Forest - Build Your Family Tree on the Internet
* Cyndi's List - Social Networking for Genealogy: The Collaborative Family Tree
eFamily | Your Family's Home.
* Famberry
  Family Tree builder.
* Famento - Create a Life Memory That Will Last Forever
* Famicity
  Your story is a treasure worth sharing.
* Familiaridade - Árvores Genealógicas - O melhor site de árvores genealógicas (Brazil)
Family Crossings™: Family Websites - Videos - Photos - Social Network
* Family Genealogy Tree Online:
Stammbaum Online
Family Pursuit® - Online Family Tree
Family Tree Circles: Find Family Tree Researchers & Information for Your Surnames
Family Tree Explorer™ - from
* Family Tree Guide: Your Free Online Family Tree
Family Tree Maker - Famberry
Family Trees: An Online Research Tool | Learn |
* Family Trees -
* Family TreeTop: Your Family On Facebook®

Familybuilder - Including Family Tree on Facebook, Newsletters & Genealogy
* Familypedia

* | Submit Your Tree
* FamilySpace: (Russian Language)
* Free Genealogy Search Help for Google™
* Gaia Family Tree™ - Simplified
  Portal de Genealogia.
* Genealogie Online
* Genealogy Wise - The Genealogy & Family History Social Network
GeneaNet: Build Your Family Tree, Share Family History & Improve Genealogy Research
* - Family Tree Maker, Creator, Pictures Online
Genes® Reunited: Discover Your Ancestors
* Family Tree & Family History:
Genealogy Resources: Genealogy Projects & Information
* GenoLink.Ru - Russian Genealogical Social Network
* Genoom
  Family Tree in private family network.
Google™+: The Google™+ Project
  Interelatives is a place for Indians [of India] to create
  their family trees, find and reestablish lost contacts.
  Worldwide family roots and heritage network.
  - About peoplemon
    Simplest family and people network that will allow individuals
    to preserve their heritage, connect with their family as well as other families,
    discover ancestors and research profiles wherever they are.
* - Free Family Tree, Calendar & Albums
MyFamilyHealth: Connect With Your Relatives & Track Your Health
* - Create a Family Website Today
* MyHeritage: English blog

- A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Other
  - SuperSearch Historical Records
    6,898,637,845 historical records and counting.
* Genealogy, Family Tree, Ancestry & Family History Search
* - Genealogy for the People
* Genealogy & Family Tree
: Site Index
Past Times - Global Interaction With All Aspects of Great Britain's Past
* Rodovid EN: Multilingual Family Tree Portal
* Rootsy | Private Family Sharing
* - Genealogy, Family Trees, Records & Online Family Tree Builder
* - Family Trees | Genealogy | Free Family Tree
* Family Tree Explorer - Genealogy
Category:Portal - Genealogy
    - Article - Genealogy
    - Cemetery - Genealogy
    - Community - Genealogy
    - Ethnic American - Genealogy
    - Family - Genealogy
    - Image - Genealogy
    - Middle Ages - Genealogy
MySource - Genealogy

Person - Genealogy
Place - Genealogy
Repository - Genealogy
Source - Genealogy
Surname - Genealogy

WikiTree - Family Tree & Free Genealogy: Family Tree Widgets
* WorldConnect Project -- Connecting the World One GEDCOM at Time

ZoomPast Genealogy Family Tree


PERSONAL WEB PAGE: Biography - Guideposts - Happiness - Marriage & Family Ties
Personal Life: Self -Topic Outline of Self
* Abbreviations Lists for Personal Names (English)
Family Index of Web Pages | Marriage & Family Ties
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Genealogy Index of Web Pages |
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
* Genealogy Webmaster Homepage Construction
  Place to collaborate, create and preserve your family history
* How Do I Begin To Document & File Family History?  An Introduction
Interactiva.Org - Personal Homepages People Society
Personal Digital Archiving
  Digital preservation presentation from the Library of Congress.
* Tradition: Portal:Folklore
Open Folklore
Data, publications, educational materials, and scholarship in folklore.
Who Can Find People?
Lists of People: Lists of People By Name
* Worldwide Oral History: Oral History Links on the Web - Resources
  Account of something passed down by word of mouth: one generation to another.
African Oral Genealogy (pdf)
    Collecting and preserving yesterday for tomorrow.
Art of the Oral Historian | UCSB Library
  - Community Trees - Oral Histories
Cyndi's List - Oral History & Interviews
  - H-Oralhist
International Oral History Association: Websites
Oral History Association (USA): OHA Wiki
Regional & International Organizations

  - Matrix Oral History Tutorial
  - Reminiscence - Family History, Oral History Techniques
    - Family History Questionnaire
  - StoryCorps®
    Honor and celebrate one another’s lives through listening.
    - Recording The Lives And Stories Of Everyday Americans: In The News
  - U.S. Army Guide to Oral History
    Guidance for historians tasked with conducting interview.
World Oral Literature Project
    Global initiative to document and make accessible
    endangered oral literatures before they disappear without record.
Oral Literature Collections Online


Protecting Our Heritage & Fostering Creativity | UNESCO
Cultural Institutes - e Diplomat
* Cultural Studies: Cultural Studies - VoS
Countries & Their Cultures
  - Cultures of Present-Day Nations & States
    - Cyndi's List - Unique Peoples & Cultures

Popular Culture
    Various areas of popular culture throughout the ages.

* Culture
® 4.0
  Contextual Guide and Internet Index to Western Civilization.

Cultural Internet Resources
  Network of networks for research and cooperation in cultural development.
* ECAI - Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative

* Global Memory Net
  Gateway to the world cultural, historical and heritage image
  collections from selective collaborative institutions in the world.
* Google™ Cultural Institute
  Exhibits and collections from museums and archives all around the world.
* Human Relations Area Files: Cultural information for education and research.
eHRAF World Cultures and online information restricted to selected
  library use only. 
Reference Materials | Human Relations Area Files.
  Compare with
standard cross-cultural sample of 186 cultures,
  used by
scholars engaged in cross-cultural studies.
Indigenous Peoples: List of Indigenous Peoples - Tribal Art
  - Center for World Indigenous Studies: Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources
  - Indigenous Studies Portal:
Indigenous Peoples Literature
    Electronic resources: books, articles, theses,
    documents, photographs, archival resources, maps, etc.
List of Ethnic Groups: Ethnic Toolkits - U.S. Ethnic & Race
  - Acadian: Cajun [Cyndi's List - Acadian, Cajun & Creole]
  - African American [
Cyndi's List - African-American] (African American Research)
  - Hispanic - Latino (
Hispanic Research)
  - Jew (
Jewish Genealogy Research)
* Minority Group: Minority Studies
* Native Web: NativeWiki - WikiIndex
  Cyber-community for Earth's indigenous peoples, concerning native,
  aboriginal and indigenous Internet resources on all seven continents.
Indigenous nations and peoples (past and present) of the world.
GeoNative - Table Index
    Place name tables for minority and native
    languages, arranged by minorities and states.

* Preservation & Historic Buildings - Events - Houses - Locations

* Warburg Institute: Links
  Premier institute in the world for the study
  of cultural history and the role of images in culture.

RELIGION: Portal:Religion - What Do I Believe | About World Religions & Faith
Global Religious Landscape - RealClearReligion - World Faith News:
List of Religions & Spiritual Traditions - Major Religious Groups - Topic Outline of Religion
Directories: Religions by Country: Images - Importance of Religion
  - American Academy of Religion: Partnerships
  - Bibliographies on the Net
  - Encyclopedia of Religion & Society: Religions of the World
  - Internet Sacred Text Archive
  - ReligionFacts
World Religion Resources
  - Yale Divinity Library: Free Web Resources on Religion - Instructional Guides & Tutorials
Electronic Resources for Religion
Mission Resources
    - Research Guide for Christianity:
Primary Sources
* General Worship: BBC - Religion
  - ReligiousWorlds: Sources for Religion, Religions, Religious Studies
Beliefnet®: Inspiration - Spirituality - Faith
Interfaith Calendar and Pilgrimage
    - Internet Guide to Religion: Wabash Center
Internet Resources | Divinity | Information Services
    - Religion & Ethics
Theology Resources on the Internet (pdf)
      - Internet Theology Resources
      - Theological Research Exchange Network
    - Virtual Religion Index
      - Academic Sites
 American Studies
 Ancient Near East
Anthropology & Sociology

- Art & Archaeology
      - Biblical Studies
      - Buddhist Tradition
      - Christian Tradition
      - East Asia

      - Ethics & Moral Values
      - Greco-Roman Studies
      - Hindu Studies
      - Islamic Tradition

      - Judaic Studies
      - Philosophy & Theology
      - Psychology of Religion
VoS: Religious Studies
Institutions, Historical Resources and Records: (Infant) Baptism - Place of Worship
  - American Society of Church History

  - Andover-Harvard Theological Library
    Biographical and genealogical information.
Archives of the Episcopal Church - Gateway
  - Association of Religion Data Archives: National Profiles | International Data
    U.S. and World Religion Statistics and Data - ARDA
ATLA CDRI - Digital Resources for the Study of Religion
  - Archive Index
  - CCEd | Clergy of the Church of England Database (1540 - 1835): CCED: Search
  - Church Records Project ~ USGenWeb Archives Project
Cyndi's List - Religion & Churches
  - Family History Library: Subject Search Results (Subject like 'church')
Hall of Church History
International Association for the History of Religions
Members and Affiliates
  - Parish Register:
Warwick Network for Parish Research, Dept of History: Links
  - Selected Other Archives with Material of Interest
  - World Council of Churches Library & Archives: Archives - Libraries - Useful links
  - Writing Congregational Histories
    Introduction, getting started, doing research,
    publication, preservation and conclusion.

* Religious Denomination: Confessional Agencies - Religious Populations
  Index to Religions Worldwide by Group (Denomination) Name
  A B C D E F G H  I  J K  L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  Listing of Official Denominational Web Sites
Bahá'í Faith: Portal:Bahá'í Faith
Bahá’í International Community
  - Buddhism:
    - BuddhaNet
Christianity: Portal:Christianity -
News: Christian Post (Updated Daily)
    - Christian Denominations: [By Number of Members] - World Christian Database
Adventism: Portal:Seventh-day Adventist Church
      - Anabaptist (
Cyndi's List - Anabaptists)
        - Amish (Amish)
        - Brethren in Christ
        - Church of the Brethren
        - German Baptist (variants)
        - Hutterites
        - Mennonites:
Grandma's Window
Cyndi's List - Mennonite
      - Anglican Communion: Portal:Anglicanism
Baptist: Portal:Baptist
Cyndi's List - Baptist
Calvinism: Portal:Calvinism
        - List of Reformed Denominations
Reformed Online: Overview of the Worldwide Reformed Church
      - Catholic (Catholicism): Portal:Catholicism -
Western Christianity
        - Answers: U. S. Parishes
        - Local Catholic Church & Family History & Genealogical Research Guide
Genealogical Research Guide (archived) has more extensive links.]
          - Catholic Gene - Exploring Our Catholic Family History
Cyndi's List - Catholic
        - Encyclopedia
        - Vatican City [Vatican]
Christian Science
Church of Christ, Scientist
Eastern Christianity: Portal:Eastern Christianity - Portal:Oriental Orthodoxy
Assyrian Church of the East
        - Eastern (Roman) Catholic Churches
List of Orthodox Churches
          - Eastern Orthodox Churches
Russian Orthodox Church
Spiritual Christianity
Doukhobor: Cyndi's List - Doukhobors
          - Oriental Orthodox Churches
      - Huguenot
Cyndi's List - Huguenot
Jehovah's Witnesses
Jehovah’s Witnesses
      - Lutheranism: Portal:Lutheranism
Cyndi's List - Lutheran
      - Methodism
Cyndi's List - Methodist
      - Pentecostalism
      - Presbyterianism
Cyndi's List - Presbyterian
Religious Society of Friends: Links
Cyndi's List - Quaker: Quaker.pdf
      - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:
Portal:Latter-day Saints
        - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS - Mormon)
Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
    - Christian Directory
      Listing of Christian sites across the globe.

    - Jesus of Nazareth - Biblical Historical Essay
      Life of Jesus Christ as depicted in scripture and art.
- Joshua Project
      Unreached peoples of the world.
    - MyChurch
      Christian social network.

    - Regional Portals and Organizations:
- National Council of Churches (USA)
Find Local Churches & Places of Worship
      - Portal:Christianity in China
Portal:Indian Christianity
WCC - World Council of Churches
Member Churches
Confucianism: Portal:Confucianism
    - Confucius (September 28, 551 – 479 BC)
      Confucius' family genealogy may be the longest in the world.

    - Confucius Family: Qufu and Kung Te-cheng
    - Hindu: International
      Confucius family tree to grow bigger.
    - New Confucius Genealogy
Romano-Chinese Relations
      - Chinese Villagers 'Descended from Roman Soldiers'

      - Roman Legionnaires & Waiguoren Invade the Chinese Family Tree
  - Hinduism:
  - Islam: Portal:Islam
    - Jainism
      Jain history, principles and resources.
Judaism: Portal:Judaism
    - BOOK [Stick] of JUDAH
Cyndi's List - Jewish
Scientology: Portal:Scientology
Official Church of Scientology
  - Shinto:
  - Sikhism: Portal:Sikhism
    - Sikhism
  - Taoism: Portal:Taoism

  - Zoroastrianism:


Ask A Genealogist
Ask a Librarian: Library of Congress - Local History & Genealogy
FamilySearch Library - Salt Lake City | (Phone or Wiki): Site Map

Genealogy & Family History Stack Exchange

Genealogy Q&As, Polls & Debates | Answerbag®: Name Origins & Meanings
Yahoo!®  Answers: Genealogy

All Topics - Questions on Blurtit - Answerbag® -® - Ask NYPL
Ask®.com - Askville - Chat Reference Libraries - Worldwide - Fields of Knowledge
ipl2: Ask a Question - JustAnswer® - Online Report Creator (using A.I.) - Quora
START Natural Language QA System -
Wikipedia: Reference Desk
wiseGEEK -
Yahoo!® Answers

SOURCES & EXPERTS: - ResourceShelf

Directories and sources of experts on the Web, including Universities and other
think tanks and
policy centers Professors claim publicly to be experts,
using rigour in their research projects; an important part of intellectual
honesty, having conclusions proportionate to valid evidence.
  - Expert Series | Research & Learn
    New tips and lessons on topics that help you learn how to trace family history.
    - Research Strategies
  - Heritage & Educational Tutorials
* Center for Research Libraries:
Global Resources Network
  Consortium of colleges, universities and libraries
  providing scholarly research resources.
Center for Research Libraries - CRL Members: Topic Guides
* Concept of Information

Directorio Exit
  Directory of experts in information handling
* Factbites
  Where results make sense.
Finding Experts By Using the Internet (pdf)
* FindTheData
  Find, compare and decide about information from three sources:
  public databases, primary sources (manufacturer websites) and expert sources.

* Genealogy:
Cluster Genealogy
Research technique that examines records left by an ancestor's cluster:
  the extended family, friends, neighbors, business associates, government
  contacts, religious affiliations, etc.  This gives a
generational historian, an
accurate picture of life about the person under investigation. Cluster genealogy
  relates to the broader discipline of prosopography, used in historical studies.

FamilySearch Wiki | Introduction
    Community website dedicated to helping people throughout the world
    learn how to find their ancestors.  Here you can learn how to find,
    use and analyze records of genealogical value.
  - Prosopography Portal: Web Links
  - Reference, Dictionaries & Almanacs -
Global Think Tanks - e Diplomat
* HighBeam Research
  Library of millions of documents from credible publications.
Highly Cited Research - Research Analytics - Thomson Reuters

xpert gateway to the most highly influential scientists and scholars worldwide.
* IngentaConnect
  Academic and professional publications available for online, fax & Ariel delivery.
* Institutional Repository:
Institutional Repository Bibliography
  Online locus for collecting, preserving, and disseminating, in digital form,
  the intellectual output of an institution, particularly a research institution.
  - Digital Databases
    Education publications and books online.
OpenDOAR - Directory of Open Access Repositories
Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR)
    Open access to the research literature pre- and post-peer-review
author self-archiving in institutional eprint archives.
  - Repository Maps
Mashup of data from ROAR and OpenDOAR
    overlayed onto Google
™ Maps.
Internet Experts
  Subject tracer information blog by Marcus P. Zillman.
iTools - Use the best tools

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FAMILY NAME - SURNAME: Appendix:Names - Married & Maiden Names
name -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia -
Name Change

Family name, or surname, is the part of a person's name that indicates to
what family he or she belongs. 
Note the variation in names presented in the
New Testament pedigree of Joseph, the step-father of the Messiah Jesus Christ.
A Concise Dictionary of First Names
Behind the Name
    Etymology and history of first names.
  - WeRelate:Given Names - Genealogy
* alfabette zoope name lists
All About Names - WikiName
* BabyNames™.com
Baby Name Wizard
  - Babynology
Think! Baby Names

    Origin, meaning of baby names for boys and girls.

* Cyndi's List - Names
IBM - InfoSphere Global Name Management - United States
  Multi-cultural name information, analytics and name matching.
* Last Name Meanings Dictionary
* Name Thesaurus
  Image Partners Limited technology for finding surname and forename variants.
  At least 386 million variants identified for 5,946,000 surnames; 32 million variants
  identified for 1,478,000 forenames; gender identification for 220,000 + forenames.
* Namespedia - Names Encyclopedia
Place where people contribute to names meaning and even genealogy tracking.

  Curated collection of links to genealogy details mentioned on other websites.
  A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

* Surnames by Country - A Selected List of References about Personal Names
Local History & Genealogy Reading Room (Library of Congress).

Records indexed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - LDS (Mormon).
Global Batch Numbers for the "International Genealogical Index"
IGI Batch Numbers
and Using the Batch Numbers
  Sources of information for individuals listed in International Genealogical Index.
* Temples & Priesthood Ordinance Work

ONOMASTICS: Selective Bibliography of International Web Sites
Toponyms (Toponymy), Anthroponyms (Anthroponymy) & miscellaneous name sites.
Etymology: Etymology: Names
Lists of Etymologies
Online Etymology Dictionary
* Gymnastics with Onomastics
* International Council of Onomastic Sciences:
ICOS Links
Onomastics in Anglo-Saxon Studies - A Select Bibliography (archived)
  Select bibliography at Section 8.
* Onomastikon
  Includes short historical backgrounds, male and female first names or
  personal names; surnames or family names, from many countries and periods.
Personal Name: Given Name
* Society for Names Studies in Britain & Ireland
  Study of names (place-names, personal names, and other names)
  from linguistic, historical, and sociological perspectives.
External Links Useful For Onomastic Research
UTEP Special Collections: Onomastics Collection
  - Lurline H. Coltharp Onomastics Bibliography

* Ancestor Guide
  Find surname using
free surname search engine.
A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
* Cyndi's List - Surnames, Family Associations & Family Newsletters
A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
DMOZ - Society: Genealogy: Surnames
A B C D E F G H I J K L Mc / M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
* Explore FamilySearch Catalog of Resources —
  - Catalog Surnames Search Genealogy - FamilySearch Wiki
  - Explore Billions of Historical Records
  - Surname Distribution Maps Genealogy - FamilySearch Wiki
Interactiva.Org - Surnames Genealogy Society
A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
* Last Name Directory - MyHeritage
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Other
* Last Name Meanings and Origins | Search Surnames at
  - Family Tree Search | Ancestry
  - Historical Records and Person Search
Historical Records Search
  - Surname Search Index & Family History Search (member
A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
OneGreatFamily [Name Search]
A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
* Quick Search : Surname Interests Table (SIT) : The RootsChat.Com Reference Library
A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
* RootsWeb: Database Index:
RootsWeb Surname List -- Interactive Search
  Aa-Alk  All-Ao  Ap-Az | Ba-Baq  Bar-Bat  Bau-Bel  Bem-Bir  Bis-Boc
  Bod-Bor Bos-Bra  Bre-Brov  Brow-Buk  Bul-Bz | C-Caro  Carp-Chaq
  Char-Clem  Clen-Colr Cols-Cou  Cov-Croo  Crop-Cz | Da-Dd  De-Dh
  Di-Dq  Dr-Dz | Ea-Ell  Elm-Ez | Fa-Fk Fl-Fz | Ga-Gn  Go-Gz | Ha-Haq
  Har-Hd  He-Hn  Ho-Ht  Hu-Hz  I   |  J | Ka-Kh  Ki-Kz | La-Lh  Li-Lz
  Ma-Mb  Mc  Md-Mn  Mo-Mz | N | O | Pa-Pg  Ph-Pz | Q | Ra-Rn  Ro-Rz
  Sa-Sd  Se-Sl  Sm-Ss  St-Sz | Ta-Th  Ti-Tz | U | V | Wa-Wg  Wh-Wn
  Wo-Wz | X | Y | Z
* Surnames - Familypedia:
Top - 0 - 9
A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
* Surnames - GenForum: Family Finder Search

  A B 
C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
* Surnames - Linkpendium
  A Æ Â Ä Å Á B C D E É È F G H  I  J K L M N O Ó Ø Ö P Q R S T Þ U Ü V W X Y Z

* SurnameWeb
  A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
* Wikipedia® - Category: Surnames
  For convenience, all surnames are included in this category. This includes all
  surnames that can also be found in the subcategories.  Articles in this category
  are concerned with
Surname(s) (last names in Western cultures, but family
  names in general), especially articles each concerned with one surname.
  A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

SURNAMES: Newsgroups: Blogs, Genealogy Newsletters & Periodicals
* Alphabetic Surname Message Boards
American Last Names
British Surnames and Surname Profiles
* Consolidated Jewish Surname Index
* List of Most Common Surnames
Nordic Names Wiki
  Comprehensive site on Scandinavian first names; patronyms and surnames.
  - Scandinavian Family Name Etymology
    - Understanding Norwegian Naming Patterns
One-Name Study
  - Guild of One-Name Studies
    Worldwide centre of excellence in one-name studies, promoting individuals
    and groups through a programme of sharing, exchanging and publishing
    information about one-name studies; including conferences, seminars etc.

* Relevance of Surnames in Genealogy
Surname Map
Map My Surname
- Surname Distribution Analysis and Mapping

Surname Research Page
Surname Source Books
  British Isles and colonies from the 11th to the 20th centuries
* Surnames by Country
American Name Society
    Promoting the study of names and naming.

Annual Ehrensperger Report 2007
    - Edwin D. Lawson, Professor Emeritus of Psychology: Lawson Bibliographies
      State University of New York at Fredonia

* WeRelate:Surnames - Genealogy
* World Family Names
  Examine where in the world people with your surname are found.
Great Britain Family Names


LEARNED SOCIETY: List of Learned Societies
Alphabetical Listing of Higher Education Agencies, Institutes & Resources
* ISO - International Organization for Standardization
NISO Standards - National Information Standards Organization: Blog
    Content publishers, libraries, and software developers use
    information industry standards that allow them to work together.
Related Organizations
* Members of Learned Societies: Fellow

ACLS American Council of Learned Societies

    Humanities and social sciences resources.
SACLS Member Society Websites
Scholarly Societies Project: Resources of Scholarly Societies By Subject

    University of Waterloo Electronic Library Scholarly Societies Project.
    - List of Learned Societies
* Professional Associations in the Information Sciences

* Dialog® and LexisNexis®
  Provide unparalleled research services to the academic community.
  Both online and web-based subscription services allow students,
  faculty and staff access to a vast universe of information.
National Coalition of Independent Scholars (NCIS): Affiliates
  - Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources - Scholar.pdf
    Offers excellent information retrieval and extraction for researching.

British Academy: British Academy
Portal (archived) and subject coverage (archived)
      in humanities and social sciences.
Competitive Intelligence
    Selective resource guide from LLRX.
    Academic research, citation reports and discussion lists
Google™ Scholar:
Google™ Scholar
    Creating the world's most exhaustive academic library.

List of Academic Databases & Search Engines
  - Microsoft® Academic Search: Microsoft® Academic Search
    Search results collected from some of the world's best resources.

  - Scholars' G
uide to the WWW
    Support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.
  - Useful Sites by Subject:
Guides Directory at Oxford University
    Oxford University Department for Continuing Education
* Ph.D - Doctor of Philosophy:
  Academic -
Dissertation - Doctorate - Habilitation - Honorary - Terminal - Thesis
  - ALPSP - Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers
    Largest global trade association helping scholarly and professional publishers.
ALPSP Member Directory
      - Association of American University Presses (
Member Presses)
        Scholarly presses located around the world.

AAUP Affiliations - AAUP Partners - AAUPwiki
      - BiblioVault - Scholarly Books Explore Everything by Publisher
Al Manhal Dissertations & Theses (AMDT) Database
    Provides thousands of full-text searchable dissertations
    from the most prominent academic foundations across the Middle East.
    - Egyptian Universities Libraries Consortium
Online Bibliography of Ottoman-Turkish Literature
  - Arts & Humanities: Dissertations: A Guide to Resources
    - British Library EThOS
      Search and order theses online.
  - Australasian Digital Theses Program
BDTD - ibict: Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia
Biblioteca Digital Vérsila
Center for Research Libraries - Dissertations
    Doctoral dissertations and Habilitationsschriften
    from universities outside of the U.S. and Canada.

  - CORE: Aggregating the world’s open access research papers
    Research Note: Search by surnames to obtain global publications.
Search results - "family history"
Search results - genealog*
  - DART-Europe E-theses Portal (DEEP)
DATAD (Database of African Theses & Dissertations)
    Rutgers University Libraries.
Directory of Dissertations - American Historical Asociation
Dissertation Doctor®: Dissertation Process | Dissertation Journey
  - DiVA (from 28 Scandinavian institutions)
    Finding tool and an institutional repository for research publications.
Finding Theses and Dissertations
    University of Auckland - Libraries and Learning Services

Foreign Theses - Academic Exercises, Theses & Dissertations
    by students from the Department of Japanese Studies;
    LibGuides at National University of Singapore.
Global Open Access Portal
    United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
    - Key Organizations:
Access by Region
      - Latin America and the Caribbean
        - Dissertations - Latin American & Caribbean Studies
          LibGuides at Duke University
Cybertesis | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
            The University of Chile Information and Libraries Services System (SISIB)
            has implemented Cybertesis in Latin America and the Cybertesis
            Electronic Thesis Publication Program (Cyberdocs); added participation
            and connections with other Latin American universities.
OpenDOAR - Directory of Open Access Repositories
OpenDOAR - Search Contents of Open Access Repositories
MPACT: Project Statistics (Dissertations)
- Disciplines Represented Across All Schools
    - Schools Represented Across All Disciplines
  - Networked Digital Library of Theses & Dissertations:
Find ETDs
    Full-text electronic theses and dissertations from institutions.
OASPA | Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association
General Information: Members - OASPA
Open Access Directory: Data Repositories
  - OATD – Open Access Theses and Dissertations
    Upload and search theses and dissertations.
  Worldwide free
    repository of theses, dissertations and other academic documents,
    coupled with powerful search, organization and collaboration tools.
    Universal index of doctoral dissertations in progress.
ProQuest - UMI Dissertation Publishing
    - About Google™ / Google™ Scholar
    - Finding the Dissertation or Thesis You Need
ProQuest Subject Index
      Lists all institutions that have titles available
      through the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Gradworks site.
  - Resource Collections on China - Theses & Dissertations
    Research guides at University of Toronto.
    - Chinese Studies Online
      Master and Ph.D. theses - People's Republic of China (P.R.C.):
      a sub-package of the Chinese Studies Online Database.
    - Chinese Studies Online [electronic resource]. | University of Toronto Libraries
      China Online Journals (COJ) – eJournals in humanities and social sciences;
      Dissertations of China (DOC) - masters and doctoral dissertations, 1986 +;
      Academic Conferences in China (ACIC);
      Policies and Laws of China (PLOC)
    - Finding Theses & Dissertations
      LibGuides at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Library
National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan
  - Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliographies
    Slavic and Russian Studies Information | EBSCO
    - Dissertation CIS
      English language citations for Russian theses.
Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliographies: California Digital Library
  - Shodhganga: a reservoir of Indian theses @ INFLIBNET
Search results - "family history"
    - Search results - genealog*
South African National ETD Portal
  - Theses & Dissertations: Family History and Genealogy
Theses and Dissertations - Pacific Islands Studies
    Research Guides at UCLA Library
    Theses on all subjects submitted in French to universities around the world,
    since 2006. Most are digitized and available in full text.
  - Writing & Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation
Research & Learning
  - Digital Scholarship: Sitemap
Digital Bibliographies / Webliographies
    - Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
Scholarly Journals Distributed Via the World-Wide Web
      Alphabetical list of journals by title.

SPARC® and SPARC® Europe
  Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition.
  - Call for Papers - World's Llargest Listing of Call for Papers
    PapersInvited exhaustive list of Calls for Papers issued by professional
    bodies, journal editors and other conference organizers in all disciplines.
  - Directory of Open Access Journals

* Academic Education Learning Resources: Educators
  Provides quality education and learning resources for educators,
  faculty, staff, teachers, students, parents and research specialists.
Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment
* Schools - Colleges - Universities: Alumni & Genealogy Education
  - Worldwide University Listings
    Libraries, advanced professional genealogy research,
    with global University listings, rankings and information.
  - Graduate School: H-Grad Grad Link
    - Graduate School Directory
    - Graduate school and graduate, MBA, PhD programs and degrees.
      - Accredited Graduate Schools & Grad School List
      - Graduate School Subjects for Graduate Degree Programs
eLearners®.com: Online Degrees - Our Partners - Site Map
          Online colleges and schools; online courses and degrees.

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Scholarly Online Resource Evidence and Records
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