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Professional Library Sources: Theses and Dissertations - Family History and Genealogy
Theory Development & Historical Antecedents --- Generational Family Matrix Research

The central theoretical basis of genealogy lies in the process of familial reconstitution.
Beginning with a family the investigator uses certain principles and laws (the theory) to
posit a possible source of additional relevant information. KEY Through instrumentation
(the source) and experimentation (searching it out),  the researcher discovers an actual
source fitting the criteria posited.  By using the theory again the investigator is able to
establish the evidence as justifying an extension to the family and pedigree.  He [she]
--- is obligated to accept findings of scholars in anthropology, economics, geography,
psychology, sociology, demographics, and history.  Certainly he [she] should be well
versed in some of those related disciplines. - There is [also] the search for new data,
[with] the establishment of its relevance, the creation of hypotheses, and a proper
consideration for previous research and for the findings of related disciplines.
[Thus, the conclusion is made, that -- ] Genealogical research has four facets:
(1) heuristic; (2) knowledge of area, (3) research analysis, and (4) compilation.
Bruce D. Despain:
"Bruce D. Despain" - Google™ Search-  Works of Wonder

Academic Globalization of "Genealogy Method"
CURRENT USE DEFINITION of: "genealogy method"
Method of investigative scholarship to establish valid
generational relationships connecting any specialty,
as used within or between all fields of knowledge.
JUSTIFICATION:  Genealogy Method procedures that
discover and record connections of kinship, descent
& marriage, can also be used to establish accurate
understanding in all knowledge system properties,
using diagrams, symbols and scholarly analysis.

Academic usage of "Genealogy Method" in real time,
within fields of research, vindicates the truthfulness
of conclusions, as shown by historical comparison;
 "genealogy method", or "genealogical perspective";
is a scientific method of looking to the past, by using a
reverse" process of economic projection methodology.
(Historical, computerized data sets extrapolated back in time)

"The key technical problem in much of economic analysis is the determination
of some unknown function."  "These constructions rely on Taylor's theorem, the
implicit function theorem, and bifurcation theory, and lead to the construction of
Taylor or Padé series, or other approximations of a simple form."  "These methods
are called perturbation, or asymptotic methods.  The basic idea of asymptotic methods
is to formulate a general problem, find a particular case which has a known solution,
and then use that particular case and its solution  as a starting point for computing
approximate solutions to 'nearby' problems.  These methods are widely used in
mathematical physics, particularly in quantum mechanics and general relativity
theory, with much success." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "We take the view that in the
future  such theoretical analyses will be done by computer software,
and is an interesting new avenue of computational economics."
Grounded Theory Online - Numerical Methods in Economics is the World's Largest Education Resource

ACADEMIC GENEALOGY: Genealogy of academic principles or ideas in specialized
bodies of teaching, (within
dissertation or other educational supervisory relationships),
as presented in a formal pedagogy from teacher to student; showing thereby human
pedigrees of unbroken lineage
succession.  Genealogy, categorized
in the broader term of discipline,
includes bailiwick, field, field of study, study,
subject, subject area and subject field
.  Academic genealogy relationships
in all education disciplines, are adjunct to the genealogy and worldwide
family history; Library of Congress classification: history auxiliary science.

Academic discipline relationships in social network sites on the web:
- Academia: Academia by Country - Educators - Educators by Nationality
    Tracing scholarly family trees, using
specialized research area
    feeds from blog posts, conferences, papers and people.
    - | People who have Family History as a Research Interest
    - | People who have  - Genealogy - as a Research Interest

  - Academic Family Tree
Building a single, interdisciplinary academic genealogy.
Academic Genealogy of American Physicists
    e-Print service and archive in the fields of physics, mathematics, non-linear science,
    computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance and statistics
Asana · Teamwork Without Email
    Modern way to work together;  free for teams up to 30 members. 
    Improves productivity of individuals and groups, increasing
    the potential output of any human effort.
    Where science meets.
Genealogic Origins of Nurse-Midwifery Education Programs in the United States.
  - Mendeley
    Free reference manager and PDF organizer.
Nature Network
    Connecting scientists.
    Academic genealogy and family tree
  - ResearchGate: Topics
A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
      Connect with researchers, make your work visible and stay current.

"academic genealogy" Internet search results:
"academic genealogy" - AOL®
"academic genealogy" - Bing™
"academic genealogy" - Exalead®
"academic genealogy" - Google™ Blog Search
"academic genealogy" - Google™ Books Search
"academic genealogy" - Google™ Image Search
  - "academic genealogy" - Google™ Scholar
  - "academic genealogy" - Google™ Search
  - "academic genealogy" - Yahoo!®
  -  Examples:
Anne MacKaye Chapman - A Genealogy of My Professors & Informants
Software Engineering Academic Genealogy
* Education: Portal:Education - Topic Outline of Education
List of Academic Disciplines & Sub-Disciplines
Genealogy as an Academic Discipline

      - Family Genealogy & History Internet Education Directory™ - Wiki
        Scholarly g
enealogy networking by age, ancestry, breed, creation,
        descent, education, engendering, epoch, era, family, formation, generation,
        lineage, parentage, pedigree, period, procreation, production, profession,
        progenitor, reproduction, span, stock and time frame.
      - Genealogy
        On the iconography and rhetorics of an epistemological topos.
genealogy: Definition, synonyms etc., from®.
      - Generations United® (Generation) - Intergenerational Learning Activities: FH
          Our identities are forever tied to those of our families, present and past.
- Family Traditions
          Aggregate of
attitudes, ideas, ideals, and environment,
          which a person inherits from parents and ancestors.

Legacy Project
          Multigenerational education project.
      - Genealogy
        - Keywords: Ancestor, Ancestry, Descent, Foucault, Pedigree
        - Related Terms: Ahnentafel, Anagenesis, Ancestors, Ancestral, Apomorphy,
          Aumakua, Blood, Bloodline, Clade, Cladistics, Cladogenesis, Cladogram,
          Clan, Common Ancestor, Consanguinity, Cousin, Descendant, Descent Group,
          Family, Family Tree, Ingroup, Issue, Kin, Kindred, Line Breeding, Lineage,
          Matrilineal, Monophyletic, Monophyletic Group, Mrca, Offspring, Outgroup,
          Paraphyletic, Patrilineal, Pedigree Chart, Polyphyletic, Phylogenetic,
          Phylogenetic Tree, Phylogeny, Plesiomorphy, Purebred, Sept,
          Symplesiomorphy, Synapomorphy, Tribe

    - Prosopon Directory of Prosopographical Research
Prosopographical Theory of Genealogy defined:
        Comprehensive evidence based
family & society studies worldwide,
        using the academic "genealogy method" procedure,
within a wide range
        of disciplines, professions and applied, formal, natural and social sciences;
        humanities, computer technology, religious studies, anthropology, languages,
        business and education practices, sociology, psychology, library and depository
        facilities, demography, Internet skills and databases, health sciences, geography,
        economics, cultural studies, law, history and social work.
This "genealogical perspective" is a scientific method of looking to the past,
        by using a "reverse" process of economic projection methodology; i.e.,
        [an absent or imagined person (prior to genealogical confirmation from primary
        source documentation) is figured forth -- the "face created" as the Greek suggests --
        in words, as if present (after the pedigree is established according to the current
        genealogical proof standard).]  In other words, extrapolating trends into the past,
        as a function of conditions, characteristics and data records, endogenous to
        current variables in family performance.  REF:
NGS | Mastering Genealogical Proof

The theory of genealogy is based upon the assertion that all mankind has natural
        and legal rights, as well as the word of God, concerning the origin of Man and of
        record keeping.  The United States Declaration of Independence  states:
        "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
        that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
        that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, -- . . .".

Knowledge of and definite relationship to his genealogy is ... necessary
        for a child to build up his complete body image and world picture.  It is
        an inalienable and entitled right of every person. There is an urge, a call,
        in everybody to follow and fulfill the tradition of his family, race, nation,
        and the religious community into which he was born.  The loss of this tradition
        is a deprivation which may result in the stunting of emotional development . . . ".
Quantifying Academic Genealogy in Library & Information Science
      IMPACT Family Trees.  The technique proposed in this research provides
      a firm foundation in identifying, quantifying, and contextualizing mentorship
      and academic genealogy within the academic community.
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Friends, Military, Greek and K-12 to University organizations.
* ACUC: Association of College & University Clubs
  Located throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
Alumni by University or College
  School, Company, or Organization.
* Facebook®:

  Social directory connects people through social networks.
Fraternities & Sororities by Country
  - Cultural Interest Fraternities & Sororities
Fraternities & Sororities in North America
    Fraternity and sorority websites and directories.
List of General Fraternities
  - List of Social Fraternities & Sororities
    - North-American Interfraternity Conference
* Friends_Reunited: Friends Reunited (UK & International)
* gradFinder™
* Honor Society
ACHS: Association of College Honor Societies
    - Quick Links to Member Honor Societies

* Names Database™

Find old friends and former flames.
  High School reunion planning information.
Oz Reunion - Australia's Original Internet Reunion Site
* School Records & Genealogical Resources
  Archives, information data and history of education.
Student Society: International Student Societies
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Many universities now have family history distance learning course programs.
Students, faculty and staff usually have special access to advanced school, college or
university library research facilities and online database resources.  Quality genealogy
and family history information can be sent home, to assist parents and family members.
Select an Exam
orld-wide provider of free, online practice exams.
Test Prep Review
    Free online practice tests.
City Town Info
  U.S. cities, jobs, careers and comprehensive college search
* College & University Rankings
  Includes financial aid and scholarships.
  College admissions, SAT, university and college search tool.
* CollegeNET
  College search, scholarships and financial aid, college recruiting,
  college resources, virtual tours and discount bookstore.
* Council of Graduate Schools
* Educational Testing Service Network
  Advancing quality and equity in education worldwide
  by creating assessments based on rigorous research.
FAFSA on the Web-Federal Student Aid
  Providing money for college to eligible students and families.
Financial Aid -
  U. S. Department of Education major student aid programs.
Explore Financial Aid - Find & Pay for College - Students
  - Grants & Contracts
  - Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP)
* Occupational Outlook Handbook : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
- A B C D E F G H  I  J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
* Peterson's
  Comprehensive guide to college information.
* Researching Colleges & Universities Subject Guide
  UTSA library information for professional development.
The Sport Source®

  College guides and planning kits to help student athletes and their families,
  intelligently combine college education with playing careers.
Online tools that help students and adults prepare to take action on career
  and educational plans that lead to achievable and fulfilling life goals.

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LibGuides at: ProQuest
LibGuides Community: [Browse Institutions - Websites
American School of Genealogy: White Paper
Programs are international recognized by the College of Teachers  in London, England
  (located at the Institute of Education of the University of  London) under a Royal Charter
  of both Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II and an international accrediting board.
Certificate & Post Graduate Programs
Boston University | Center for Professional Education
  - Genealogical Research Program Classroom & Online
    - Online Certificate in Genealogical Research
* Brigham Young University - Idaho: Family History Research
  - AAS in Family History Research
  - Family History Research Certificate
Center for Family History & Genealogy at Brigham Young University
  - BYU Conferences & Workshops
    Conference on family history and genealogy.

BYU Family History Library | HBLL
    Education: family history / genealogy resources.

Cyndi's List - Education (Genealogical)
* Documentation & Publications: Professional Genealogical Sources
ed2go Online Course: Participating Schools
Genealogy Basics will help you understand the genealogy research process
  and the way we interpret the information we find. This course guides you
  through the search process for family names using several subscription-based
  Web sites, which you can access while you're enrolled in the class.  You'll develop
  a strategy to accomplish your objectives, evaluate the results, and share information.

Family Research Studies: Genealogy
Monterey Peninsula College Certificate of Achievement & Associate in Science Degree
* Flinders University: Applied History & Heritage Studies
* Genealogical Institute on Federal Records – Gen-Fed (USA)
* Heritage Gene@logy College
Local & Regional History at ICE - U of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education
Local History Link (Britain): Courses at Selected Institutions of Higher Education
MIT OpenCourseWare | Special Programs | SP.240 Composing Your Life
  Exploration of self through visual arts and writing.
Mlitt in Family and Local History (University of Dundee)
* National Institute for Genealogical Studies
ProQuest - Genealogy Research Tools: ProQuest Search for Genealogy
* Salt Lake Community College | Genealogy | Continuing Education
* U College Dublin (Ireland) Adult Education Centre - Certificate in Genealogy / FH
* University of BC (Canada): School of Library, Archival & Information Studies
  Genealogy for Librarians: prepare students to provide library services to genealogists.

University of East Anglia: Part-Time Study
* University of Leicester: Postgraduate Study - School of Historical Studies
  The topics encompass issues such as family history in the later Middle Ages;
  genealogy and antiquarianism in the 18th century; identity, `roots', and family /
  demographic sources; occupational cultures and family economies in the past;
  childhood, adoption and fostering; autobiography and family history;
  the middle-class family and its structures in the 19th and 20th centuries;
  clerical and aristocratic dynasties; and family history from the records of
  businesses, professions and universities.  An important feature of the course
  is that it also covers international family history and its global elements,
  for example with lectures and classes on 'colonial' families; the American family
  and changes affecting it, with its child and gender roles; 19th and 20th century
  Jewish family history; Asian immigration and family history, and other topics
  connected to British, ethnic identities and family diasporas,
  relating to migration, emigration or immigration.
Centre for English Local History
  - Dissertations:
Link To Local History Websites
* University of Oxford: Department for Continuing Education
  - Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in Local History
Undergraduate Diploma in English Local History

University of Strathclyde - Center for Lifelong Learning
Genealogical Studies Postgraduate Programme

UW Professional & Continuing Education
Certificate in Genealogy & Family History

Wallace State Community College (Alabama - USA): Family & Regional History - Genealogy
WVU Extended Learning: Continuing & Professional Education
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* 123 Genealogy
Adventures in Genealogy Education
  Companion web site to the PBS family history and genealogy TV series.
Course Outlines and Summaries
  Utah Valley Technology & Genealogy Group
  classes on a variety of technology related topics.
Don Snow's Family History Class Notes
Gerhard Ruf's Class Outlines

Cyndi's List - How To: Tutorials & Guides

Genealogy Blog
  - Read Her Columns (archive)
Expo Video Classes and accompanying Research Guides
* Family Tree University

* FFHS - Research Tips - First Steps in Family History Research
* Foreign Languages: Translations & Translators
Genealogical Speakers Guild

  Planning your next conference, all-day seminar,
  or yearly lecture schedule?

* Genealogy Classroom
* Genealogy: Family Trees mapping out a family tree.
* Genealogy in the Classroom
* Genealogy Learning Center
* Genealogy Classes
  Learn about research techniques used by successful genealogists.

* Heritage Preservation
Cyndi's List - Preservation & Conservation
Learning Center | Classes and Webinars Genealogy
  Areas, countries and places.  Includes skill levels, subjects covered, format,
  languages used, research tracks, most popular courses and new courses.
  - America, Europe
  - Argentina
  - Australia
Bosnia and Herzegovina
  - Canada
  - China
  - Colombia
  - Czech Republic
  - England
England, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales
  - England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  - England, Wales
  - England, Wales, Ireland, United States, Australia
  - Europe
  - France
  - Germany
  - Guatemala
  - India
  - Ireland
  - Italy
  - Mexico
  - Mexico, Puerto Rico
  - Netherlands
  - New Zealand

  - Poland
Poland, Germany
  - Portugal
  - Russia
  - Scandinavia
  - Slovenia
  - South Africa
  - Spain, Latin America
Spain, Latin America, Mexico
  - Spain, Latin America, Mexico, Argentina
Spain, Latin America, Mexico, United States
  - Sweden
  - Switzerland
  - United Kingdom
  - United States

Genealogy Lesson Plans Reviewed by Teachers
  Lesson plans and worksheets for school teachers.
* MeritBadgeDotOrg: Genealogy
  Genealogy merit badge for
Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturers.
Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts can earn the Cub Scout Heritages belt loop and pin.
  Family History Education - My Place In History.

* National Genealogical Society: Educational Courses
American Genealogy: Home Study Course (pdf)
  - Genealogical Standards & Guidelines
* ProGen Study Group
Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel)
  Educational travel and learning vacations for adults.
  - Family History Search
Genealogy Search

* RootsWeb Guide to Tracing Family Trees
  - Index by Subjects
  - Numerical Index to Guides

  Search results for "family history".
* WebQuest.Org
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ONLINE EDUCATION and RESOURCES: Computer - Internet - Software Support
Distance Education -
E-Learning - History of Distance Learning - MOOC
* Academic Info
  Online degree programs, subject guides and resources.

  Free online courses from top colleges
  Free online courses from the world’s leading experts.
* BBC Learning
* California Virtual Campus
* Canvas Network
  Get better, get smarter, get credits; some classes free and others for a fee.
Class Central: Free online course aka MOOC aggregator from top universities:
  Stanford, MIT, Harvard, etc.; offered via
Coursera, Udacity, edX, NovoED, and Others.
Coursera: High quality courses from universities around the world: Global Partners.
edX: Includes MITx | edX , HarvardX | edX, UC BerkeleyX | edX, UTx | edX.
Colleges and universities that comprise the Schools | edX consortium.
  - Genealogy - free online courses / MOOC search results | Class Central
MITx | edX:
MIT courses for free to a worldwide virtual community of learners.
  - NovoEd
    Take online courses from top Universities and educational institutions.
  - Open Yale Courses
Stanford | Online
Udacity: Free classes, great instructors, inspiring community,
level education, high quality, low cost and global student body.
* Coursmos (organize corporate learning)
Coorsy : Explore - Search Online Courses
  Leading-edge learning management platform that enables mid-to-large size
  enterprises to efficiently share knowledge among employees and partners.
* Central
* Directory of Vendors of Online Learning Products and Services |
  Worldwide searchable directory of 2,400+ vendors, with adds, updates and deletions.
* Distance Online Accreditation Guidebook
  Degrees, programs, online colleges - universities: accredited online degree programs.
  Everything related to distance education and e-learning.
* Edraak
  Arab world MOOC platform to give courses in English about the region and its history.
Education and Academic Resources on the Internet (pdf)
Education Atlas®
  Online map to education, online degrees and distance learning.
* Education Online Search
  Career education, college, school and university information.
  Helps students who are interested in studying abroad,
  to find information about education alternatives worldwide.

* Free-Ed.Net™
  Free Education on the Internet.
* Study Abroad with CEA
  Sources for study abroad, language schools, overseas internships,
  international volunteer positions, teach abroad, jobs abroad,
  United States universities and Eco-Travel around the world.

Institute of International Education
International Council for Open & Distance Education: Resources & Useful Links
Serves as the global umbrella membership organization in online,
  flexible and blended learning, including e-learning and distance education.
Commonwealth of Learning
    - Open & Distance Learning Professional Associations
* Khan Academy: Khan Academy
  - BrowseExercise Dashboard
    Learn almost anything--for free.
  - YouTube™ - Khan Academy's Channel
* Libraries & Museums: EBSCOhost Online Resources for Schools
* Lynda®: Online Courses, Classes, Training, Tutorials®; from Linkedin.
* Nasjonal digital læringsarena (Norwegian Digital Learning Arena)
  Open educational resources for secondary  schools.
* National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning:
Joint initiative of the IITs and IISc; funded by the Government of India.
OER Africa
  Established by the South African Institute for Distance Education (Saide).
* Online Arts and Technology Courses | Kadenze
Online Courses - Open Universities Australia

Open Archives Initiative Service Providers
BASE - Bielefeld Academic Search Engine: Advanced Search
    Voluminous search engine for academic open access web resources.
Free Online Courses | Benefits of Online Education
    - OER Commons
Teaching and learning network, with materials that are free
      and open to use, from K-12 lesson plans to college courseware.
Open Education Consortium: Members
      Global network for Open Education.

Courses | OpenCourseWare Consortium
        Search engine finds free university courses online.
           Linked OpenCourseWare data faceted search.

MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials
* Open Culture
  Cultural, educational media for the worldwide lifelong learning community.
  Provides a comprehensive free guide, which includes free audio books,
  free online courses, free movies, free language lessons,
  free ebooks and other enriching content.

  - Intelligent Video
    Top cultural and educational video sites.
    - Family History
Amy Tan: The Sources of Creativity
        Locates the source of her own creativity, especially when writing,
        in her family history and big existential questions.
Great Stories from Everyday People
    - List of Educational Video Websites
      - Academic Earth:
        Video lectures from the world's top scholars.
      - Free Education Online - UCB
Open Education Europa
  Europe’s community for innovative education.
* Open Syllabus Project
  Mapping the college curriculum across one million + syllabi.
Open University: The Open University
  Distance learning courses and adult education.
Family History Club: Useful Information
Free Online Courses - FutureLearn
History & The Arts: Picturing the Family
Library Services: Library Resources
Postgraduate Courses & Degrees
Research at The Open University: A to Z | Research at the OU
  - Undergraduate Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates & Courses
* OpenClassrooms
  Fully-online degree programs and free courses.
* openHPI
  MOOCs - start to enjoy learning now.
* OpenLearning
  Teach and learn online for free.
p2pu: Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU)
  Learning for everyone, by everyone, about almost anything. 
  Online community of open study groups for short university-level courses.
P2PU (beta) | Learn
POLHN - Pacific Open Learning Health Net
  Compiled list of the best online learning centers.
  Free online courses built by professors
Shaw Academy
  Largest live online educator in the world. Professional Certification Program.
* TEAMS Distance Learning
  Learning opportunities to K-8 students, teachers and parents across the U.S.,
  through nationally televised satellite broadcasts and the Internet.
* Textbook
  Compare new and used textbooks and textbook buyback prices.
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Symtext: White Paper
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Retail Savings Guide for People with Disabilities -

DISABILITIES - GENERAL: Disability - List of Disabilities from DSM-IV Codes
WHO | International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)

World Association of Persons with Disabilities:
Search Disability Organizations
Beacon of knowledge and refuge for the world's largest minority.
AUCD: Links To Related Resources - Resources
Association of University Centers on Disabilities.
Disability History Association: Links
International non-profit organization that promotes the study of disabilities.
* Disability Resources
  "It is our opportunity and our responsibility to follow the example of Jesus
  in loving our neighbors, and that includes those with disabilities."
  -- The First Presidency (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

* Disability Resources on the Internet
  Newsletter monitors, reviews and reports resources for independent living.
  Connecting the disability community to information and opportunities
  Educational resources for Special Needs.

  Global applied disability research and information network, that brings together
  research centers, universities, enterprises, government departments, trade unions,
  and organizations of and for persons with disabilities.  Our common goal is to advance
  competitive employment and training opportunities for persons with disabilities.
IPL2 Disability Search
* List of Disability Rights Organizations
* Military OneSource
omprehensive information on every aspect of United States military life at no cost
  to active duty, National Guard, and Reserve Component members, and their families.
Education Directory for Children With Special Needs
* Misunderstood Minds
  Material to become more informed about learning disabilities and differences.
Mobility International USA -
  Empowering people with disabilities around the world to achieve their
  human rights through international exchange and international development.

* National Library Service (USA): Blind & Physically Handicapped
  Materials for qualified users, offered through NLS cooperating libraries.
SocioSite: Sociology of Disability
* Special Needs Family Friendly Fun
  Comprehensive resource for people with disabilities, their families and friends.
WAI Resources on Introducing Web Accessibility
  Make the web accessible to people with disabilities.
Accessibility Resources on the Internet (pdf)
BBC - My Web My Way (archived)
    Advice and help to all those people who would benefit from making changes
    to their browser, operating system, or computer to be able to view all of the web
    in a more accessible way.

WebAIM - Web Accessibility In Mind: Resources - WAVE Web Accessibility Tool

Learning Disability - Special Education
* Disability, Literacy, & Inclusive Education for Young Children
  Citizenship for all in the Early Childhood Literate Community.

Instant Access Treasure Chest
  Foreign language teacher's guide to learning disabilities.
* Kids Together
  Laws and resources to create inclusion.
* LD Online
  Interactive guide to learning disabilities.
Individualized Education Program - IEPs
* SERI - Special Educational Resources on the Internet
  Information on physical and mental disabilities, the gifted and talented.
Helping Students with Visual Disabilities
* Accessible Search -- Accessibility at Google™
  Accessible web search for the visually impaired.
American Foundation for the Blind: Braille - Braille Bug
  Accessible books for individuals with print disabilities
Gutenberg: The Audio Books Project
  Makes audio eBooks available for literature now available in plain text.
  Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain.  Volunteers working
  goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books.
Deaf Culture
Hearing Impairment
  Deaf American biograhies through the early 20th century.
DeafConnect - World Deaf Directory
History Through Deaf Eyes
* List of Sign Languages
American Sign Language
American Sign Language Browser
      Instructions and pictures for sign language.
American Sign Language (ASL)
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
  United States listings with worldwide connections.
WFD | World Federation of the Deaf: Links
    Associate, individual and ordinary members.
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